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November 22, 2021



November 21, 2021

Joy Puleo (M.A., PMA-CPT, Balanced Body Education Program Manager, and member of the LGBQT community) has put together tips to stay sane, centered and active this season, and Portia Page (Balanced Body Education Program Liaison and certified pilates instructor) will help you kick off your “New Year, New You” wellness plan.

Holidays, though a time for cheer and good will, can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Holiday dinners and parties with family and friends throw our schedules into upheaval, not to mention provide lots of temptation and indulgence in rich food and drink. Schedules are put aside, family shenanigans abound and, to top it off, evenings are spent schlepping from store to store in the elusive quest to find the perfect gifts. And make no mistake, the shortened and often cold, winter nights take a toll on our mojo.

How to remain sane, composed and active during this time is challenging. Below are tips on how staying mindful and mind+body movement can help you stay as healthy as possible.

Every moment is an opportunity to reset: You may have had too much bubbly the night before or you may have eaten too many of the holiday cookies at work, or both. There was a time when I would think, “Well, now I blew it, I might as well continue to eat and drink and worry about it after the holidays.” Give yourself permission to enjoy, but do not let the indulgences accumulate without some modulation. Every moment is a good moment to reset. After drinking the night before, wake up and have a healthy breakfast and drink lots of water and start the day fresh. Eat the cookies and, instead of beating yourself up afterwards only to dive into a chocolate cake after dinner, go to a yoga or Pilates class. Balancing indulgences with doing something healthy and nourishing will help you to keep your mental and physical equilibrium and will also help you to maintain your health and weight during the holidays.


The holidays only come once a year, but cookies are forever: The holidays bring with them cozy fires, oversized clothing and the primal desire to bake. Remember, though the butter cookies are shaped like Christmas trees and reindeer, they are still just butter cookies. Sometimes we indulge because we feel it’s such a unique treat, but the reality is, it is a butter cookie and it can be made anytime. Truly, the availability of food during the holidays combined with the winter doldrums make the cookies that mount up in the common room at work most irresistible. Instead of walking to the common room, put on your jacket and step outside for a walk. When the urge to reach mindlessly for that cookie rises, mindfully choose an alternate activity instead. Not only will this redirect your attention, but it will help you to remember that what lies beyond in the common room is just a butter cookie and has no particular magical, mystical holiday powers.

Stay mindful and check in with your body: I have not stepped on a scale in three years, except for the occasional doctor’s visit, and even then, sometimes I decline! I, like all of us, have spent the better part of my life a slave to a number. Instead of getting on the scale I take moments, preferably transitional moments, such as when I wake up, when I park the car in the parking lot at work, and when I am on my way home, to check in with how I am feeling and what I need from this next moment. In so doing, I organize my thoughts. This helps me be less reactive to my environment and, particularly during the holidays, helps me stay centered and less susceptible to whims and cravings. I also have a much better sense for how my body feels, how my cloths fit and whether or not I feel good and confident in my own skin. I am not advocating you avoid your scale during the holidays, but I am advocating that you check in with how you are feeling about yourself. You will find that how you feel about yourself is a far more accurate marker for how you are doing then any number on the scale.


Stay active doing an activity you enjoy: Keeping your perspective during the holidays is challenging as events seem to get the better of you. With that in mind, staying active is a must at this time. I know, you are thinking there is simply no time. But the reality is, being active should be a priority. Find something you enjoy doing and make it a part of your holiday schedule. Mindful activities, such as yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and others are ideal for this time of year as they help you to stay in tune with the needs of your body. They also help you to feel strong, confident and flexible at a time when all the excess food and drink send the exact opposite message. Most importantly, staying active helps you stay emotionally and physically balanced which helps you stay centered and refocus’ your awareness internally. How nice, at a time when we are so busy thinking about everyone else, to take the time to remember yourself.


Get plenty of sleep: Sleep and exercise are finally getting the recognition they deserve as key factors to staying healthy and well. No longer is it about getting your ‘beauty’ rest or working out simply to be skinny, but it’s about sleep and exercise being the recipe for better overall health and wellbeing. As already explored, staying active is an imperative this time of year but so is getting enough sleep. Sleep provides the brain an opportunity to heal, process and support the intellectual and mental work you do all day long. Sleep also provides the body an opportunity to heal, process and support the physical work you do all day long. You shortchange your sleep and, in the long run, you will shortchange your health. 


Get some Vitamin D: Instead of going to the break room for that cookie, walk outside. I know, it can be cold, but when did a little cold stop you before? Going outside for a walk will help you reset your mind and keep you active during the day. Getting outside in the sunlight will also expose you to vitamin D, which by the way is a must for your bones. An added, and often overlooked benefit, is that by drinking in the cool fresh air not only will you energize your body but you will also trigger your metabolism to bump up its calorie burning potential in an effort to keep you warm. I highly recommend that you take some time, every day, regardless of the temperature, to step outside drink in the air, who knows, you just find you are less likely to want to drink in the punch!


