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Camp Los Angeles Opens Doors to Newly Expanded State-of-the-Art Studios in Santa Monica

June 1, 2023

Camp Los Angeles – the multi-disciplinary yoga and fitness destination in Santa Monica –opens the doors to its newly expanded state-of-the-art studios, doubling the size of the campgrounds and bringing the best of four programs to one location.

camp los angeles

To celebrate the grand opening weekend from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m on Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11, Camp Los Angeles invites class-goers to tour the new campgrounds and take part in sponsored Sculpt, Circuit, Yoga and Stations classes in partnership with brands including Vuori, Lululemon, Essential Elements and Athletic Lab – with lots of giveaways up for grabs. Promising a vibrant scene, local pop-ups from known and loved local brands will be on-site throughout the weekend providing complimentary bites and beverages and experiences, from ice baths to permanent jewelry and flash tattoos.

To join the community of CAMPers during the grand opening weekend, secure your spot on the Yoga, Circuit, Stations or Sculpt class taking place that weekend across the four studios, led by L.A.’s very best instructors.

Visit to learn more and book classes. Saturday, June 10 line up: LINK x LOU Permanent Jewelry Experience, Essential Elements, Celsius, Holy Grail Donuts Sunday, June 11 line up: Pause, Christians Tattoos, Ritual, nocco + barebells

“The grand opening is just the start of our next chapter as an all-encompassing fitness and yoga playground where our wellness-centered community can grow and thrive. We have the crème de la crème of collaborators all in one place who are bringing the nostalgic summer camp experience to life,” said Jamie Lanza, Co-Founder of Camp. “We’re so excited to bring the best of all worlds to our campgrounds and share it with our campers from all walks of life – right from that first class on a Monday morning to enjoying food truck fare at our campgrounds on a Friday night.”

CLMBR West Hollywood

February 3, 2023

 West Hollywood knows how to do fitness and it is always fun to see what the latest and greatest fitness workout is in this legendary city. With top fitness boutiques such as Rumble Boxing, Barry’s Bootcamp, Training Mate & more, only the best workouts will make it here! We recently checked out the city’s newest fitness concept, CLMBR, the 30 minute high-intensity, low-impact workout in the heart of West Hollywood. CLMBR combines the benefits of High Intensity Cardio Conditioning, while activating 86% of muscles, all in just 30 minutes. There are so many benefits to this new Weho workout:

  • LOW IMPACT. MAX OUTPUT: Climbing is a low impact and full-body, allowing for life-long use without negative consequences.
  • SUPERIOR CARDIO & STRENGTH: Combined cardio and strength allow you to achieve higher output in less time. Say goodby to separate leg and arm days. They’ve now become one!
  • HIGHER V02 MAX: Studies have shown that heart rate and maximum rate of oxygen consumption are significantly higher while vertical climbing.
  • CONTINUED CALORIC BURN: Vertical climbing can burn up to 600 calories in a 30 minute session. Due to high V02 max, this high output allows the body to continue burning calories hours after the workout.  

West Hollywood is buzzing with new fitness and wellness offerings, so to make a splash a brand has to deliver results. Word around town is that CLMBR is the hottest new workout! CLMBR combines the benefits of High Intensity Cardio Conditioning, while activating 86% of muscles, all in just 30 minutes. 

The new fitness concept offers 5 different workouts:

  • JUST CLIMB – This 30 minute workout features high intensity, full body, cardio conditioning on the State of the Art CLMBR! 
  • BOOTCAMP – This 45 minute workout is half on the CLMBR and half utilizing resistance bands and/or dumbbells with a focus on body strength. 
  • CLIMB & CORE – All the benefits of our classic climb class with focus on core work. 
  • JUST LIFT-  A class specifically designed to strengthen and sculpt your body.
  • ADVANCED CLIMB – This 45 minute workout features high intensity, full body, cardio conditioning on the State of the Art CLMBR! 

Just like West Hollywood, CLMBR is a community and they “Reach for Greatness” together. For more information visit:



November 21, 2021

Joy Puleo (M.A., PMA-CPT, Balanced Body Education Program Manager, and member of the LGBQT community) has put together tips to stay sane, centered and active this season, and Portia Page (Balanced Body Education Program Liaison and certified pilates instructor) will help you kick off your “New Year, New You” wellness plan.

Holidays, though a time for cheer and good will, can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Holiday dinners and parties with family and friends throw our schedules into upheaval, not to mention provide lots of temptation and indulgence in rich food and drink. Schedules are put aside, family shenanigans abound and, to top it off, evenings are spent schlepping from store to store in the elusive quest to find the perfect gifts. And make no mistake, the shortened and often cold, winter nights take a toll on our mojo.

