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Forever 21 Celebrates Black History Month

February 5, 2021

This is Forever21’s first-ever collection celebrating BHM!

Designer and photographer, Ashley Sky Walker (of Leimert Park Threads) and illustrator and designer, Stormy Nesbit whose work was featured in an op-ed written by our VP, Kamala Harris – who are both launching limited edition capsule collections this Thursday, February 4th with Forever 21 in celebration of Black History Month.

“This partnership and Forever21 created a space for black creatives like myself to really have a hands on approach from start-to-finish. F21 allowed me to be fully immersed, and to create from my heart, and present my most authentic self without any reservations – so my excitement is an understatement, I’m ecstatic to have my work in a Black History Month capsule. This has shown me that there really is no limit to my art,” says Stormy.

Forever21’s first-ever partnership collection celebrating Black History Month, is a collaboration with three up-and-coming artists and creators, Ashley Sky Walker, Stormy Nesbit and Henry Jones.

Each collection showcases the range of beauty and power of artistic expression. A portion of proceeds from the collections will be shared with the artists, as well as donations made to charity partners including Sole Folks, Tec Leimert and Project Level.

Celebrating artistry and community, the capsule collections will launch online at and select retail locations!

Stormy Nesbit’s Collection

Stormy draws inspiration from the people she’s surrounded with, her environment and God. She’s able to source feelings and emotions that she picks up on when she is surrounded by the people she loves and translates that in each of her pieces. Every single piece was secretly inspired by someone she personally knows and loves – Stormy says, “they might recognize it, they might not.”

Her art collections represent people of color, specifically women in the highest form. Representation matters and Stormy wants to be able to reach her community in the largest scale possible and remind them that they are seen. Stormy has learned her best work comes from her heart, and not what people expect; her best work is created at night while she plays Maverick City music and designs that she feels.

Ashley Sky Walker’s Collection

Much of Ashley’s inspiration for his F21 capsule came from within; he looked into archives of his photography and paintings over the years and was able to spot consistencies reflecting Black life. By showcasing moments of joy, rebellion and magic through his work, he realized that was the collection he needed to design – celebrating Black History through the lens of his camera and paintbrush.

“When F21 reached out and asked me to be a part of their Black History Month campaign, it felt amazing and honestly validating. I had a quick stint with the company back in 2016 to shoot their e-comm and was let go after a few months, which ultimately led me to launch Leimert Park Threads. The studio where we photographed the campaign shoot was the same studio where I was told would be my last day…I could not have planned this journey any more than the universe did. It was an unreal full circle moment!” says Ashley.


Stormy Nesbit is a Phoenix-based illustrator and designer with roots in the Midwest whose works primarily expresses the beauty and strength of America’s Black communities, with a focus on the women within them. Her brown-skinned characters echo the pride she has for her community, and the modern aesthetic provides a new take on the elegance in melanin. Stormy’s work has been featured in campaigns by national brands and in several publications, including an illustration created to run with an article written by Vice President Kamala Harris (linked in the intro paragraph).

Ashley Sky Walker started his career as a photographer the second he got his first camera, beginning to see work in a different light and experience. Being raised in South Central Los Angeles, Walker learned the importance of respect and patience when dealing with the ebb and flow of life. After studying at Howard University, Walker lived in New York City for over a decade which allowed him to work with brands like DVF, NIKE and VIBE Magazine and show off his raw but elegant photography style.

Walker eventually returned to Los Angeles with a new venture in mind and Leimert Park Threads was born in 2017 – a unisex clothing brand motivated by the struggle to bring awareness to black, brown, and colored life. Designed by Walker himself, he aims to create original streetwear pieces that are empowering and a tribute to cultural movements of the past. The brand first launched with the COLORED Collection, a line meant for every race, gender and creed standing for unity and equal rights for all and has been worn by celebrities like Issa Rae, Beyonce, and Chadwick Boseman.

How To Up Your (Rosemary Yuzu) Hand Sanitizer Game Now

Dry knuckles, sticky palms, unpleasant smell?

Cleanli is here. This all-natural Rosemary Yuzu Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is giving me life.

Founders Ryan Lewendon, Alex Sourry and Blake Mitchell scoured the market but could not find a hand sanitizer that was effective in use but spoke to the modern consumer. They launched Cleanli ’s Rosemary YuzuMoisturizing Hand Sanitizer to create an elevated but effective sanitizing experience for clean hands and a grounded mind. And it’s working for me.

