The Men’s Skincare Gift That Keeps Giving: Geologie

November 25, 2019


We are loving this personalized monthly skincare routine from Geologie!
They are on fire! They were just honored in the 2019 Esquire Magazine Grooming Awards! 
Remember: you can choose to receive your 90-day supply every 3, 4 or 6 months and you can choose whichever products you prefer.
Most men seem to move forward with all four products, but that’s entirely up to the customer. These choices are all available in your personalized account. 


You’re In the Driver’s Seat
You’ll start off with a complete regimen to experience the full benefits and make sure the personalized fit is right for you. Later you can choose whichever products you prefer.

The Right Fit
If have any questions or issues simply let them know! They work with you one-on-one to get it right.

No Hassle Subscriptions
Subscriptions should be convenient for you. We make it easy to manage yours directly, and to control which products you want and when. You’ll hear a lot from them about this over the next 30 days and have every opportunity to decide what’s right for you.  It’s totally personalized!!!

Oh! And we are loving our first batch!