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Introducing Rootine: A daily vitamin supplement customized to your DNA

May 16, 2019

Rootine is finally here to help us live our healthier, best lives! Rootine is a groundbreaking new wellness company that uses your genetics, lifestyle, and blood levels to create a truly customized vitamin routine. The problem with most vitamin supplements on the market today is that they use one standard dose for everyone, yet each person has unique nutrient needs based on their DNA, blood nutrient status, and lifestyle. 

This is where Rootine’s DNA, blood level, and lifestyle analysis comes in to give you your personalized vitamins you deserve. By reviewing and combining these three key data points, Rootine determines which vitamins and minerals your body needs and creates a custom curated regimen of slow-release microbeads, optimized just for you.  

Microbeads do it better

Unlike traditional vitamins, Rootine drops the capsules and pills. This ensures the best quality product and optimal delivery for vitamins and minerals in the form of slow-release microbeads. (say goodbye to swallowing those horse-pill vitamins).

Each shipment of Rootine contains a three-month supply of custom microbead packets that contain the right dose of nutrients for your specific needs. Rootine spent three years engineering the unique microbead technology. The innovative slow-release microbeads deliver a customized dosage of vitamins into your bloodstream throughout the day, which is how your body naturally likes to absorb nutrients – in the same way it would from food. To take the vitamins, all you have to do is swallow the microbead packet with water, or get creative and stir them into your yogurt or sprinkle them on any meal. 

“Before Rootine, I was skeptical of vitamins.  I often wondered why it made sense for me to take the same vitamin as everyone else (answer: it doesn’t), or how a company could know  what I needed based on a simple lifestyle quiz? (answer: they can’t). Standard multivitamins are built for the “average” person, filled with standard dosages and often have unnecessary fillers or unhealthy ingredients, ” says Rachel Sanders, co-founder of Rootine.

The nutrients

Rootine’s vitamin packs contain 18 different types of vitamins and minerals. Here is an example of the vitamins and nutrients that may be included in your pack; Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Calcium, Copper, Vitamin D3, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Zinc, Folate, Vitamin E, Phytosterols, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, MSM, Selenium, CoEnzyme Q10

How it works:

Purchase online on our website, then:

  1. Take the lifestyle quiz.  A simple lifestyle assessment asking about your diet, stress levels, energy levels, exercise habits and other lifestyle factors.
  2. Take the DNA test OR upload your 23 and Me or raw data.  DNA gives you an in-depth understanding of the nutrients that are most compatible with your body. 
  3. Upload your blood data (if you have it).  You can better assess your current nutrient status. 


$60/month, which includes an at-home DNA test valued at $200 and an in-depth report on exactly what your body needs  

About Rootine

Rootine is the only vitamin that incorporates your DNA, blood testing, and lifestyle factors (like diet), because one-size-fits all actually fits no one.  No more guesswork, just convenient daily vitamin packs, made for you, delivered directly to your door. 

Rootine was founded to change the industry standard and focus on customers first – offering 100% personalized products based on real data and research.  Because we believe everyone deserves a better vitamin built just for them – to help them live their best life. 

Rachel holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and has spent the last eight years in the health and wellness sector. Daniel holds a PhD in Biotechnology and Bsc. in Molecular Biology and is a serial entrepreneur, with 10 years of experience in medical genetics. 

‘Braintapping’: Healing Your Body Starts With Retraining Your Mind

May 12, 2019

If you haven’t heard of “biohacking” yet, you will soon. It brings the
concept of mindfulness to the next level and its development has been
rapid and recent.

Biohacking combines science, biology, and self-experimentation to
optimize health, well-being, and focus. Simply put, it’s a DIY approach to wellness that refers to a wide range of activities including meditation,
yoga, cleanse diets, and more. Once considered new-age and radical,
these practices have risen in popularity. 

With more research and investment dollars being spewed into the industry, this health trend is dominating the wellness space and is on the verge of changing the industry. At the forefront of the biohacking community is neuroscience expert Dr. Patrick Porter.  