WHAT: Cleanli ’s Rosemary Yuzu Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer meets the CDC and FDA guidelines, is a certified over-the-counter drug and is made in the USA using traceable ingredients. It uses all natural, USDA-organic ethyl alcohol for it’s 63% alcohol content, which is then denatured using natural rosemary essential oil,  making this product equally enjoyable and effective.

The Rosemary Yuzu Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer incorporates antioxidants from Yuzu, Vitamin E and glycerin to moisturize, soften and restore the skin during use.

The result is smooth, clean hands with no sticky residue. Additionally, Cleanli balances the energizing citrus aromas of yuzu and green mandarins with calming rosemary essential oils to ground the mind and create a pleasant sanitizing experience.

Cleanli ’s Rosemary Yuzu Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is packaged in a recyclable frosted glass spray bottle, for around $6.99 per unit.

Cleanli is available for purchase online at and select retail locations including all locations of Alfred Coffee (Los Angeles, CA) and Pitkin County Dry Goods (Aspen, CO).

Bluestone Sunshields: Privacy Gets Reflective

January 6, 2021

If you’ve ever seen me on a hike, you’ll find me in my most Devo-mode. I always wear a futuristic sun shield. They’re just my jam. The problem is, not all sun shields are created equal. I love my Bluestone Sunshield because they feel the best on. It’s a simple, comfy visor that just slides on. Another brand I have literally squeezed my head like a vice. Bluestone doesn’t.

The Full Lux Rainbow is my fave.

Bluestone Sunshields was founded by Esthetician and Global Operations expert, Jen Podany, who saw a need for fashionable, practical options for doctors and patients offering both privacy and sun protection, post procedure.

Not only does Bluestone Sunshield provide fashionable privacy and sun protection, but it is now regarded as an essential tool for healthcare workers providing a transparent barrier between patient and specialist allowing for safe treatment. I even have a clear one.

Even the clear one does all this:

  • Blocks 99% UVA/UVB rays
  • Protects from Blue Light
  • ANSI Z80.3 Approved
  • Heat Resistant / Adjustable / Transparent Lens
  • Ideal for long days in the sun and ultimate sun protection
  • Blocks 99% UVA/UVB rays
  • Protects from Blue Light
  • ANSI Z80.3 Approved
  • Heat Resistant / Adjustable / Transparent Lens
  • Ideal for long days in the sun and ultimate sun protection
  • $68

Also, they make these adorable ones for kids.


  • Blocks 99% UVA/UVB rays
  • Protects from Blue Light
  • ANSI Z80.3 Approved
  • Heat Resistant / Transparent Lens
  • Ideal for outdoor activities, sports and kids
  • Adjustable Headband
  • $52

Bluestone Sunshields has donated over 5,000 PPE items to hospitals and health workers.


December 14, 2020

Send Solace is the gift box dreams are made of. I am in LOVE with this company, its mission, style, curation, presentation. If you are in need of that special thing for that special someone (friend, co-worker, neighbor, boss – ANYONE) – I promise you can’t go wrong with any of these!

I sampled this one:

Uplifting collection contents:

  • midnight blue cashmere blanket scarf
  • solace experiential journal coloring book
  • set of colored pencils
  • glass tea infuser travel bottle
  • refreshing tea blend made with elderflower, orange peel, zesty ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus, sage and sweet apple.
  • engraved white jade serenity stone
  • eucalyptus-mint gold-tinned candle
  • private label body toner made with aloe, witch hazel, lactic acid and white grapefruit oil

For those suffering from depression, loneliness, or for anyone you just wish you could hug in person. (YES MEEEE!)

Photos of some of the other stunning curations.     Solace gifts are perfect for anyone going through hard times or grief, and they are especially poignant this year as so many loved ones can’t be together for the holidays.

“Solace gifts are designed to bring light into a dark time,” says Megan Beck. “The holidays can be very difficult for a lot of people, even though there’s also a lot of joy surrounding them. Not everybody has family around, especially this year. This is a way to really be there for each other when we can’t be present in person.”

