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Smarty Pants – Wellness For Kids

March 28, 2020

With our ever-changing lives flipped upside down, we are home and focusing on our wellness more than ever. At-home workouts, recipes and more are inundating our inbox and I was excited to learn about SmartyPants a leader in whole family wellness, led by fellow mom Courtney Nichols Gould who launched the brand while on a mission to simplify health without sacrificing quality.

The product line currently consists of toddler, kids, teens, prenatal, women’s, men’s and 50+ with baby launching soon. As part of their commitment to the consumer’s health and best interest in mind, SmartyPants bases their formulas on the daily recommended intakes of nutrients as advised by the latest scientific research, their scientific advisory board and the most up-to-date recommendations by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Sciences (formerly the Institute of Medicine).

The brand just announced their expansion with the launch of their newest product – Baby Multi & DHA—the first baby multivitamin with omega-3 DHA and lutein, designed to focus on cognitive development and healthy growth for the first years of life. The new product completes the company’s extensive vision to provide cutting-edge, science-backed supplements for all stages of life, from pre-natal through 50+.

The pediatrician-designed liquid supplement (naturally flavored) is made for children 6 – 24 months and includes 13 premium nutrients including omega-3 DHA essential fatty acids (from algal oil) for brain and eye health, vitamin D3 for bone health, vitamin C for immunity, and lutein, choline and iodine for cognitive development — all in one delicious serving without any artificial colors and flavors. SmartyPants designed its Baby Multi & DHA to help in the critical transition from breast milk and formula to a diet that emphasizes solid foods. SmartyPants focused on developing its product so it included important nutrients such as DHA, lutein, and choline as these nutrients become less prevalent in their primary food sources.

In our current climate, it is always important to give back, and SmartyPants isn’t short of that philosophy. For every bottle sold, a 1•for•1 nutrient grant is made to Vitamin Angels to help get life-changing nutrients to mothers, children and babies in need around the world. To-date, SmartyPants has made over 12 million grants, making it Vitamin Angels’ largest brand contributor.

SmartyPants Baby Multi & DHA will be available on Amazon and in the vitamin aisle of Target and other retailers early April.

For more information, please visit

Halo Sport And Hydration in Isolation 101

March 25, 2020

Today HALO Sport launched an initiative whereby with every purchase you will get a free case AND we will donate a case to BronxCare hospital or Langone hospital.

This incredible brand is supporting hospital staff and patients as best they can while re-directing our efforts to online sales.  Fortunately, they make a drink that actually boosts your immune system and hydrates better than water.

Buy any case of HALO TODAY and we’ll throw in another case for FREE
Plus, with every case purchased today, we will donate a case to Bronx Care or NYU Langone to support doctors, nurses and patients in NYC during the pandemic.


Free home delivery
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halo sport

HALO is a powerful, all-natural, mineral and electrolyte blend that hydrates better than water while boosting your immune system. How? With Magnesium.


Magnesium is a key electrolyte that keeps body fluid levels tightly regulated to increase hydration.


Boosts Immunity

Fights Anxiety

Reduces Stress

Supports Sleep


Nearly half of all American do not meet their daily magnesium needs.  When we are dehydrated, we lose electrolytes and become more susceptible to illness.  Each bottle of HALO contains 70mg of magnesium to restore and replenish the body of essential nutrients to keep you hydrated and healthy.

Buy any case of HALO TODAY and they will throw in another case for FREE

Plus, with every case purchased today, they donate a case to Bronx Care or NYU Langone to support doctors, nurses and patients in NYC during the pandemic.

+1 (833) 277-4448

Spring Things On Our Radar: ZIIP, WHOOP, MOBOT, CANVAS 1839

March 14, 2020

ZIIP: The infamous, one and only, from Melanie Simon – an electrical facial in the palm of your hand. Nanocurrents and microcurrents communicate with your skin cells, increasing their effectiveness, prompting them to heal, and encouraging them to make an abundance of collagen and elastin. The result is healthy, lifted, glowing skin that gets better over time. A no brainer must have.

WHOOP: High-performance tech  Balance your daily recovery, strain and sleep, train optimally and unlock the secrets to your body’s true potential…Whoop!

MOBOT: The foam roller/water bottle for everyday use and high-performance activity. MOBOTs are designed to carry with you and help you roll out anywhere. Sustainable, eco-friendly to help your body and planet.

CANVAS 1839 : Canvas creates the most bioavailable products on the market today in the cannabis space. All made with 100% ultra-potent, pharmaceutical-grade CBD and never psychoactive.


Stay Calm, Stay Boosted

March 12, 2020

From frequent hand washing, face masks, sanitizing and avoiding large crowds, the general population is looking at every available option to keep themselves and their families healthy during the increasingly-threatening Coronavirus pandemic.  Tropical Oasis, Amazon’s leading manufacturer of liquid vitamins, is reporting skyrocketing sales – with many buyers looking to boost their immunity (liquid vitamins are over 90% more absorbent than pills). Others who are struggling with sleep and stress issues are looking for solutions as well.  We’ve rounded up some helpful solutions to help your audience learn about other preventative options:

1.) “Boost Your Immunity” – According to Dr. Terry Wahls M.D. “The body’s natural drop in vitamin D levels can increase vulnerability to influenza and other ailments.”  Some great sources of vitamin D include:

  • Liquid Vitamin D3 – Tropical Oasis’s Vitamin D3 includes 5,000 IU per serving
  • Mega Premium Multivitamin with Minerals – Tropical Oasis’s Mega liquid vitamins are packed with essentials like Vitamin B6 (vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system) and Vitamin C (one of the biggest immune boosters).  A daily intake of vitamin C is essential since your body doesn’t produce or store it.

2.) “Get Plenty of Sleep” – According to naturopathic doctor Christian Gonzalez: “sleep deprivation makes a living body susceptible to many infectious agents.” How to get more sleep? Limiting screen usage before bedtime has been shown effective, as well as natural sleep solutions like:

3.) “Stay Active!” – Many experts recommend long daily walks in nature as a natural way to boost your body’s own immunity.  However, if you are self quarantined or not able to get outdoors, an indoor, online workout is your next best bet:

  • Bulldog Yoga Online Classes will not only keep you active but yoga has been proven to also help with stress management
  • Want something more intense?  Try a Home HIIT Circuit designed by NASM-CPT Corey Phelps (circuit plan available upon request)

4.) “Stay Informed” – There is so much we don’t know about this virus from treatment options to how extensively or quickly it will spread. What we can do is stay up to date on information being provided by informed medical professions.  Dr. Steven Quay has worked in disease prevention for decades and is available for expert quotes and advise on his observations and additional prevention guidelines.

Here’s a discount code for Tropical Oasis for 20% off!  Use code Health20 at checkout!

Now That You’re Home: A Medicine Ball Workout To Stay Strong

March 11, 2020

If you’re stuck at home because Covid-19 is killing off the world, you’ll need to stay strong, especially when you won’t be going to the gym anytime soon.certified fitness expert and boxing extraordinaire, Kollins Ezekh, aka Built By God is here with fun, total-body, medicine ball workout to keep your bod from totally atrophying. Seriously, let’s hope this is the only medicine you’ll be needing during this high-stress time…

Medicine Ball Side Lunge – This full-body functional movement engages everything in your body starting from your shoulders, to your core, and even your inner thighs. It also improves strength and stability. If you can do this, carrying your baby around the house will be a piece of cake. I mean fruit…we are healthy! 

Pro tip: When performing this move, make sure to keep your back straight and core tight. 

4 sets – 12 reps each side

Medicine ball tosses in situp position – This fun workout engages the upper body and core simultaneously.

Pro tip: Make sure to keep your feet off the ground and core strong throughout the toss.

4 sets – 15 reps

Wall Ball Slam – To start, pull the ball away from the wall. When you do this motion, you’re working your obliques. And when you torque the ball and smash it into the wall, you work the your obliques once more. 

Pro tip: Through the entire exercise, make sure you engage your core. Always be aware of your core and keep it strong. When you torque towards the wall, really engage that back glute, as well, with your back foot pointed. 

4 sets – 15 reps

Floor Ball Slam – As you raise the medicine ball above you and slam it down, you are working your upper body and engaging your lower body as you squat to smash the ball towards the ground.

Pro tip: Make sure to fully extend your arms above your head. You can flex your feet and stand on your tippy toes if you want to work more of your body as you lift the ball above your head and squat low when bringing the ball down.

4 sets – 15 reps

Reverse Lunge with a Twist – This variation works the entire body, and by adding the medicine ball and twists ensures that your arms and abs are getting a little attention, too. 

Pro tip: Hold a 5-10 pound medicine ball and when you step forward, stand with feet hip width apart. Keep your core tight as you bend, and make sure both legs are bent in right angles. 

4 sets – 12 reps each side