Never go hungry: Do not forgo breakfast and lunch before a big event. We think that if we bank our calories by not eating regularly during the day, we can enjoy ourselves more at the event. This is erroneous on many levels.  Not eating at regular intervals during the day will cause a physiological cascade of events that will only serve to lower your resolve when in the presence of food. As a result, in a short period of time you will be prone to over-indulge. Make sure you eat, eat well and that you are satiated before heading to the party. This will allow you to enjoy yourself and make choices based on what you feel rather than be at the whim of what your body demands.

Rooftop Cinema Club Sleighs Into The Holiday Season

November 17, 2021

Rooftop Cinema Club is excited to debut their merry & bright December holiday programming for Rooftop Cinema Club DTLA & The Drive-Up at Santa Monica Airport! Treat yourself all season long & indulge in your favorite holiday films under the stars. Make sure to book your ticket before the clock on 2021 strikes twelve. Guests will have their last chance to experience The Drive-Up at Santa Monica Airport – the venue will take its final bow December 31st.  Rooftop Cinema Club DTLA will close out the season on December 19th with a final screening of Elf.

As we snuggle up for sweater weather, The Drive-Up is merging lanes. No longer do guests have to choose between a VIP Lawn Box seat or cozying up in their car – as the temperature drops, RCC is heating things up by bringing the two together, introducing a PREMIER drive-in ticket option, featuring front section parking and a decked out, fully-furnished Lawn Box in front of each vehicle complete with deckchairs, wireless headphones and side tables. Better yet, each PREMIER ticket includes a 46oz popcorn to share. Guests will also be able to book classic drive-in tickets at the rear section of the cinema, including a dedicated tailgating space for each vehicle.

‘Tis the season for giving! Give the gift of great film with a voucher redeemable at any of RCC’s venues across the US. Continuing to spread holiday cheer, Rooftop Cinema Club is also giving back. Throughout the month of December, RCC has partnered with PATH, and will be hosting a blanket and sock drive at both LA venues, encouraging guests to bring items to donate. When purchasing tickets online, RCC is also offering guests the option to add a dollar donation – a donation they will match at the end of the month.

As for the kiddos, tell them they’ll be sure to land a spot on Santa’s “Nice List” by stopping by RCC’s Kids Club, featuring hosted crafts every Saturday morning at The Drive-Up during daytime screenings for Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! & The Polar Express. And the excitement doesn’t stop there – The Drive-Up will also have an inflatable bounce castle house onsite on select Saturdays for the little ones to burn off some holiday cheer.

Tea Drops x Hello Kitty Is the Drop We Can’t Get Enough Of

November 8, 2021

If you don’t know Tea Drops consider this an intro and a warning because it’s a cuteness/yumminess overload.

For example: Their full-bodied organic Matcha Green Tea. All their teas come in a compressed little cube… and some in shapes, yes like hearts and Hello Kitty (thump, thump, that’s my heart).  Just drop it into hot water – and deliciousness is yours in seconds.

Matcha Green Tea

Tea kits, boba kits, and teas of every flavor and kind – it’s almost impossible to choose!

Tea Drops x Hello Kitty: Trio Set (Strawberry Matcha, Apple Pie à La Mode, English Breakfast)


And their new collaboration… Inspired by our nostalgic childhood obsession for all things Hello Kitty …is adorable and yummy. Apple Pie a La Mode, English Breakfast, and Strawberry Matcha. All three varieties for a total of 30 Tea Drops, 10 of each, packed in a collectible tea trio gift set perfect for the tea lover in your life.

The Teas:

Apple Pie a La Mode (Caffeine-Free):

Fun fact – Did you know that Hello Kitty is as tall as 5 apples? And did you also know that Hello Kitty’s favorite dessert is her mamma’s apple pie? Inspired by Hello Kitty, enjoy this apple pie a la mode tea made with organic apples and vanilla bean!

English Breakfast (Caffeinated):

Kick-off those wellies, set your Hello Kitty umbrella aside…on rainy days we can think of nothing more soothing than a hot cuppa. Our soul-warming English Breakfast black tea is the perfect complement to those gloomy days, or when you just need a pick me up!

Strawberry Matcha (Caffeinated):

Carefree days of mall shopping with friends, strawberry-scented Hello Kitty erasers, sipping on iced tea. Refreshing strawberry paired with bold Japanese Matcha – Strawberry Matcha Tea will take you back!