Help a loved one feel loved and supported with gifts like:

The Uplifting Collection

  • Midnight blue cashmere blanket scarf

  • Solace experiential journal coloring book

  • Set of colored pencils

  • Glass tea infuser travel bottle

  • Refreshing tea blend made with elderflower, orange peel, zesty ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus, sage, and sweet apple

  • Engraved white jade serenity stone

  • Eucalyptus-mint gold-tinned candle

  • Private label body toner made with aloe, witch hazel, lactic acid, and white grapefruit oil


The Brightening Set

  • Refreshing tea blend made with elderflower, orange peel, zesty ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus, sage, and sweet apple

  • Private label body toner made with aloe, witch hazel, lactic acid, and white grapefruit oil

  • Engraved white jade serenity stone


The Soothing Set

  • Aromatherapy dough infused with lavender and cedarwood

  • Wooden hand-held massager

  • Peppermint oil roll-on to help with aches and nausea


The Relaxing Set

  • Relaxing tea blend made with peppermint, chamomile, valerian root, lemongrass, and hibiscus

  • Cucumber-infused hydrating lotion

  • Deep blue weighted silk sleep mask


View the full selection of Solace gifts here.

“We’re a company of empathy,” says Naomi Beck. “As people are looking around while holiday shopping, it can sometimes feel like, ‘Oh, everything is so holly jolly, and no one really understands what I’m going through right now.’ We’re the company out there that resonates with what you’re feeling when things are more difficult.”

Also, this is a female-founded small biz!

About Megan: Megan Beck is the co-founder of Solace — a gift company designed to connect with the heart of those experiencing pain and provide them with practical, mental, emotional, and physical help through their storm. She has found that some of life’s most fulfilling and deeply joyful experiences are in bringing light into another’s dark time. She believes the shared humanity and vulnerability of feeling another’s hurt and doing something to help has healing power that goes both directions. Heavy tragedies and personal struggles are hard to bear alone, so Megan’s desire is to give more people the ability to do something undaunting and uncomplicated to act upon care. It can change everything. It reminds us of what we share in common, and that there is always reason for hope. Visit

About Naomi: Naomi Beck (say nay-OH-me) is the co-founder of Solace — a gift company designed to connect with the heart of those experiencing pain and provide them with practical, mental, emotional, and physical help through their storm. During her own personal journey through life’s trials and tribulations, love is the “true north” she comes back to as the antidote for suffering. Her greatest hope is that, by providing a simple way to show others we care, we can help lighten each other’s load as we all try to find our way in this heartbreaking, crazy, beautiful world. Visit

The Perfect Puffer Is Now Cruelty Free, Peta-Approved And Machine Washable

November 26, 2020

Harper Coats has made the puffer jacket of my dreams. I am legit obsessed.

First off, it’s the little yet big things: machine-washable, makeup-proof winter coats! No more stained coat collars OR smudged makeup. Things you don’t think about until it’s to late – your coat is dirty (could that be lipstick?) and you can’t simply throw it in the wash. Hello Harper with the perfect solution. Toss. In. Wash.

So these oversized cocoon hoods and extra-wide collars don’t brush against your face – it’s super easy to wear accessories, earrings and headphones/Air Pods, face masks!

It comes in three styles:

Uptown Puffer

Brunch Puffer

January Parka

And three different weights and colorways.

THE BEST PART!! Every style is $350 or less, cruelty-free and PETA-approved.


Don’t miss Black Friday promotion, which offers 30% off every style
through Cyber Monday (11/30). 


Harper Coats , coming straight outta NYC, was born from tireless coat transitions: from work, to workouts, to drinks, and dog walks the next morning. When it came to outerwear, why was there an empty space between function and formality? Vegan and stylish? Quality and cost? Durability and convenience?

Imagine – a premier collection of vegan puffers and parkas, presented in partnership with PETA?  I am smitten.

We are incredibly proud to launch our first official collection in partnership with PETA,” said Rachel Thaw, CEO of Harper Coats. “At Harper, we believe everyone deserves to feel warm, cozy, and stylish at an affordable price, but without sacrificing sustainability or impact. Harper Coats are made using the same timeless designs as your favorite labels, but we’ve swapped sustainable direct-to-consumer operations for luxury retail markups, and opted for PETA-approved, eco-friendly, machine-washable materials over animal-based textiles or fill,” Thaw continued.

“Kudos to Harper Coats for not only helping to stop the barbaric killing of animals but also going one step further by putting its fur stock to good use,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “Kind shoppers can do their part by opting for cozy PETA-approved vegan clothing that no animal suffered and died for from animal-friendly brands like Harper Coats.”

Every style of Harper features a weather-resistant shell, cruelty-free down-alternative fill, ribbed storm cuffs, and cozy, fleece-lined pockets (internal and external).

Harper Coats are available for purchase in the United States through