“Biohacking has hit the mainstream and whether you believe in these practices or not, they will undoubtedly impact the health industry…” …
says Dr. Porter, who presented research along with Ariana Huffington
and other notable biohackers last month at the National Biohacking
Conference in Los Angeles. Biohacking has made tremendous advances
in treating conditions like mental health and addiction. Although in the
past, biohacking has received criticism for being unregulated, biohackers argue that’s exactly why it needs to be studied and have close attention
by the public. “It’s all about open access to science and what works for
you. When it comes to health, you are your own best advocate. No one can watch over you better than yourself,” says Porter.  Porter’s contribution to biohacking involves research on brainwaves and technology. A pioneer
in this area, Porter has emerged as a leader in the digital health and wellness field. He is the creator of the BrainTap Pro mobile app, a mind-
development tool designed to help users de-stress while achieving
physical, mental, and emotional balance. Using frequency-following
technology as well as guided visualization, the app gives anyone the
ability to achieve the mental state they want in mere minutes (unlike
traditional meditation which can take years to master.) While other apps only focus on one brainwave (such as alpha waves that calm and soothe) 

BrainTap is based on the understanding that no complex human task hasonly one brainwave state but rather a symphony of waves working together.  
“You can actually trigger neurotransmitter production through brainwave entrainment and this is a game changer for mental and physical health,” 
says Dr. Porter.  

Unique Brainwave Training Can Help Reduce Stress and Fatigue

By Dr. Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.

Why do we need to take care of our brains? This is a fundamental question we should all be asking because it’s just not possible to have a genuinely healthy body without a freely functioning nervous system (and because about 70 percent of the nervous system is in the brain, it makes sense that healing the body must start with the brain).

One increasingly popular strategy to revitalize and reboot your mind is brainwave entrainment. Also known as “braintapping,” this method can help people that experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy and other lifestyle challenges, to mentally shift gears, recharge and relax.

Backed by neuroscience and research, training your brainwaves helps guide the brain from an awake, reactionary mind into an intuitive, creative state, and then to a place where super-learning and healing can occur, with the outcome being a heightened state of consciousness with crystal clear focus. The practice creates a symphony of brainwave activity and a feeling of calm focus that’s ideal for learning, productivity, healing and clarity.

Activating the Right Mental States at the Right Time

You can incorporate brainwave training into your daily life – it helps you de-stress while also achieving physical, mental and emotional balance.

Unlike traditional meditation programs, brainwave entrainment’s neuro-algorithms gently and naturally guide the brain through a broad range of brainwave patterns. The result is a complete spectrum of brainwave activity. The restful, rejuvenating effects of even just 10 to 20 minutes of this approach can help balance your nervous system and protect against common stressors of everyday life.

In other words, the strategy trains the brain to be more resilient and creative, activating the right mental states at the right time. 

How Does It Work?

The science behind training your brainwaves relies on four key elements that enable the technology to induce brainwave entrainment.

The four areas include:

  1. Binaural beats: When two different tones, separated in frequency by only a few Hertz, are introduced — one in each ear — the brain perceives a third, unique tone. Binaural beats work by creating this phantom frequency, which the brain then mimics. The process of braintapping has shown to produce a state of calm and concentration in the brain, yielding the full effect of the guided visualization, and resulting in extraordinary levels of performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.
  2. Guided visualization: In general, the visual imagery process involves setting aside a period for relaxation, during which you contemplate mental images depicting a desired result or goal. Visualization has been studied for decades and is known to have the power to affect mental states, improve physical performance and even heal the body. And when combined with the other elements of braintapping, these effects are increased and optimized.
  3. 10-cycle holographic music: Another aid to the guided meditation is 10-cycle holographic music, a sonic technology that produces a 360-degree sound environment. In this sonic environment, the visualizations become more real to the mind, helping you take full advantage of the power of the visualizations by creating a more receptive learning state.
  4. Isochronic tones: Isochronic tones are equal intensity pulses of sound separated by an interval of silence. They turn on and off rapidly, but the speed depends on the desired brain frequency. The discrete nature of isochronic tones makes them particularly easy for the brain to follow.  

Turn Your Brainwaves Into a Symphony

The power of the mind should not be underestimated. It’s when you change your mindset –especially if you work to retrain your brainwaves – that you can change your life for the better.

Keep in mind, in many cases, it takes more than a one-and-done approach for us to heal and retrain our brainwaves. But with daily brain entrainment practice, you can create a path of your own destiny so that you can more easily move through life in a connected, more fulfilling way.

About Dr. Patrick Porter:

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD, is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, and speaker. He is the creator of BrainTap Technology™ a company that produces digital tools for health and wellness. BrainTap’s mind development apps and accessories use Creative Visualization and Relaxation to help people overcome stress and insomnia, lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, accelerate learning, and much more.

101 of How Can CBD Products Make Your Fitness Game Stronger

May 8, 2019

Hemp oil, Medical marijuana products including cannabis leaf, dried bud, cbd and hash oil over black wood background

Many fitness enthusiasts reach a plateau and stall. They struggle to break through this plateau, which is intensely frustrating. Small tweaks to diet and training plans often have the desired effect. Sometimes, having a break can help, and you’ll return to your training stronger and more motivated than ever before. But what happens if none of the above make a difference?

CBD products are a rising force in the health and wellness industry. CBD oil can help treat various mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety, and it can reduce inflammation and pain. Sabaidee has several different products, including Good Vibes pure hemp extract with coconut oil. In this article, we are going to examine how CBD products can give your fitness game a significant boost.

Recover Faster with CBD

Recovery is an important component of any fitness regime. Every time you push your body to the limit, you are breaking down muscle fibers, so they grow a bit stronger. Inflammation is all part of your body’s recovery time. It’s the reason why your muscles ache after a tough workout. Stretching, ice baths, and taking anti-inflammatories help, but CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that won’t hurt your stomach or cause you discomfort. Take CBD after workouts to reduce the time it takes your body to recover.

Keep a Handle on Your Anxiety

When you reach a certain level in your fitness game, it is not unusual for anxiety to rear its ugly head. Many athletes competing at a high level struggle with anxiety, particularly before a major competition. If you are not careful, anxiety and nerves can seriously derail your training and make it impossible to take part in events.

This is one area where CBD products have proven to be very effective. Many people who have used CBD products have noticed a fall in their anxiety and stress levels. CBD is known to affect the body’s serotonin levels, which are the neurotransmitters that affect our mood. When our serotonin levels are low, we feel anxious and depressed, which has an effect on our training. After all, it’s much harder to start a workout if your mood is low.

If anxiety and stress is impacting your fitness goals, try taking CBD products, such as edibles, oil, or vape juices. It might be enough to stabilize your mood and help you push through that plateau.

Are CBD Products Legal?

CBD products extracted from industrial hemp are legal in all states. Hemp-based CBD contains very low levels of THC, so you don’t get ‘high’ from taking it. Always check that any CBD products you buy are made from hemp, not marijuana, as marijuana CBD is still illegal in some states.

How to Take CBD

CBD comes in several different forms. CBD oil is popular, as it is quickly absorbed when ingested. Many athletes put a few drops of CBD oil under their tongue to keep inflammation at bay. You can also buy CBD edibles, which last up to five hours. Another way to take CBD is to buy it in a salve, which you can rub into affected areas. Again, this is useful if you want to keep inflammation at bay. Finally, if you vape, try CBD vapes. It is fast-acting and, therefore, useful if pre-race anxiety is a problem for you. The effects are not as long-lasting, though.

CBD Side Effects

While side effects are rare, some people report dizziness, changes in blood pressure, a change in appetite, and a dry mouth after taking CBD products. Be on the lookout for side effects and if you experience any adverse effects, stop taking the CBD immediately.

Svn Space Revealed. A Q&A with Svn’s founders.

April 25, 2019

We are thrilled to present a Q & A with the lovely trio behind Svn Space, a modern, female-focused, multi-media digital + print platform aimed at exploring the depths of the cannabis plant, with an emphasis on Hemp.  We’ve been obsessing over their epic print magazine and it lives smack down in the middle of our coffee table.

Tell us more about Svn Space?

We create positive change through awareness, conversation, understanding, and innovative product.

We elevate and share topics that break the stigma of this historical green plant while introducing the benefits and lifestyle to a progressive audience.  

Our aim is to put a fresh, modern perspective on what was once considered counterculture, bringing awareness to the mainstream.

How did the three of you come to create this unique magazine and e-commerce platform?

Monica identified the opportunity early on to get into the Cannabis space well before CBD became the Media darling. Both Monica and Megan come from a male-dominated Action sports world with Transworld Media and had the desire to focus on a plant that had many parallels to Skateboarding… yes, you read that correctly skateboarding.

The mission, to take something that was once considered counterculture and make this mainstream. They aligned with Grace who launched several successful mega brands at retail from Calvin Klein at Bloomingdales to The Pioneer Woman at Walmart and had a thorough understanding of mainstream markets and omni-channel strategies.

Together, they create 3 strong pillars including Megan, Creative + Content, Monica, Brand partnerships and Grace, Marketing + Product Development along with an extremely talented and dedicated team.

(left to right: Monica, Grace + Megan)

Historically, why has it taken so long for Hemp to become a household name? Why did CBD rise to the top so quickly?

Hemp has taken so long in becoming a household name because it has been considered a Schedule 1 drug since 1970 and has had limitations on cultivation since the late 1930’s. It was lumped in with marijuana so many people just assumed they were the same thing. Years of outlandish propaganda and absurd claims, thankfully we have stewards and change agents in this space that have fought tirelessly to see this plant removed from a Schedule 1 drug.

CBD has gained so much momentum in recent years due to its therapeutic benefits and because it is non-intoxicating, unlike its fellow cannabinoid THC which is intoxicating.

Can you tell us about some of the newest innovations in Hemp?

There are some exciting things happening in Hemp right now.  We are learning more about other beneficial cannabinoids outside of just CBD.  Hempcrete is a carbon negative building material that is gaining momentum.  BMW is using hemp-based biocomposites in their “i3” electric car.  There is also a lot of research going on in the hemp biofuel and hemp bioplastics space as well as they search for alternatives for fossil fuels and plastic.

Why did this country originally regulate Hemp and how do you think the industry will shift?

Greed and power fueled decisions early on and in our opinion, not having a real valid understanding and grasp to monetize a plant that could easily be grown in someone’s yard. How do you regulate or control something that everyone has access to? That would be like trying to regulate how we breathe.

The industry is embracing and accepting what this plant can do. We’ve not even begun to scratch the surface as we emerge from old stigmas, years of propaganda and false claims. More money will be invested into companies that are focused on education and innovation. We will shift the way this country things about this plant as there are many things that need to happen in order to do so:

  1. Educate the masses on this often-misunderstood plant.
  2. Decriminalize and eradicate records especially to minority groups punished for possession on a plant that is becoming LEGAL state by state.
  3. Speak to your elected representatives that are in favor of legalization so that regulations are set in place like Alcohol for both cannabis and CBD respectively, as one is very different than the other.

In 5 years, where do you hope Svn Space will be?

We hope to continue to educate and normalize Hemp globally and align with similar change agents on a path to bring the Hemp plant as a viable option for our planet in crisis. To continue to ignite conversations and be on the forefront to bring the masses innovations and opportunities.

How can women get involved in the space?

Do what we do best… educate ourselves, take charge and discover the many uses Hemp can do. From there the opportunities are limitless from clothing to food. Turn those ideas into actionable results and seek those that are on a similar path.

Anything else to add to this growing industry?

It is an exciting time in the Hemp industry.  We still have so much to learn about this incredible plant from its potential health benefits to additional industrial uses.  Now that Hemp has been removed from the Controlled Substances Act (due to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill) and is no longer considered a Schedule 1 Drug, we can do more research and learn a lot more about the numerous uses and benefits of the plant.

Sweet Flower Opens In LA

April 23, 2019

A new cannabis retail boutique with deep roots in Southern California.

On a mission to set a new standard for modern cannabis retail that is inclusive, diverse and approachable by all.

Think easy, breezy so-call shopping – airy and bright – exuding with ‘wellness’ vibes. Sweet Flower is the new classy cannabis shop on the block. In the heart of We-Ho, enters this finely curated, ‘quality conscious and environmentally sound’ market for top of the line cannabis in all shapes and sized.

“Our limited series, ocean grown flower blossoms just up the coast in Carpinteria, cultivated with scrupulous care and environmental sensibility. The other brands we’ve finely curated for our stores are equally quality conscious and environmentally sound.”

Sweet Flower

True to their brand promise, the shop feels elevated and sophisticated. For the consumer who knows their way around product and savvy packaging but eager to learn more and engage with the “Sweet Florists” who will help curate a usage plan for you.

They Sweet Florists, as the sales people are referred to as, are lovely and well educated cannabis concierges, ready to guide you through our selection and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Customer experience is clearly a priority.


Unparalleled customer service

Highest quality, locally-sourced products, and retail environments distinguished by their design and inviting ambiance.

Committed to being an inclusive and diverse employer and to addressing the needs of the communities it serves. 

The store is so bright, sunny and lovely – the sales peeps were incredible and overall, an amazing welcome addition to the neighborhood. It’s perfect for someone like me who only identifies with cannabis for its wellness capacities.

  • Address:
    8163 Melrose Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90046Hours:
    Mon – Sun: 8am -10pmTel:
    (323) 591-2662Get Directions
  • A few FYIs:
    ATM available

    Credit cards accepted through
    the Linx payment system

    Complimentary valet with purchase 
    during select hours
Exterior photo of the Sweet Flower Studio City store in Los Angeles.
Interior photo of the Sweet Flower Studio City store in Los Angeles.