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June 9, 2022

In celebration of Global Wellness Day on Saturday, June 11, 2022, Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North will showcase a variety of offerings promoting mindfulness and holistic wellness. The day begins with Desert Bathing, incorporating a Zen Hike and mindful intention setting, followed by Soul & Sound Yoga and sound healing.

“Being mindful – and staying present – can often be quite challenging in our fast-paced, daily lives,” says Senior Spa Director Jaana Roth. “Global Wellness Day provides a great reminder to recharge, reconnect and take time to instill and support those overall wellness efforts.”

Resort guests and local residents are invited to take part in the Global Wellness Day line-up of activities, including:

6:30 am Desert Bathing

Take in the beauty of nature with a Desert Bathing experience that begins at The Spa. Approximately 60 minutes from start to finish, the class incorporates yoga poses, breathing and mindfulness with a light hike along the Resort grounds.  The experience concludes with a complimentary selection of fresh juices back at The Spa.

8:00 am Soul & Sound Yoga

Participants will enjoy a 45-minute flow yoga class – showcasing elevated desert and Valley on the Resort’s outdoor lawns – combined with a restorative sound bath. Sound baths are thought to help promote better sleep and mindfulness, allowing the body to more deeply relax.

In celebration of Global Wellness Day, the Desert Bathing and Soul & Sound experiences are complimentary and open to the public. Reservations are required.

All-Day Wellness Menu at Proof, An American Canteen

Proof, An American Canteen will celebrate Global Wellness Day with a range of healthy menu items on its Global Wellness Day Menu. Whether enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner, guests can savour the menu’s fresh combinations of healthy ingredients crafted by the Resort’s talented culinary team. Items highlighted for Global Wellness Day include the Kaleberry Blue Smoothie Bowl, with blue spirulina, wild blueberry, kale and oat milk, and the TropiAZ Parfait, with lemon vanilla Greek yogurt, mango, kiwi and hemp seed quinoa crunch. Choose from lunch items including the AZ Citrus Salad with baby greens and Arizona citrus, pickled carrot ribbons and snap peas, complemented by a refreshing Wild Tonic Kombucha Blueberry Basil drink.

For information about Global Wellness Day activities or to reserve a spot in the complimentary Desert Bathing or Soul & Sound Yoga, contact The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North at 480 513 5145.

About Global Wellness Day

First celebrated in 2012, Global Wellness Day is a social project dedicated to the promotion of living well. Officially celebrated in 100 countries at 4,000 locations in 2017, the purpose of Global Wellness Day is to explore the question “How can I live a healthier and better life.”  According to its organizers, the main aims of the day are:

  • To recognize the value of our lives
  • To pause and think, even if for just one day of the year
  • To be free from the stress of everyday city life and bad habits
  • To make peace with ourselves
  • To raise awareness about living well

Here is what is happening at various Four Seasons around the globe!

  • At Four Seasons Resort the Nam Hai, Hoi An, start the day off with a newly introduced Kaoshikii dance (a psycho-physical exercise), followed by Cocooning Meditation (a practice relaxing the mind and assists the body into a deep sleep, comfortable cocooned in the Antigravity yoga Hammock), and a mindful eating vegan cooking class. 
  • Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo has a plethora of activities throughout the day, including complimentary sound healing meditation, chair massage treatments, homemade power bars, and more.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Prague will focus on the physical and mental health, with options such as: a blissful yoga session, a concierge-led run around the famous Charles Bridge, and a pampering hand-treatment.
  • Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square will start Global Wellness Day off with a one-on-one boxing session looking over London’s skyline, followed by rooftop yoga,mini massages, and a singing bowl meditation.
  • Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale has a full day planned around mindfulness and holistic wellness – starting off with a Desert Bathing experience, before a 45-minute yoga class.
  • At Four Seasons Resort & Residences Jackson Hole, start your day with a complimentary, one-hour outdoor yoga class, followed by a refreshing selection of juices.
  • Four Seasons properties in Japan has a flurry of offerings, including a guided run and meditation by the pond at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, while at Four seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi, guest will find slow-flow yoga, Qi Gong session (direct energy flow), and seated meditation. And lastly, Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunochi will feature a class on the calming effects of Rusie Dutton (a traditional Thai exercise) and complimentary wellness gifts.Also!  Learn how to Aqua Spin at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha, along with pilates, and hatha yoga.A full’s day of activities at Four Seasons Resort Dubai, including NormaTec Air-Compression Boots sessions, Echeclon Bike Rider Challenge, and more. Paws and Relax at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, which includes relaxing time with four-legged joyologists (licensed therapy dogs), which happens right after a sun salutation yoga session. Tai chi at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake in a fusion class that includes the basic principles of Chinese martial arts, energy healing, gentle yoga and Indian classical dance. 

Owala Color Drop – Water Bottles Just Happier!

You know it. You love it.


OWALA – The bottle that’s taking the market by storm. Of course, it’s leak proof, insulated (24 hours cold) and easy to clean—those are all table stakes. The real magic is in the FreeSip® spout—which allows you to sip through the hidden, built-in straw or chug through the wide mouth opening. It’s like multiple choice, but the answer is always right. Comes in insulated stainless steel or BPA-free Tritan™ plastic—whatever floats your boat.

My kids have these in their daily rotation during the school year. And I always refresh our set come summer to make things feel different and fun! AJ starts basketball camp next week and he will brining this adorbs new Tangerine color along with him!



Here is a bit about the New Color Drop series!


What is this Color Drop you speak of?

We thought you’d never ask! The Color Drop is our brand new series of special-edition colors. These bottles will be sold in extremely limited quantities. Only 500 bottles will be up for grabs. Once they sell out, they’re gone forever (but never forgotten… especially if you get one of your own).

If we had to guess, these Color Drops will sell out lightning fast. So if the idea of getting a one-of-a-kind color makes your heart skip a beat, don’t miss your chance to bring it home.

Really? You won’t ever restock them?

Nope. Unlike 90s styles, these colors won’t be making a comeback. But that’s the beauty of it… you’ll receive a bottle unlike anyone else’s. Well, minus the other 499 people who are also able to grab one. But the chances of running into those people are pretty low.



June 6, 2022

Barnsdall Art Park Foundation (BAPF) in partnership with the Los Angeles Parks Foundation, Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and Department of Cultural Affairs will plant 40 olive trees currently missing from the Historic Olive Grove at Barnsdall Park.

The planting takes place from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM and a ceremony will be held from 8-9 AM, marking the next phase of a bold collaborative effort to restore and sustain Barnsdall Art Park’s historic Frank Lloyd Wright-designed landscape, the cornerstone of which is the grove of olive trees that first gave Olive Hill its name back in the 1890s.

The world-renowned 11.5-acre park and cultural destination in East Hollywood includes Hollyhock House, created by Frank Lloyd Wright for Aline Barnsdall, which is Los Angeles’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site. As part of this ambitious undertaking, which began in 2021, the Olive Grove’s irrigation system was improved while the 463 existing olive trees were fully pruned and dead stumps removed, making way for this new planting to occur, bringing life and beauty to Olive Hill.

BAPF has raised and contributed $33,000 to plant and maintain 40 new olive trees, which includes 2 years of follow up care, through the Los Angeles Park Forest program, created and managed by the Los Angeles Parks Foundation ( Los Angeles Parks Foundation’s mission is to enhance and preserve public parks for the City and their Los Angeles Park Forest initiative adds trees to city parks to offset the carbon footprint, cool surface air temperatures, and educate the public about climate change. The Barnsdall Olive Grove Initiative will improve the air quality of the East Hollywood community and support the ongoing tree planting goals of L.A.’s Green New Deal.

“Barnsdall Art Park is a unique and priceless gem in the City of Los Angeles, and this Olive Grove Initiative is yet another reminder as to why,” said Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell. “Preserving the existing trees and propagating new, healthy olive trees into the campus’s landscape is an essential step in preserving this historically significant grove that is an essential contributor to this cultural resource we all cherish, Barnsdall Art Park, and UNESCO World Heritage Site Hollyhock House.”  

A number of individuals have donated trees in honor of loved ones. Nathan Miller, CEO of Miller Ink, will be donating and planting a tree as part of the event in memory of his late grandmother, Harriet Miller, who worked as a trailblazing Director of the Barnsdall Park Junior Art Center for many years. 

Planting trees is one of the most important investments we can make in our communities and this initiative is both an environmental justice and a climate action program. Barnsdall Art Park Foundation invites Angelenoes to support the ongoing revitalization of the Barnsdall Olive Grove through donating at

Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell
Lauren Blas, Vice President, Barnsdall Art Park Foundation
Carolyn Ramsay, Executive Director, Los Angeles Parks Foundation
Daniel Tarica, Interim General Manager, Department of Cultural Affairs
Abbey Chamberlain Brach, Hollyhock House Curator, Department of Cultural Affairs
Nathan Miller, CEO, Miller Ink


Thursday, June 16 at 8am to 9am
There will be photo opportunities and credit should read: “Barnsdall Art Park Foundation Plants 40 Olive Trees in Next Phase of Olive Grove Restoration at Barnsdall Park.”