How to remain sane, composed and active during this time is challenging. Below are tips on how staying mindful and mind+body movement can help you stay as healthy as possible.

Every moment is an opportunity to reset: You may have had too much bubbly the night before or you may have eaten too many of the holiday cookies at work, or both. There was a time when I would think, “Well, now I blew it, I might as well continue to eat and drink and worry about it after the holidays.” Give yourself permission to enjoy, but do not let the indulgences accumulate without some modulation. Every moment is a good moment to reset. After drinking the night before, wake up and have a healthy breakfast and drink lots of water and start the day fresh. Eat the cookies and, instead of beating yourself up afterwards only to dive into a chocolate cake after dinner, go to a yoga or Pilates class. Balancing indulgences with doing something healthy and nourishing will help you to keep your mental and physical equilibrium and will also help you to maintain your health and weight during the holidays.


The holidays only come once a year, but cookies are forever: The holidays bring with them cozy fires, oversized clothing and the primal desire to bake. Remember, though the butter cookies are shaped like Christmas trees and reindeer, they are still just butter cookies. Sometimes we indulge because we feel it’s such a unique treat, but the reality is, it is a butter cookie and it can be made anytime. Truly, the availability of food during the holidays combined with the winter doldrums make the cookies that mount up in the common room at work most irresistible. Instead of walking to the common room, put on your jacket and step outside for a walk. When the urge to reach mindlessly for that cookie rises, mindfully choose an alternate activity instead. Not only will this redirect your attention, but it will help you to remember that what lies beyond in the common room is just a butter cookie and has no particular magical, mystical holiday powers.

Stay mindful and check in with your body: I have not stepped on a scale in three years, except for the occasional doctor’s visit, and even then, sometimes I decline! I, like all of us, have spent the better part of my life a slave to a number. Instead of getting on the scale I take moments, preferably transitional moments, such as when I wake up, when I park the car in the parking lot at work, and when I am on my way home, to check in with how I am feeling and what I need from this next moment. In so doing, I organize my thoughts. This helps me be less reactive to my environment and, particularly during the holidays, helps me stay centered and less susceptible to whims and cravings. I also have a much better sense for how my body feels, how my cloths fit and whether or not I feel good and confident in my own skin. I am not advocating you avoid your scale during the holidays, but I am advocating that you check in with how you are feeling about yourself. You will find that how you feel about yourself is a far more accurate marker for how you are doing then any number on the scale.


Stay active doing an activity you enjoy: Keeping your perspective during the holidays is challenging as events seem to get the better of you. With that in mind, staying active is a must at this time. I know, you are thinking there is simply no time. But the reality is, being active should be a priority. Find something you enjoy doing and make it a part of your holiday schedule. Mindful activities, such as yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and others are ideal for this time of year as they help you to stay in tune with the needs of your body. They also help you to feel strong, confident and flexible at a time when all the excess food and drink send the exact opposite message. Most importantly, staying active helps you stay emotionally and physically balanced which helps you stay centered and refocus’ your awareness internally. How nice, at a time when we are so busy thinking about everyone else, to take the time to remember yourself.


Get plenty of sleep: Sleep and exercise are finally getting the recognition they deserve as key factors to staying healthy and well. No longer is it about getting your ‘beauty’ rest or working out simply to be skinny, but it’s about sleep and exercise being the recipe for better overall health and wellbeing. As already explored, staying active is an imperative this time of year but so is getting enough sleep. Sleep provides the brain an opportunity to heal, process and support the intellectual and mental work you do all day long. Sleep also provides the body an opportunity to heal, process and support the physical work you do all day long. You shortchange your sleep and, in the long run, you will shortchange your health. 


Get some Vitamin D: Instead of going to the break room for that cookie, walk outside. I know, it can be cold, but when did a little cold stop you before? Going outside for a walk will help you reset your mind and keep you active during the day. Getting outside in the sunlight will also expose you to vitamin D, which by the way is a must for your bones. An added, and often overlooked benefit, is that by drinking in the cool fresh air not only will you energize your body but you will also trigger your metabolism to bump up its calorie burning potential in an effort to keep you warm. I highly recommend that you take some time, every day, regardless of the temperature, to step outside drink in the air, who knows, you just find you are less likely to want to drink in the punch!


Never go hungry: Do not forgo breakfast and lunch before a big event. We think that if we bank our calories by not eating regularly during the day, we can enjoy ourselves more at the event. This is erroneous on many levels.  Not eating at regular intervals during the day will cause a physiological cascade of events that will only serve to lower your resolve when in the presence of food. As a result, in a short period of time you will be prone to over-indulge. Make sure you eat, eat well and that you are satiated before heading to the party. This will allow you to enjoy yourself and make choices based on what you feel rather than be at the whim of what your body demands.

