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The Perfect Puffer Is Now Cruelty Free, Peta-Approved And Machine Washable

November 26, 2020

Harper Coats has made the puffer jacket of my dreams. I am legit obsessed.

First off, it’s the little yet big things: machine-washable, makeup-proof winter coats! No more stained coat collars OR smudged makeup. Things you don’t think about until it’s to late – your coat is dirty (could that be lipstick?) and you can’t simply throw it in the wash.

So these oversized cocoon hoods and extra-wide collars don’t brush against your face – it’s super easy to wear accessories, earrings and headphones/Air Pods, face masks!


It comes in three styles:

Uptown Puffer

Brunch Puffer

January Parka

And three different weights and colorways.

THE BEST PART!! Every style is $350 or less, cruelty-free and PETA-approved.


Don’t miss Black Friday promotion, which offers 30% off every style
through Cyber Monday (11/30). 


Harper Coats , coming straight outta NYC, was born from tireless coat transitions: from work, to workouts, to drinks, and dog walks the next morning. When it came to outerwear, why was there an empty space between function and formality? Vegan and stylish? Quality and cost? Durability and convenience?

Imagine – a premier collection of vegan puffers and parkas, presented in partnership with PETA?  I am smitten.

We are incredibly proud to launch our first official collection in partnership with PETA,” said Rachel Thaw, CEO of Harper Coats. “At Harper, we believe everyone deserves to feel warm, cozy, and stylish at an affordable price, but without sacrificing sustainability or impact. Harper Coats are made using the same timeless designs as your favorite labels, but we’ve swapped sustainable direct-to-consumer operations for luxury retail markups, and opted for PETA-approved, eco-friendly, machine-washable materials over animal-based textiles or fill,” Thaw continued.

“Kudos to Harper Coats for not only helping to stop the barbaric killing of animals but also going one step further by putting its fur stock to good use,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “Kind shoppers can do their part by opting for cozy PETA-approved vegan clothing that no animal suffered and died for from animal-friendly brands like Harper Coats.”

Every style of Harper features a weather-resistant shell, cruelty-free down-alternative fill, ribbed storm cuffs, and cozy, fleece-lined pockets (internal and external).

Harper Coats are available for purchase in the United States through

Use the CODE: GROOMEDLA for 30% off your order through Nov. 30!!!


This Local Company’s Donating Its Furniture & Home Accessories This Holiday Season

November 25, 2020

I feel in deep love with Fernish when I needed to dress a set for a new series I was producing over at my beloved The Chalkboard Mag. It’s the most incredible company where you can rent, for ridiculously affordable fees, furniture for you home, office, etc. The people are lovely to work with. The furniture is all chic, modern and gorgeous and it’s a brilliant biz model.

Now, Fernish isstepping up to give back and make the holidays a little more comfortable for those in need.

As 2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, many people’s families, finances, and living situations have been severely impacted. So, earlier this year, Fernish had to make a pivotal decision to prepare for the ramifications of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders across Southern California.

Anticipating an influx of orders and wanting to be able to help as many people as possible, the brand’s leaders made the decision to drastically increase their inventory and product offerings, as well as launch a donation program where $5 from every order was donated to help those in need. Fernish soon saw a significant increase in demand for office furniture and home accessories (office furniture saw a 315% increase and home accessories and decor saw a 90% increase), and they were able to help their new customers and many others in need of assistance. 

Now, Fernish is continuing to give back by implementing a rent-one-give-one program, in which Fernish will donate one piece of furniture or home accessory for every new order they see this holiday season through the end of the year.

To make this possible, Fernish has partnered with several nonprofit organizations including PATH, Los Angeles LGBT Center, and JEM Community Center. Together, they will work toward creating better and more comfortable housing options for those who need it most.

That’s what I call a real Thanksgiving.

Custom Jewelry By Tres Colori: Best Gifts Ever

November 23, 2020

The worst part of this gift idea is having to wait to show my daughter her nameplate ring. It’s TOO CUTE!!!

I have been obsessed with name place rings and necklaces having grown up in NYC in the hip-hop years when this swaggy jewelry starting trending. I have never taken off my “Emily” necklace since the 90s!

I could not wait to get a ring for Aria. First off they are totally affordable but what I love about Tres Colori is the options. So. Many. Options!

I shared a few screenshots here but hop over to their site and go nuts. This will be a sure-fire hit for any girlfriend, co-worker or kid.

Choose from silver, gold or rose gold.  Amazing prices, starting at $39 you’ll find necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and all the personalized jewelry to make your heart go thumpaty thump thump.

With a multicultural team of all colors, shapes, sizes and genders, Tres Colori’s motto has always been, “We love all humans.”

Express yourself, ok?!!

“We believe that custom jewelry is a full embodiment of who you are a person and what you hold special to your heart,” stated Ashley Solomon, head of social and digital content, Tres Colori. “Whether it’s a sentimental date, unique name, romantic word or phrase, or a simple design you adore, our team of designers will hold near what’s important to you forever.”

The ring we ordered really is meticulously crafted.

Tres Colori is currently offering a 50% site-wide discount, code: EARLYACCESS.

For more information about Tres Colori’s collection of customized jewelry, please visit

Optimize Your Workspace With The Raise And The Slope By Fluidstance

November 21, 2020

You might be rethinking gifting this year….. It’s all about home life and even more so…home office.

I fell in love with all things Fluidstance when I got their balance board last year. I am never not standing on it when I’m working. Now they have two more cool things to add to the most ergonomic office station ever.

Due to various circumstances, ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to shifts in workplace philosophy, it is no secret that people are spending an increased amount of time indoors and in front of their computer screens this year – proven research has shown that we are spending as much as 12 hours a day in front of TVs and computers.


The Slope+ includes is the orginal Slope, made in the US of 100% steel, and a premium wireless charger.

Every year, 50 Billion paper sticky notes are made—that’s millions of trees cut down from our amazing forests. Slope will help reduce your eco-footprint by eliminating disposable paper notes.

Worthy of the modern workspace, Slope was designed to fit between your keyboard and monitor; its raised surface means you can slide your keyboard under it for storage, freeing up space on your desk. It offers a gentle angle for writing and a premium dry-erase surface.

The accompanying slim, lightweight charger is mounted on a custom silicone stand that was crafted to fit inside the channel of your Slope, providing support and cord management when charging your phone or tablet. It allows an optimal angle of view and adds even more functionality to your workspace while reducing clutter. This top-of-the-line wireless charging pad contains three charging coils, which means your device will charge whether it’s in a vertical or horizontal position.

The Slope is made of 100% heavy-duty steel (great for magnets) and is powder-coated with a low-emissions method for the perfect dry-erase surface on your desk. It has felt bumpers to protect your desk and the dry-erase pen comes in a microfiber eraser pouch.

For every Slope sold, they will plant one tree.

Fast Charging
Top-of-the-line wireless charging pad contains three charging coils, which means your phone will charge whether it’s in a vertical or horizontal position. Charging functions best with phone cases between 4mm (0.16 in.) – 5mm (0.2 in.) thick; note that credit card sleeves or metal attachments will interfere with the charging.

I also added this:

The Raise The Sustainably-Made Monitor Riser.

This is gorgeous – my monitor had been stacked on art books. Not cute.

The Raise is a streamlined and expertly-crafted computer monitor riser designed to elevate your workspace and improve your workflow. The Raise’s ergonomic design and sturdy functionality totally enhances the comfort and efficiency of your everyday work experience.

“This year has shown us how fluid our work environments are and how we can be productive anywhere, as long as we have a workspace that is harmonious with our comfort and wellbeing,” said Joel Heath, Founder and CEO of FluidStance. “Whether you are working from a cabin the in backcountry, your high-rise office tower or from home, The Raise’s ergonomic design will de-clutter your workspace and enhance your productivity.”

Staying true to FluidStance’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly materials, The Raise is made from a 13-ply Birch veneer plywood with a low-emitting Bona hardwood floor finish. The monitor riser’s legs are made from 100% steel and powder-coated in white using a low-emissions process near FluidStance’s warehouse in Santa Barbara, California, meaning the product is 100% sourced, assembled and distributed in the USA. In fact, The Raise travels only some 50 miles before being shipped out to FluidStance’s customers, drastically cutting down on any carbon emissions associated with the transportation process.

The Raise’s elegant and minimalist appearance makes it a seamless addition to any indoor environment, and it can be used on any stable work surface – from your kitchen counter to your work desk or dining room table. It also boasts four silicone grommets to prevent the riser from slipping and protects your desk or work surface. Pair it with FluidStance’s personal desktop whiteboard, The Slope™, which fits under The Raise and provides the perfect nesting spot for desk accessories, like your keyboard, that might be cluttering your workflow.

The Raise is officially available for purchase at for $129 and comes ready to be used with no assembly required. FluidStance is also offering a special launch bundle for The Raise and The Slope for $165. For more information about FluidStance or to view its entire product line, visit



About FluidStance
FluidStance, based in Santa Barbara, Calif., aims to streamline and augment the work environment through the creation of design-minded sustainable products. The company launched its first products – the award winning Original and Level® balance boards – in 2015 to keep people moving in environments where they are typically static. It has since expanded its portfolio to include eco-friendly accessories meant to augment a healthier and more active work life, seamlessly blending into any indoor setting. FluidStance also donates 1% of its company’s profits and equity to First Descents, an organization providing life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults overcoming cancer. In addition, FluidStance employees spend 1% of their time volunteering.

Beauty Entrepreneur Demee Koch Chats About Her New Book

November 13, 2020

Demee Koch is a serial entrepreneur with solid experience of 21 years in the health and beauty industry. With DE MOI BY DEMEE KOCH, she launched a social and ecologically friendly beauty brand that develops high quality and results-driven cosmetic products with active ingredients, made with principles of honesty and fairness.
Demee is an advocate for inclusivity and women empowerment and is hands-on involved in charity works. Next to timely events based charities, she supports the Lumad tribe in her home country the Philippines with their scholarship program for education and level up needs, as well as local female business entrepreneurship programs. Since 2005, Demee shares her knowledge in conscious entrepreneurship as a trusted business advisor and director with successful global brands in the fields of sports, fashion, and beauty.
In 2019, Demee received the award as GLOBAL FWN100 2019 MOST INFLUENTIAL FILIPINA IN THE WORLD at the 16th Global Filipina Leadership Summit in Paris.

Let me start by clarifying that I am a person in the public, but more so I am a very private person. Yes, I am giving interviews, and yes, I do write guest articles for magazines, and yes, I am active on social media. But I turned down every TV home story or reality tv like inquiry (so far). The reason is, I need to be able to decide the outcome, not a producer nor anyone else. And nowadays I realize more and more that this is what I always did, to create my own narrative based on an intrinsic belief system, and that I can be proud about the fact that I always walked my own way – even if I myself did not know where it would lead me.

Now I publish my personal and entrepreneurial journey as a book.

My business is beauty and branding. I rock the beauty industry for over two decades now. I love traveling the world to research local, power-botanical ingredients that enhance natural beauty. I find hidden beauty regimes, mixtures, and addictive smells from around the globe to compose them into new products. The success behind my own brands and the brands that I consult is a highly purpose-led and community-driven approach.

I am doing very well for myself, and I still have so much to go for. But I am driven by something else. And that is to be able to give back; giving from the abundance that I created for me.

As a mentor for several female entrepreneurs, I found that this is what they are looking for when consulting me. The “secret sauce“ to where I stand as an “accomplished businesswoman“. A need of shouting it out into the world started boiling inside of me.

I took ownership of my dreams early on. It was a rough journey to who I am and where I stand today. There were mistakes and failures, tough lessons to be learned. My drive and passion to go further comes from a deep desire to be able to give back – to share the fruits of my labor that grew from using my talents and committing to them. So while I may have talent in developing beauty products, my passion lies in making a difference for the charity community projects I am able to support with the dollars I make.

When you focus on the goal of creating a value and leaving a legacy of kindness to this world, then you will leave your focus on your own shortcomings. You will make it happen, no matter how small your resources may seem at this point.

I am sharing my own personal story to show that it does not matter where you are coming from to make things happen for yourself and others. It is a story about a human figuring out and exercising her potential. With the hopes that it inspires readers to pursue their own dreams, not for profit, but for making a difference in this world. Money is a by-product that will come towards you when you walk towards the path that is right for you and the world. Success and wealth should be measured in the quality of people you attract to work with you, and the good you are able to create in this world. And let me share the ultimate beauty secret with you: it is kindness.

Click here to read a free chapter of Demee Koch’s upcoming book Breaking Conventions In Heels.