Apple Pie a La Mode:

Ingredients: Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Apple Powder, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Lemon Extract, Organic Allspice, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Cinnamon

Nutrition Facts: Calories 25, Total Carbohydrate 6g, Total Sugars 5g

English Breakfast:

Ingredients: Organic Raw Sugar, Black Tea

Nutrition Facts: Total Calories 20, Total Carbohydrate 6g, Total Sugar 6g

Strawberry Matcha:

Ingredients: Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Strawberry Powder, Organic Matcha Powder.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 35, Total Carbohydrate 9g, Total Sugars 8g

Only Organic Teas and Spices – No Additives – No Artificial Flavorings – Sweetened With a Teaspoon of Sugar

Tea Drops are carefully-crafted with organic, finely ground whole leaf teas and herbs that never fully dissolve. Because of this, you’ll notice some very finely ground tea leaves settled at the bottom of your cup. You can enjoy consuming these healthy antioxidants or they can be filtered out, or the final sip simply set aside.


Boba Bubble Deluxe Tea Kit


The popular boba or bubble tea drink is now available at Tea Drops in a deluxe tea kit, which includes:

16 total single drops, 4 each of any of these varieties:

6 Creamers:

  • 6 Sweetened Condensed Milk by Copper Cow

Boba Pack

  • 1 Boba Pack with 100 tapioca pearls (4 oz. enough for 4 drinks)

All in a nice compostable recycled gift-able box!

Just add ice, milk, and boba for the perfect sweet treat. Makes the perfect gift!

 And be sure to check out their blog for everything boba!

Tea Drops and Thirst Project


Without the essential element of water, one is stripped of opportunity and also a good cup of tea. With our partnership with Thirst Project, we have built 4 water wells and have also donated enough clean water to support over 167,232 individuals and counting. Learn more about us and Thirst Project.


November 2, 2021

22 LA Artists, Architects, and Designers Dedicate their Creativity to the Inaugural Fundraiser
The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation announces the Barnsdall Olive Wood Workshop Exhibition and Auction, which will be on view from November 13 to December 4, 2021 at the contemporary art gallery, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles (1110 Mateo Street, Los Angeles). This creative fundraising initiative will support the goal to plant 40 new olive trees at Barnsdall Art Park and maintain the health and overall condition of the site’s 463 existing olive trees. The group exhibition will feature original “Barnsdall Olive Wood” objects created by 22 renowned LA artists, designers, architects, and landscape architects nominated by the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation’s Barnsdall Olive Wood Workshop Committee and selected by the Barnsdall Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Earlier this year, the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation partnered with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and the Los Angeles Parks Foundation to revitalize Barnsdall Art Park’s historic 130-year-old olive grove, which was established in the 1890s. The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation contributed $25,000 to the Los Angeles Parks Foundation’s Adopt-a-Park program, and that grant funded the horticultural survey and forensic analysis of the olive grove, the repair and improvement of its irrigation system, the careful pruning of 400 olive trees, the removal of 20 existing olive tree stumps, and the development of a comprehensive strategy for planting additional olive trees at the park.

The Barnsdall Olive Wood Workshop was established by the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation to transform pruned and saved olive wood limbs from the trees in Barnsdall Art Park into creative new objects. From November 13 to December 4, those extraordinary items will be on exhibit at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.

Beginning November 13, the public may view the group exhibition during the gallery’s normal business hours. (Tuesday – Friday: 11 am – 6 pm and Saturday 10 am – 6 pm.) A public opening reception will be held at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles on November 13 from 3 to 7 pm.

The exhibited olive wood objects will also be sold via an online fundraising auction. The net profit from each acquired piece will be divided between the creator of that item and the Barnsdall Olive Grove Fund. The individuals who provide the winning bids for the one of a kind olive wood creations will become members of the Barnsdall Olive Wood Workshop Collectors Circle, which will include a special preview of the objects made for the future editions of this annual group exhibition and auction.

The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation is honored and grateful that the following 22 talented individuals and organizations have dedicated their creativity and valuable time to the inaugural Barnsdall Olive Wood Workshop Exhibition and Auction.

Tanya Aguiñiga
Kelly Akashi
Jamie Bush + Co.
Cayetano Ferrer
Janna Ireland
Matt Johnson
Killspencer: Spencer Nikosey
Galia Linn
Nancy Monk
Kori Newkirk
Offerman Woodshop: Sarah Watlington
Sev’s Wood Crafts: Katherine Pakradouni
Sev’s Wood Crafts: Sev Pakradouni
Brendan Ravenhill
Aili Schmeltz
Azadeh Shladovsky
Emily Sudd
Terremoto: David Godshall
Welcome Projects: Laurel Conseulo Broughton
wrk-shp: Airi Isoda and Ryan Upton
Rosha Yaghmai

Working together to achieve the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation’s fundraising mission will help amplify the beauty and integrity of this treasured landscape, improve the air quality of the East Hollywood community, support the City of Los Angeles’ goal to plant 90,000 new trees as part of L.A.’s Green New Deal, and contribute to a spirit of collective healing, which is vital during these challenging times.

For more information about the Barnsdall Olive Wood Workshop Exhibition and Auction, please visit: