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WANDERLUST: The World’s Only “Mindful Triathlon” Returns to Los Angeles

April 11, 2018

 On Your Mat, Get Set, Flow!
April 28 and April 29, 2018


Wanderlust, producer of the largest yoga lifestyle events in the world, in partnership with adidas, brings Wanderlust 108, the world’s only mindful triathlon, back to Los Angeles on both Saturday April 28, and Sunday, April 29, 2018.

Coming to the iconic Santa Monica Pier, Wanderlust’s unique triathlon consists of a five-kilometer run (or walk), a music-fueled, outdoor yoga class and a guided meditation. Mindful triathletes can also browse the marketplace of local craft and food vendors, and experience bonus fitness classes throughout the day.

Saturday’s lineup includes yoga from Chelsey Korus, meditation from Noah Levine, with tunes spun by DJ Drez.

Sunday’s lineup includes yoga from Mary Beth LaRue, meditation from Light Watkins with sweet beats provided by Jesse Blake.

For the complete lineup and ticketing information, please visit:

For the SATURDAY Wanderlust 108:

For the SUNDAY Wanderlust 108:

New for 2018, participants in North America will be able to choose from an array of premium ticket options to create their perfect Wanderlust 108 adventure. Ticket prices starting at $30 with premium packages from $99. Attendees can customize their experience via the tiers below:

WAN(DER)LUST Package: $150

Wanderlust has joined (RED) in the fight to end AIDS.

  • 50 tickets will be available
  • Attendees will receive a Manduka WAN(DER)LUST mat, Wanderlust 108 tote, WAN(DER)LUST water bottle, and Wanderlust fandana.
  • Entry to the entire mindful triathlon: 5K run + yoga + meditation
  • Premium mat placement for the yoga and mediation portions of the event.
  • A scheduled bonus activity: Attendees can choose from a variety of experiences: aerial yoga, AcroYoga, hooping—and new this year—Flying Therapeutics, which is a combination of AcroYoga and Thai Massage, or Body Work, which is deep-tissue, self-massage techniques which can assist in releasing pain, opening locked muscles and facilitating proper posture. Participants will be able to add this to their day’s agenda pre-event.
  • A Wanderbowl will be included as well—a hearty, Mexican inspired vegetarian (or vegan) meal of rice, beans, cheese, avocado and mango-lime-cilantro salsa, plus snacks and a beverage. (Wanderbowls are also available for purchase at any ticket tier.)
  • A Free Wanderlust TV class ( ) to continue the Wanderlust experience online at home.

108 Package: $99

  • 200 tickets will be available
  • Wanderlust 108 yoga mat, 108 tote, Wanderlust water bottle and Wanderlust fandana
  • Entry to the entire mindful triathlon: 5K run + yoga + meditation
  • Reserved mat placement
  • Free Wanderlust TV class ( ) to continue the Wanderlust experience at home, online.
  • A scheduled bonus activity: Attendees can choose from a variety of experiences: aerial yoga, AcroYoga, hooping—and new this year—Flying Therapeutics, which is a combination of AcroYoga and Thai Massage, or Body Work, which is deep-tissue, self-massage techniques which can assist in releasing pain, opening locked muscles and facilitating proper posture. Attendees will be able to add this to their day’s agenda pre-event.

108 Ticket: $40-$60

  • Entry to the entire mindful triathlon: 5K run + yoga + meditation
  • Prices will rise as the event date approaches.
  • Wanderlust fandana
  • Access to bonus activities on a drop-in basis, space available.

Practice Ticket: $30-$45

  • Entry to the yoga + meditation portions of the event only
  • Prices will rise as the event date approaches.

At all Wanderlust 108 events, the Kula Marketplace will showcase local craft vendors, including clothing, jewelry, and handcrafted items. Local and organic food vendors will be on site, as well as a retail store experience created by adidas and Wanderlust housed in a 60’ geodesic dome. Items from the adidas x Wanderlust co-branded collection will be sold on site at each event.

At each Wanderlust 108 event in North America, attendees will be nourished by a number of Wanderlust partners, including:

  • adidas will be introducing new experiences to the 5K run and offering additional fitness activities to help attendees embed more sport into their day.
  • Flow is pleased to bring their high-quality, naturally alkaline spring water to the Mindful Triathlon to hydrate participants throughout the day. These events will also be a chance for Wanderlust attendees to taste Flow’s brand new organic flavored water: Cucumber + Mint and Lemon + Ginger in a refreshing environment.
  • Ford Motor Company was built on the belief that freedom of movement drives human progress. Ford is proud to be the Official Vehicle of Wanderlust and to support healthy initiatives inside, and outside, the company. Event attendees can stop by the Ford Zen Den to learn more about the sustainable practices and wellness programs at Ford, and of course, take home some incredible giveaways.
  • Rainier Fruit is a leading grower of both conventional and organic apples, pears and cherries. As a fourth generation family farm we are committed to the mission of living Wholesome to the Core. A partnership with Wanderlust allows us to share our delicious fruits with like-minded consumers who are choosing to fuel their active lifestyles with high quality food like our organic apples. We are excited to meet yoga enthusiasts from around the country and help them get to know Rainier Fruit through our on-site sampling and our sponsorship of the Wanderlust Walking Lunch.

In 2018, Wanderlust will donate $1.08 from every ticket sold to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS with (RED), which could provide over 3 days of life-saving HIV medication. To date, (RED) has generated more than $500 million for the AIDS fight, supporting HIV/AIDS programs and services in eight countries in Africa. 100% of money raised goes to work on the ground—no overhead is taken. For more information, visit

Become a fan of Wanderlust at


All Photos by Melissa Gayle for Wanderlust Festival

Stop, PAUSE and Float

March 26, 2018

So there I was, one hour from my first sensory deprivation experience. I was somewhat nervous to be perfectly honest. Me – alone in the dark, baptized into my sub-conscious mind. On any typical day thoughts race through head like George Costanza on LSD.

It was raining that day – the perfect segue into what was a new and unique experience to me. I sat in the lobby for what felt like 30 seconds and was guided to THE POD.

The rules of the experience were explained – but I failed to listen – I was too excited to start that I almost forgot to take the required shower before entry.

I stared at the pod for a few moments – it reminded me of something out of a science fiction film from the 1960’s.

As I entered the pod, I adjusted into a comfortable position onto my back and held my feeble, herniated neck into place. Once I felt the 1000 pounds of salted water holding me like a baby, I let go. I shut the music off. Then the lights. I expanded my arms, ya know, like Christ…and let go.

I watched the thoughts fly through my head like the Jetsons.

“This is like a Black Mirror episode…”

“What if the pod doesn’t open?”

“What if it did and an alien wielding a scalpel was standing over me?”

“Did I eat today? There must be taco shop close by.

And then…I entered the Theta state. I felt as if I was spinning, forward and back, left to right. I hallucinated a bit (just some shiny lights) and I fell into sleep. The most calm sleep I have ever had.

A voice awoke me telling me my session was complete.

I disembarked the vessel, washed all the salt from my body and vowed to do this again as soon as possible.

– Christian Majewski

Pause Float introduces you to the art of floating, a revolution in stress-reduction and regeneration, a contemporary practice where you tune out the chaotic external world – and tune into your innermost consciousness. For an hour at a time, immerse into one of their private, soundproof flotation suites and float in our custom-blend of buoyant Epsom salts, allowing you to lie back and tune out, unplugging from every sound, care and worry.




stress relief

pain management

mindfulness and creativity

focus and productivity

athletic performance

physical recovery

They also have INFRARED SAUNA


introductory | 60-min.

single session | $69
three-session package | $189 ($63 per session, includes a 30-min. infrared sauna session)

standard | 60-min.

single session | $75
two-session package | $130 ($65 per session)
five-session package* | $300 ($60 per session)
ten-session package* | $570 ($57 per session)

*sharable packages


single session* | $49

*introductory and standard pricing is the same, no packages available


The Science of Floating

During the early 1950s there was a big question in the world of neurophysiology as the source of our brain’s consciousness. Is the brain simply an organ reacting to external stimuli, or is there some internal force that it responds to as well? There were many theories as to how the brain would react to a completely sensory-free environment.

One man named John C. Lilly decided to find out. By 1954, Lilly had built the first ever floatation tank in the National Institute of Mental Health Lab in the Virgin Islands. Lilly’s tank used water to allow people to float comfortably and to effectively reduce all sensation of touch.

