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This Low Sugar Candy Is Our Sweet New Addiction

April 9, 2022

BEHAVE is reinventing the candy experience with low-sugar, low-net carb, chef-crafted sweets. Featuring elevated flavors –– including Lychee, Passionfruit, and Raspberry in both sweet and sour varieties –– BEHAVE gummies are just 1g Sugar, 60 calories, and <6g Net Carbs per bag. Most recently, the better-for-you brand launched their first new SKU since launch: Pink Pineapple Sour Stars, a new tropical offering inspired by the TikTok trend that went viral last spring. Made with all-natural ingredients that let you feel good about indulging, BEHAVE is free from GMOs, Gluten, Dairy and artificial coloring and flavoring.

They’re currently sold at Urban Outfitters, Erewhon, Sprouts, Foxtrot, Amazon and more.

Check out: and follow eatbehave on Instagram.

The Art Of Sacred Smoke : Energy-Balancing Rituals to Cleanse, Protect, and Empower

March 28, 2022

Last week I had the privilege to attend a live Breathwork class with Neelou Malekpour, creator of S M U D G E D and now, the author of the forthcoming book, The Art of Sacred Smoke: Energy-Balancing Rituals to Cleanse, Protect, and Empower.

It was phenomenal. Big energy, big release, big breath. It was a deeply profound opening, simply accessed via the breath.

The Art of Sacred Smoke is available on Amazon and at your favorite bookstores. (Barnes & Noble,,, Amazon,, Indiebound, Books-a-Million, and Brick & Mortar Indies + more!)

A gorgeously illustrated, essential guide to the energy rituals that will transform your life!

Readers will learn how to cleanse and protect yourself and your space, tap into your intuition, and elevate your frequency through sacred smoke, candle, stone rituals – and more. Neelou Malekpour is here to support you for all occasions, whether that is:

  •  healing heartache, relieving anxiety, and dispelling bad dreams;

  •  cultivating focus, receiving support during travel, and prepping a space for meditation; or

  •  calling in love, blessing others, and connecting to your highest self.

With The Art of Sacred Smoke, Malekpour is ready to share the rituals that are essential to aligning and calibrating your energy. Learn how to use the natural ingredients she employs in her practices—and in her frequency-raising business, SMUDGED—from rose petals to palo santo, and how to source them responsibly.

At a time when many of us are looking for mindful solutions to the chaos of modern life, The Art of Sacred Smoke offers an empowering new way to connect to nature and to your best self.

The book reviews are in: 

“Ancient techniques of energy clearing have positive effects on our lives today. Neelou’s book contributes to that store of wisdom.”—Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love and A Year of Miracles

“What touches our hearts most are the rituals that bring meaning to the smallest moments of our days. This practical guide to the uses of sacred herbs and flowers as medicine for cleansing is perfectly timed and utterly inspiring.”—Elena Brower, bestselling author of Art of Attention and Practice You

“Now, more than ever before, we need to be reunited with the sacred, with the light that never went away, only dimmed. This book, these beautiful words, these rituals, sweep in like smoke but stay. These are the miracles in all the mundane I always try to speak of, and Neelou manages to capture them so perfectly. What a gift.”—Tyler Knott Gregson, bestselling author of Chasers of the Light

“The Art of Sacred Smoke is heartfelt, easy to read, and well organized, an outstanding addition to the recent explosion in shamanic literature. Beautifully illustrated, the book is a wealth of knowledge, drawing from the richness of her cultural roots and yet made clear and accessible to everyone. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in healing and finding balance through time-tested and practical shamanic practices.”—Jose Luis Stevens, PhD, author of How to Pray the Shaman’s Way and Awakening the Inner Shaman

About S M U D G E D: 

S M U D G E D started as a tribute to the founder, Neelou Malekpour’s grandmother, who was her best friend and passed away many years ago. She taught her all about smudging with Wild Rue to dispel the “evil eye” and how to be responsible for her energy, and the vibration she put out into the world.

Energy is real. So, S M U D G E D is all about attaining and maintaining a high vibrational frequency. All of their ingredients and products are sourced mindfully and they do the very best to respect the abundance Mama Earth provides. Since White Sage has become so popular, they are careful not to add to it’s over harvesting. The Sage they use is certified organic, and sustainable. The other herbs, flowers, and plants included in their products are gathered with care and anything that can be, is culinary grade.

Their intention is to unite people energetically and raise the collective vibration by first, being responsible for our own energy and what kind of vibes we put out into the world. And then, by creating all kinds of goodies that transform one’s energetic frequency and get rid of bad juju. They are committed to mindful and ethical business practices, 11% of all proceeds are donated to charity, and everything they create is handmade in Miami Beach.

About Neelou:

Neelou Malekpour was born in Seattle and raised in Tehran, Iran, before moving to Los Angeles during the Iranian Revolution. She started SMUDGED as a tribute to her late grandmother, who taught her to be responsible for the vibrations she put out into the world.