Barnsdall Park (4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027)


March 17, 2022

With a proud history of showcasing the works of local independent female creators, the nearly century-old Hotel Figueroa celebrates Women’s History Month (March) by welcoming Los Angeles-based visual artist, Ruthanna Hopper as the hotel’s 2022 Featured Artist. In homage to both its feminist roots and ongoing support of the arts, the hotel showcases the work of L.A.’s most compelling female artists and culture-makers through its Featured Artist Series Exhibit.

Showcasing a fully immersive art experience during her year-long residency, Hopper’s exhibition, The Emergencelaunching March 14, 2022 (and running through February-end 2023)—is a direct response to navigating the ebb and flow of life in a global pandemic as we process a collective change in our learned experiences over the past two years, whilst looking ahead to a new chapter that lies ahead. Displaying her works for the first-time ever in Los Angeles, Hopper aims to evoke the release of new feelings and experiences. Her show reflects a renewed sense of hope for Spring.

The year-round exhibit located in Hotel Figueroa’s Artist Alley features between 16 – 20 original works from Hopper, providing guests and locals alike an opportunity to experience the world through a new perspective, exploring unresolved memory, heirlooms, movement, and the visceral experience of the internal and external landscape in an attempt to metabolize experience. The pieces originate from both a personal and a collective wintering and are an offering to regenerate, to surface, to renew. Seamlessly aligned with Hotel Figueroa’s overarching pillars of togetherness and rejoicing women in the arts, Hopper’s work includes “Prophetess,” a painting dedicated to her grandmother and acclaimed American choreographer and dancer, Anna Halprin, and “Consorting with Heirlooms” (for her mother, former actress and somatic-expressive arts therapist, Daria Halprin), greatly inspired and deeply influenced by the women in her life that have paved the way forward.

Ranging in size from 30”x30” to 48”x60”, the hypnotic collection of Hopper’s original art will include select pieces available for purchase starting at $2,000 and up:

“Inspired by the history of the Hotel Figueroa as a revolutionary, first of its kind space for women to safely travel, The Emergence is about coming out of the dark wintering and emerging on the other side; of embracing the hope of a seed turning to flower, as we welcome the possibility of change that each season of life brings with it. The paintings are a process of dealing with unresolved visceral responses to life. How do we peel away the past to unearth beauty: patterns, textures, recollections, people, energies, and our identities — processing, uncovering, and discovering until all of these fragments synthesize.” ruminates Hopper. She adds, “I am incredibly honored by the opportunity to show these paintings at Hotel Figueroa with its remarkable history in support of women artists and travelers that resonates deeply within me.”

The daughter of actor Dennis Hopper and artist Daria Halprin, Hopper grew up among artists and dancers in Marin County who gathered to work with her mother, grandmother, dancer Anna Halprin and grandfather, landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. In addition to studying Art at UC Davis, Hopper considers this bohemian, artistic upbringing her most influential teacher. It is through this immersion in creative life and process in her formative years that she inherited an education in art. Returning to her roots in visual art, Hopper explores unresolved memories, heirlooms, and movement through oil and acrylic paintings.

Funded and built by women in 1926 as an exclusive women’s hostel by the YWCA, Hotel Figueroa was “financed, built and operated by and for femininity,” according to a Los Angeles Times article at the time. Originally intended for solo female travelers looking for a safe place to stay – an incredible feat during a time where women were prohibited from traveling without a male chaperone—the hotel was the largest project of its kind in the United States to be financed, owned, and operated by women. Nearly a century later, the hotel’s vision continues to be rooted through the female lens, with highly curated art programming spanning the mediums of photography, painting, mixed media, sculpture, sound, and performance.

Upon arriving at the hotel, guests will immediately discover that women-made art is integrated across all spaces on the property—from the walkable Featured Artist Series Exhibit, and newly launched Featured Artist Suite, to the hotel’s guest rooms and meticulously hand-painted elevator banks by local women artists such as Gabby B-Vasquez, and even the striking building exterior, which features a 14-story high custom Fig motif designed by U.K.-based muralist Bella Gomez. From its inception 95 years ago to its modern-day design, Hotel Figueroa has consistently dedicated itself to becoming a creative space designed by women, for women – making its spirit undeniably feminist.

