Sugarlash Pro Brand CEO + Founder Courtney Buhler Q & A on all things Lash Extensions

January 24, 2017

Sugarlash PRO is a world leading lash extension brand with HQ’s is in Canada but the brand is sold all over the world. Many artists in LA use Sugarlash PRO products and right here in LA you can get this stunning lash by Sugarlash PRO brand Ambassadors, Sarah Maxwell, at Violet Grey. I just had mine done and they look amazing.

Sugarlash PRO Q&A

Answers from Courtney Buhler, CEO and Founder of Sugarlash PRO. Courtney is also an award-winning lash artist herself.


  • What’s the number one thing people get wrong about lash extensions?
    • The main two myths about eyelash extensions are:
      1. That they cause damage to your natural lashes. This is NOT the case at all. In fact, if your natural lashes are damaged whatsoever while wearing eyelash extensions it means they were not properly applied. Just like hair colourists aren’t all super talented or sometimes don’t care about the integrity of your hair (hello going platinum from black in 3 one appointment!) the same can be said with lash artists. Take the time to find a responsible, skilled lash artist that can give you amazing results but who won’t EVER put your lash health in jeopardy.
      2. The other myth is that lash extensions look fake/feel uncomfortable. Lash extensions are completely comfortable as no adhesive/extension touches your eyelid skin. Each extension should be attached individually to the natural lashes so the client’s shed cycle can remain healthy and fully functioning. Lashes can also be as natural looking or dramatic as you’d like (to a certain extent based on how strong your natural lashes are). Lash extensions shouldn’t be obvious, and fake looking.
    • What’s the most essential part of taking care of them that people need to know?
      • The biggest adjustment eyelash extension lovers make is with product selection, and sleeping habits. Eyelash extensions don’t like oils. Oils break down the adhesive bond over time, often making it shed prematurely. Check your ingredients for oils, glycerins, and glycols and avoid using them within the orbital bone (eye socket).
      • The other no-no is sleeping on your eyelash extensions and grinding them into your pillow at night. When you hit R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) sleep the fluttering into the pillow causes friction stress on the bonds and will cause them to weaken also. Your best bet is to train yourself to sleep on your hand between your face and the pillow which raises the eye area away from the pillow.
    • What ways do you think are best for asking what you want when you go to a lash stylist? Should people bring in photos?
      • It’s a similar idea to hair styling when we talk lash styling. Just because you bring in a photo of a super full bodied head of hair on a celeb, doesn’t mean you can get that look when you have ultra fine, thin hair naturally. With eyelash extensions, it’s a similar idea. