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YOUBE: Not Your Mama’s Co-Working Space

September 18, 2021

We’ve been navigating working from home for over a year now…Now the issue is, how do we maintain any semblance of work-life balance?

Your kitchen table might make a great standing desk, it’s probably not the most ergonomic or functional workspace. Luckily, there’s a new design-forward co-working space that just opened in the poppin’ West Adams neighborhood.  Meet YOUBE (pronounced ‘you-bee’).

The modern and comfortable office space features private meeting pods, POPPIN branded designer sit/stand desks, and focus chairs in a sleek new setting. YOUBE seamlessly blends their Scandinavian influences with a California-centric and breezy bohemian vibe.  With floor-to-ceiling windows, YOUBE offers a vibrant workspace including lush greenery, local art throughout the space, and an in-store shopping showroom. Centrally located on the hottest block in West Adams, when lunchtime comes around popular West Adams’ restaurants Mizlala and Alta are just a stone’s throw away.

YOUBE is setting itself apart from the average coworking space with its community involvement and local partnerships. By blending a modern co-working space with a designer showroom concept, local furniture designers, clothing brands, and artists have the opportunity to showcase their goods for YOUBE guests. As you walk through the space you’ll find designer brands integrated into the space like CANAVA and Nations of Nomads displaying their goods for purchase. Even the artwork that adorns the walls throughout is available for purchase and is all from local artists including works from Photographer James Acai, Artist Migella Accorsi, Jay Bell, and Fine Art Photographer Eugene Kim.

YOUBE offers a flexible and super accessible option for those looking for a comfortable and affordable office environment. YOUBE’s prices start at $6/hour for individual guests booking a sit/stand desk – with no membership required – and prices go down the more credits you buy.

YOUBE is also opening a Larchmont location which is slated to open this fall.

Mention code: YOUBEGROOMED and they’ll set you up with 8 free credits to use for 30 days.

YOUBE is located at 5335 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles CA, 90016. You can follow them on Instagram for more news and updates.

Back To School Tech Stylin With Burga

September 13, 2021

You bet I pimped my cases with these goodies from Burga. I truly am obsessed with my Air Pod case and the terazzo prints. The only problem is deciding what to get. The prints are all amazing, the quality so far is great and everywhere I go, people flip out. A win, win. Fun, playful and my teen is also feeling very swag now that she is in-person learning at her new school. (And phones are allowed in class!)

Here’s how to help your pet’s mental and emotional health now that we’re back in the office

August 2, 2021

As you slowly navigate the transitions between last year’s COVID lockdowns and this new “whatever-this-is” that’s coming, your beloved furry companion is responding to your energy through your energetic bond. My heart is breaking thinking about how Lolo, our beloved Quarantine pup (thank you Wags and Walks!!) will do when I am gone to work and kids are in school all day (please please please!).

How does that energetic bond work? One way to imagine it is if you can remember a time when you had an experience of talking with a friend or co-worker when they were in a less-than-pleasant mood. When leaving the conversation, do you feel that same less-than-pleasant energy lingering with you? This feeling happens because of energy transfer; it occurs between all living things, especially between us and our pets.

The bond with our beloved animals is powerful and unbelievably complex. They ground us, entertain us, and love us unconditionally. They know our schedules. They can feel and respond when we are stressed. They react when our routine changes. All this sensitivity comes from the energetic bond. As we move from our homes back to work and school, our animals respond to the shift, and energy healing is a fantastic way to support them.

The first and best thing that you can do to support your pets during these times of transition is to keep your energies grounded and calm. Starting each day a few minutes early to sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, feel your feet on the ground and settle yourself with the day ahead can help that first interaction with your pet be more stable. Your stability and grounding set an excellent tone for their day. Rather than your pets entraining the energies of an ungrounded morning, they will think, “Hey! Mom or Dad is calm and relaxed, which means I don’t have to take care of them, and I can be calm and relaxed too!

When you leave the house, our pets are suddenly taking on the job of being in control. When you were home to manage the household energies, the animals could focus on other jobs like loving, playing, and being a loyal companion. When you leave, suddenly, the house’s energy is empty, and your pets can take on hyper-vigilant and protective personalities because you aren’t there to help them feel safe.

As you are leaving, you can place one palm on their upper chest over their heart (fingers pointing down) and the other hand between their shoulder blades and send love and reassurance to them. Talk with them (I promise, they will hear you) and let them know that their job is to keep playing with their toys, take some great snoozes and that you will be back after work and look forward to going for a great walk. Speak to them while holding them, and let your love and words flow between your hands and bodies. (There are two energy centers here – one flows energies of love and caring, and one flows energies of personal power. Your words and holds are helping to support these.)

All healing happens in a relationship. Working on yourself is just as important as working with your pet. Remember, keep yourself calm and relaxed and then send loving messages of support to your furry friend to support their health and wellbeing in these times of transition.

Amelia Vogler ( is a Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist. She loves helping people and animals and has three fantastic animal healers supporting her in her practice. Veda, the lab mix, keeps all meals on time, Ethel, her whoodle puppy, makes sure everyone is heart-centered, and Meatball, her 18-year-old Manx cat, keeps everyone in line!


If you are interested in the energetic, sign up for her FREE grounding course at or find her on Instagram: @AmeliaVogler_Healing



Are Your Workouts This Hot Tough?

July 19, 2021

With all of the exercise fads that have come and gone over the years in Los Angeles, few have withstood the test of time. Heated Room, however, is here to stay and innovate. This new fitness studio located in West Hollywood will be sure to blow your mind and change the way you work out forever with its state-of-art infrared heating system that will help you feel that sweet muscle burn that will make you feel your best! 

Some of the benefits offered by this infrared heat system include: 

  • Clean heat helps to reduce the presence of any dust and allergens. 
  • Allows for pain relief while also reducing likelihood of any injuries during physical activity. 
  • Maximizes fat burn while boosting blood plasma and metabolism.
  • Sweating out toxins allows the skin to improve its own elasticity while also working as a natural antibiotic. 
  • Generally reduces stress and tension (both mentally and physically). 

At Heated Room, all of the classes focus on three main goals; core, strength and alignment. The classes are centered around many of the main principles of Pilates, with the intention of lowering the risk of injury or muscle strain, improving balance, control, stability, flexibility and more. Owner and founder – Raamy Fares spared no expense in bringing his vision to life. The sound system is world-class and has been imported from the UK and the machines are top-of-the-line. 

The goal of Heated Room is to offer an experience from each individual the moment they enter the building. With the help of architecture studio 64North, Fares was able to execute the design of the studio beautifully creating an immersive experience from the moment you walk in.

Lucky enough for Angelenos , the studio is now open and memberships can be purchased today. Here are a few different options for exercising at Heated Room: 

  • Monthly memberships starting at $300 USD
  • Heated Room class pass for $36
  • Rent a private Reformer Room for just $100/hr

Sculpt your body to its core. Energize and transform your front, side, and back with a rigorous class designed around traditional Pilates Principles.

Retrain your body and mind to work as one with targeted core movements and upbeat tracks in the heated room. You’ll leave feeling hot—and definitely not bothered.  

Light up every muscle with their heated, high-intensity mat pilates class. Move through concentrated sequences to tone and define legs, arms, shoulders, and seat.  These full body workout demands everything you’ve got to strengthen as you lengthen.

Connect movement with breath as you flow through Vinyasa sequences in their heated room. Stabilize your core and build fire. This isn’t exercise; this is body art.

Heated Room delivers structured classes that focus on your core, strength and alignment with the help of world class trained instructors. Fully equipped with all the necessities, the heated mat pilates room and their private Reformer room has everything you need to start sweating and transform your body!

Check out Heated Room’s website to see more pictures or view the class schedule! 


Is It Time To Deepen Your Practice This Much?

July 17, 2021

The prestigious, newly expanded Interprofessional Fellowship in Integrative Health & Medicine from the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) is now accepting Applications for admission and scholarships to the October 2021 session.

The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) Interprofessional Fellowship in Integrative Health & Medicine, a 1000-hour hybrid program for clinicians who aim to become leaders in integrative health and medicine, has expanded its program and is accepting applications for October 2021. Rooted in evidence-based research, the Fellowship was launched in 2016 and blends online learning with clinical immersion experience.
Scholarships are available on a limited first come first serve basis in these areas as well as others: licensed providers working with the underserved; allied healthcare professionals; and licensed providers from and/or working with BIPOC communities.
Fellows are licensed clinicians or licensed healthcare providers most of whom have their MD or DO or a masters degree. Participants typically become Fellows for continuing education and a meaningful connection to a deeper mission, often helping to address provider burnout and a desire to broaden their sense of purpose.
The curriculum includes a focus on integrative disease management, clinical immersion and self study, nutrition, botanicals and supplements, environmental and global health and more with courses building on the learning foundation in a progressive manner. Three retreats focus on the community and connection and reinforces the curriculum through experiential sessions in the beginning, middle and end of the program.
One clinical immersion experience offers virtual input from expert faculty on actual patient case studies to help address patient needs. More affordable than similar Fellowship programs in Integrative Health and Medicine, AIHM’s Fellowship tuition is approximately $26,000.
They offer equitable pricing through scholarships, institutional support, and match programs. Approximately fifty percent of Fellows are eligible for scholarships, with over $1 million awarded to date. Scholarships are based on financial need, work embedded within underserved communities, the cost of living in the state where the applicant lives as well as other factors.