Bring a Sommelier Right To Your Doorstep with this New Los Angeles-based Wine Club

October 27, 2021

Buying and selecting the right wine is a daunting task to many. But with wine being such a pivotal addition to so many occasions in our social lives (host gifts, birthday presents, dinner parties, park picnics…the list goes on!), relying solely on your personal preference, a well-branded label or what you’ve “heard” is good, can put a lot of pressure on a simple task.

To avoid uncertainty, or worse, ending in disappointment, we suggest signing up for the new female-founded, sommelier-led wine club, SALUTAY, giving you the opportunity to try new wines from small producers around the world, learn about what makes their wine unique and the best part, it is delivered right to your door.

SALUTAY, which launched last week, is a quarterly wine club started by sommelier, Taylor Grant, who comes from years of experience at some of the best hospitality groups in Los Angeles with accolades such as Food & Wine’s Sommelier of the Year and roles as Sommelier at Osteria Mozza, Wine Director for Scopa Italian Roots, Old Lightning, Dama and Dudley Market.

The subscription-based wine club features small production wines with a focus on minimal intervention, organics, and sustainability from regions around the world. This approach allows Grant to share wines she has found (and loved) throughout her career and forge new relationships with up-and-coming winemakers, enthusiasts and collectors alike. For members, this means always staying in the know, exploring interesting varieties and further developing their palette.

SALUTAY’s members can choose from three-tier options that reflect their personality and lifestyle, while also considering their taste for adventurousness when it comes to wine!

The tiers include:

  • Cin-Cin – for the adventurous type – always off the beaten path | 6 bottles for $165 quarterly ($55 per month)
  • Kan Pai – mix of classic wines + new finds | 6 bottles for $165 quarterly ($55 per month)
  • Prost – unique & rare- for the budding collector | 6 bottles for $240 quarterly ($80 per month) or 12 bottles for $477 quarterly ($159 per month)

Each wine club shipment, members receive corresponding info cards with tasting profiles and pairing suggestions to help them learn and grow in their own wine adventure.

Those looking to take their wine knowledge to the next level can opt for their additional offerings including: Virtual Tastings, At Home Tastings and Private Cellar Services – which include an on-call sommelier, competitive retail pricing, concierge services and more.

I don’t know about you but we are diving right into our next wine adventure with SALUTAY!


Meet Kemtai, The Fitness App That Corrects Your Form

October 1, 2021

After spending over a year avoiding crowds and likely also the workout studio and weight room, you might have already leapt at the recent opportunity to return to your gym. But also, maybe not? Working out from home really wasn’t so bad once we started to find our flow, and you don’t need us to tell you about the abundance of at-home workout products, apps, and service out there. (Instagram’s got that covered.) Also, reluctant as we are to say it, Covid isn’t over over yet.

That said, there is one thing that home workouts definitely lack: Feedback. Whether you typically work out with a trainer or even just a friend, it’s always nice to know there’s somebody there to (hopefully) call out your less-than-textbook form when you start slacking.

Well, it looks like there might be a way to finally get that experience from home, too—and it doesn’t require you to add yet another fitness app to your phone’s home screen, or heap any more bulky fitness equipment onto the unruly pile of miscellaneous workout gear in the corner of your living room.

Kemtai is a new web-based fitness platform that turns your laptop or desktop computer into an advanced, motion-tracking digital personal trainer, complete with real-time personalized feedback and guidance. 

Technically speaking, it leverages computer vision technology and artificial intelligence to analyze motion and provide real-time training feedback. Humanly speaking, it tells you when you’re dragging ass—or potentially setting yourself up for injury. 

Unlike, say, Tempo, which offers some motion tracking functionality but requires you to spend thousands of dollars on 100-plus pounds of bulky equipment, Kemtai provides you with personalized, real-time training feedback and guidance during workouts right from your web browser. And it works on virtually any computer with a camera.

Behind the lens, Kemtai captures and tracks 44 different data points on your body—more than any other motion-tracking fitness product available, apparently. In addition to real-time training feedback and guidance during workouts, one of the best perks is being able to see quantitative results from one workout to the next, and even from rep to rep.

The service costs $19 per month, which will give you access to diverse workouts and series from a range of different trainers and workout styles ranging from HIIT and strength training to yoga and Pilates, but you can actually access Kemtai’s coolest feature for free here. Kemtai Now is the platform’s AI-based custom workout builder, and it is definitely one of the quickest and simplest ways we’ve found to get a sweat on when there isn’t a ton of time and we don’t feel like searching around for the perfect workout. The feature is capable of assembling endless unique workout combinations based on your preferences,