“As a cultural oasis in downtown Los Angeles for nearly a century, Hotel Figueroa has played an ineradicable role in women’s history and continues to be a proud supporter of local female artists across L.A. and California. Strong, loud, and proud – we have supported female artists across all creative endeavors since our inception in 1926. Heavily inspired by the important female figures in her life, Ruthanna’s work truly embodies the cultural legacy of the property, and we are thrilled to welcome and showcase her work as our 2022 Featured Artist,” adds Hotel Figueroa’s Managing Director, Connie Wang.

Hopper’s pieces will be on display through Spring 2023 at the property for visitors and guests to enjoy. Original art will be available for purchase at the hotel throughout the duration of her showcase.

For more information on Hopper, visit her Instagram @ruthannahopper or

About Hotel Figueroa

Hotel Figueroa remains one of the only preserved treasures in Downtown Los Angeles with a uniquely independent spirit and luxury brand authentic only to the City of Angels. Originally opened in 1926 as an exclusive women’s hostelry, the iconic destination underwent an extensive redesign in 2018 that pays tribute to its rich history, melding original 1920’s Spanish Colonial splendor with contemporary touches that celebrate its deep roots in Los Angeles. Hotel Figueroa’s reimagination exceeds expectation of a new generation of guests with 268 guest rooms and suites that are distinctively engaging. An ever-evolving art program offers museum quality installations from local artists and literary collections from Los Angeles based authors. New and exciting culinary experiences include on-site destination restaurants, a poolside eatery, and forthcoming elevated bar & nightlife concepts later in the year. Expansive and intimate private event venues span 10,000 square feet in addition to a lushly landscaped pool area.

Hotel Figueroa is located at 939 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90015, in the progressive and ever evolving South Park district of Downtown Los Angeles on S. Figueroa Street between W. Olympic and W. 9th Streets. For more information or reservations, please call (877) 724 1973, visit or email


About Ruthanna Hopper

Ruthanna Hopper is an L.A.-based visual artist with a background in visual art. Ruthanna Hopper was born in Taos, New Mexico, the daughter of Daria Halprin and Dennis Hopper.  She grew up in Marin County, in the laboratory of artists and dancers, who gathered at the Mountain Home Studio to work with her mother, and grandmother, the dancer, Anna Halprin, as well as her grandfather, landscape architect, Lawrence Halprin.  Ruthanna studied Art at UC Davis. After graduating she moved to New York to study theater.  Upon graduating from the theater program at William Esper, she returned to California where she co-wrote two novels published by St. Martin’s Press. Ruthanna has returned to her roots in visual art, making paintings in her Silverlake art studio.

More Trees And Micro Forests, Please

December 5, 2021

With the generous funding and support of Wells Fargo, the Los Angeles Parks Foundation ( is planting twelve 24-inch box tress – six Tipuana tipu trees and six Quercus lobata trees – at LA’s Devonshire Arleta Park in Pacoima and this is a beautiful thing.

The Devonshire Arleta Park Installation is part of the Los Angeles Park Foundation’s Park Forest initiative, which adds micro forests to city parks throughout Los Angeles to combat the urban heat island effect, close the climate gap, and grow the urban canopy.

LA Parks Foundation’s Executive Director Carolyn Ramsay conceptualized the micro forests for LA Parks with the hope that it will inspire other cities throughout the U.S.A to take similar action. This activation is incredibly timely given the urgent need to combat the national heat crisis, especially given the disproportionate effects of heat on low-income communities.

Planting trees is one of the most important investments we can make in our communities and this initiative is both an environmental justice and a climate action program. Park Forests help offset carbon footprints, improve air quality, cool surface temperatures, and educate the public about climate change. Park Forests help grow the urban canopy and provide new shade coverage in high-need urban neighborhoods, which experience hotter temperatures. Park Forests also foster native wildlife habitats and restore fire damage in communities affected by recent wildfires.

The Devonshire Arleta Park planting follows on the heels of LA Parks Foundation’s installation of seven other micro park forests at Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights district, Lemon Grove Park in Hollywood, Mar Vista Recreation Center, the Miyiwaki Forest at Bette Davis Picnic Area, Robert Burns Park Forest, 29 Canary Island Pines in Griffith Park, and Ross Snyder Recreation Center in South LA.

Los Angeles Parks Foundation hopes to plant thousands of new trees citywide, including 10 park forests a year, for Angelenos and visitors alike to enjoy, including two more forests by the end of 2021.

The Los Angeles Parks Foundation’s mission is to enhance, expand, preserve, and promote public recreation, parks, and open space for the diverse people of Los Angeles. For more information, visit