She has worked with brands such as UNICEF, YogaWorks, 1 Hotels, Selina, Soho House, Sydell Group, Guerilla Union, Real Dog Rescue, and more. Malekpour has contributed to publications such as New York Metro, the Los Angeles Daily News, Us Weekly, and Harper’s Bazaar.

The book is so lovely in so many ways. It’s something to savor, in the tub, on the couch, in the morning along with your morning ritual to ground and set intention for day. I can’t wait to continue with the breathwork as well!


February 6, 2022

I am loving these new products from Roman. Especially, Roman Focus .

Roman enters the nootropic dietary supplement arena with a science-backed, fast-acting solution for calm energy and heightened concentration, while Roman Life tackles overall health at the cellular level with a powerful, doctor-formulated NAD+ supplement to promote healthy aging.

I just ordered 3 months’ worth of FOCUS because frankly, it’s helping my ADHD just as good, if not better, than Adderal.

Roman is branded for men, and totally cool, but cool enough for women.

The Deep Therapeutic Sport’s Massage Your Body Is Crying For

December 25, 2021

It’s that time of the year when you’ve given and given and GIVEN and now it’s full-on what about me mode. Maybe it’s just a quiet cry it in the middle of the night but it’s a “no, seriously, what the fuck about me?!”

Nothing says hell yasss me time, like some therapeutic bodywork. Massage is always my go-to self-care treat. I was excited to check out this guy Terry’s work. This is not a soft and fuzzy warm and cozy deal. This is, you got to his raw and NYC cool little private training gym, hop on his table (wear something warm and cozy it can be chilly) and he gets to work on you. No frills, just deep work.

Of course, he can also come to you. I chose to try the gym/studio because I live a few blocks away and wanted to check it out.

So, the work is VERY GOOD. Deep and sportsy – made me feel like a real athlete. He worked deep into my scapula and aching shoulder in a way I so deeply needed. I was fully dressed – in my sweats – this is not an under the towel type of thing – and he worked one body part at a time – a combo of many disciplines, strokes and styles. It was just right and exactly what my body needed. I’m excited to go back and just fully relax and focus now that I know more about Terry and his work (I am always a little in editor mode on my first try, asking questions and forgetting to focus on how things FEEL sometimes.) Even so, this work felt great.


Fitness specialist Terry Smith is the owner of Tsmithfitness & Massage. A multifaceted fitness company that has been helping clients obtain their fitness goals for over 15 years. Terry provides high-end health and fitness services for dedicated, goal-oriented individuals. Terry holds certifications in strength training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). In addition, he is a licensed massage therapist with the California Massage Council and is certified in Pilates and CPR.

At an early age Terry displayed a passion for sports, in particular boxing and track and field. In 1996 Terry turned his passion into a successful fitness company. He started teaching cardio boxing classes at the Marina Fitness Center one day a week. One day a week quickly turned into two days a week and within 6 months Terry was teaching 6 classes a week. After a year of teaching classes Terry and multiple requests for personal training he decided to become a personal trainer.

Terry wanted to expand upon his knowledge in health and fitness and in 2000 became a certified Pilates instructor. In 2005 Terry attended the Institute of Pyscho-Structure and Balance (IPSB) to become a massage therapist. He spent 2 years learning how the human body works from the inside out, giving him the unique skill set to work with a wide range of clients.

 Clients from all walks of life have sought Terry out for his expertise in health and fitness. Whether your goals are weight loss, getting in shape for a specific sporting event, your wedding day or your pre- and post-natal needs, Terry’s plan will get you there. He will cater a plan to your specific needs. They are designed to target everything you need in a workout.

As a client of Tsmithfitness & Massage not only will you feel good and look good, you will be in the best shape of your life. Terry’s Philosophy is to give everyone the quality of life they deserve!!!

You can connect with Terry here:

And follow his work on Instagram here.

This Supplement Combats Cravings

September 15, 2021

Nucific’s Bio X4 is a supplement we are trying now – why? Because it purports to deal with cravings for fat and sugar. It contains powerful probiotics from 5 strains to provide a healthier balance of “good” gut bacteria. Think: relief from bloating. It also has 3 key digestive enzymes: amylase, lipase and bromelain to help better break down the food and help absorb more of the energy and nutrients – making your whole body feel healthy and perform at its peak.

It also contains EGCG, a compound in green tea, which helps boost your metabolism and give you natural energy. And the Caralluma Fimbriata in the product helps curb unhealthy food cravings.

Of course, results vary for consumers because all individuals are unique. But they do offer a 90-day money-back guarantee – if you don’t see results you don’t have to worry. I love that.

Nucific is also offering readers 25% off sitewide on their products. Using code NUCIFIC25 at checkout!

Here’s the breakdown!