The results were incredible. Lilly found more and more people coming out feeling amazing, reporting of personal discovery and self-actualization. This encouraged Lilly to continue his exploration of the float tank, building one or two more tanks in different laboratories in the United States.

For the next 20 years, floating remained exclusively in the laboratory setting, until 1972 when Lilly partnered up with Glenn and Lee Perry. He asked them to design a commercially available float tank that people could have in their homes.  The first float center was opened, a five-tank center in Beverly Hills in 1979.

This center was met with immediate success and was emulated across the US.  Float centers started popping up in every major city, new manufacturers started to enter the market, and the industry as a whole began to make a name for itself. After 60 years of progress, the world of floating is becoming mainstream. Tranquil lighting, therapeutic music, two-way communication and lobby controls, aesthetically pleasing design, and a welcoming environment have led to a new beginning in the industry.

13353 Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90066 • 310.439.1972

More about floating!


floating lowers stress hormones, replenishes neurotransmitters, and releases endorphins, which induces ultra-deep relaxation and provides a zen-like afterglow that can last for days


effortlessly slip into meditative states, which has a plethora of proven benefits. you’ll feel intensely awake, yet extremely relaxed and clear-headed


the womb-like environment provides a euphoric boost in energy, which is ideal for when we’re jet lagged, sleep deprived, or drained from a long work-week


greatly accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself from the effects of stress, intense workouts, late-nights, and overstimulation

Purlisse x Look Good Feel Better

December 13, 2017

pūr~lisse is proud to have created a Limited Edition Holiday ‘Skin Survival’ Kit in celebration of the brave women that Look Good Feel Better supports: Cancer patients and survivors

100% of the proceeds from this kit will go to the Personal Care Products Council Foundation to benefit Look Good Feel Better.

“Look Good Feel Better is a charitable program that we at pūr~lisse feel very passionate about; the work they do is so important and significant. Look Good Feel Better helps women who feel robbed of their beauty when battling cancer and cancer treatment to ‘look good’ and ‘feel better’ – to feel like themselves again. This is a beautiful gift that Look Good Feel Better provides through the work they do: the gift of confidence. Supporting the beauty industry’s charity with a bespoke Holiday Skincare Kit is truly an honor.” – Jennifer Yen, Founder of pūr~lisse

See this video below for more information about this special holiday kit:

Available at


EAZE Holiday Gift Guide

November 28, 2017


Eaze Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Create exciting new holiday traditions with marijuana and find the perfect gifts for anyone.The Eaze Holiday Gift Guide helps you find amazing gifts to create unforgettable holiday moments. More than just a gift guide, this is a gift pairing guide, so you can combine the right items into a truly special gift for anyone.

Check out the gifts below or shop the Guide on Eaze. First time shopping on Eaze? Take $20 off your first delivery with code: EAZEHGG


For Grillmaster Dad

Dad loves feeding his family and friends good food. Help him fire up the grill and grab his new Stainless Steel Grill Set and a THC Design preroll. He’ll cruise through cooking and dish up a meal to remember – the perfect time for a toast.


Get the THC Design Hybrid Preroll Pack 20% off ($49 $39.20) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGTHC


For Mom who needs me-time

She’s a special kind of superhero. This year, treat Mom to a heavenly soak and divine fragrances with the Epsom Salt Mineral Soak by Om Edibles and an Essential Oil Diffuser. This thoughtful pairing will leave her smiling and rejuvenated.


Get the Om Edibles Lavender Mineral Soak 25% off ($15 $11.25) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGSOAK


For the Workout Warrior

They love to break a good sweat. Help them push it to the next level with this performance pairing – a Fitness Tracker Watch and Releaf Balm by Papa & Barkley. They’ll crush their workout, then relax and recover with the soothing CBD.


Get the Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm 25% off ($20 $15.00) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGPB


For the Yogi

The Yogi is all about finding balance and peace from within. Give them Zen with a Yoga Wheel and an Aura CBD 24:1 cartridge. It’s a sure way to boost their chakra with a clean and calming vaping experience.


Get the Aura CBD Essential 24:1 cartridge 20% off ($39 $31.20) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGAURA


For the Coffee Pro

They know all the different ways to brew, from French press to pour-over. Wake them up with an Aeropress maker and Chocolate Espresso Beans by Cloud Confections. Lightly dosed at 2mg for enjoyment at any time of the day.


Get the Cloud Confections Espresso Beans 25% off ($14 $10.50) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGCLOUD


For the Slope Shredder

Every winter, this person heads to the mountains to hit the slopes before relaxing at the cabin. Surprise them with the Beartek Bluetooth Gloves and CBD Raw Sipping Cacao, so they can shred with their tunes before warming up with infused hot cocoa.


Get the Om Edibles CBD Raw Cacao 25% off ($35 $26.25) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGOM


For the Beverage Connoisseur

They take great pleasure in handmade cocktails. Give them new ingredients to explore with a case of La Croix, a cocktail shaker set, and Ritual Daytime 20:1 drops by Elite California. Now they can serve up exciting new experiences to imbibe, and share.


Get the Elite CA Ritual Daytime 20:1 Drops 15% off ($29 $24.65) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGRITUAL


For the Girl Boss

Always ready to go above and beyond, she’s extremely productive during the holidays. Encourage her to #EnjoyTheMoment with the Rose Gold Pen Set by Bloom Farms and a 2018 monthly planner. She’ll be able to plan for—and enhance—any time of the day.


Get the Bloom Farms Rose Gold Pen Set 25% off ($60 $45.00) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGBLOOM


For the Film Fanatic

Cinema is their jam. They love movie marathons, and they love to share great movies that are unknown. Give them the pairing that makes the movies magic – the Mini Projector and Mind Tricks by Jetty. Perfect for all experiences.


Get the Jetty Mind Tricks Cookies N Cream 25% off ($8 $6.00) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGJETTY


For the Music Lover

They love discovering new albums and going to shows. Tune them into the unparalleled listening experience with Grado Headphones and a Damian Marley SpeakLife OG cartridge. Because nothing makes music sound great like a Hybrid.


Get the Damian Marley SpeakLife OG cartridge


For the Gamer

The gamer lives to compete. Level up their holidays with a new way to enjoy gaming – a Retro Game System and the PAX Era vaporizer. They’ll feel like a kid again as they play retro arcade throwbacks. Perfect for indoor holiday enjoyment.


Get a PAX Era device and a Jetty PAX Pod for 25% off ($80 $60) from 11/27 – 11/29 with code: HGGPAX


For White Elephant

Spice up a holiday tradition with the best present at the gift exchange – a gift card and a Focus CBD Peppermint all-in-one vaporizer. This lucky person will enjoy the peppermint-enhanced experience of using a gift card. Great for truly memorable family work gift exchanges.


Get the Focus CBD Peppermint vaporize25% off ($35 $26.25) from 11/22 – 12/24 with code: HGGSELECT

Promotional offer valid 11/22/17 – 12/24/17. Limit one use per code per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers.

The Perfect Gifts For The Adventurous Cannabis Foodie On Your List

November 25, 2017


Gift the gift of chill and yum this year. It’s all about cannabis – so why not be the savviest gift giver this year?

Check out these cookies fromDr. Norm’s, available in single and 10 count bags, with dosage strength options from 5mg-75mg. The cannabis beginner and connoisseur are sure to appreciate these. Single cookies retail between $4-$8 and large bags for $20-$25, so you’ll have enough in your holiday budget to get a bag for yourself.

Dr. Norm’s encourages to “Know Your Dose” by starting off with a single low-dose 5mg THC Chocolate Chip Therapy Cookie to experience and gauge their tolerance.

Learn more about Dr. Norm’s here: | @dr.norms |

Breeze Mints

Breez Mints the small but strong mint made with real peppermint. These discreet breath freshners are infused with 5mg THC from top-shelf medical cannabis oil, and all with zero calories.

Breez Mints pocket-sized metal tin travels anywhere so you can get a perfect dose anytime, anyplace. Each package contains 50 mints.

How to Breez?

Novice: 1-2 Breez  |  Average: 3-5 Breez  |  Experienced: 6+ Breez

Wait 1-2 hours to feel the full effects. May last up to 8 hours.

CONTAINS: Sorbitol, Sugar, Pure Cannabis Oil, Gum Arabic, Maltodextrin, Peppermint Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Sucralose

NUTRITION FACTS: Serving Size 1 Mint. Calories 0. Total Fat 0g (0%), Sodium 0mg (0%), Total Carb <1g (0%), Sugars <1g, Protein 0g (0%)

Personally, we loved these. One is the perfect after dinner treat.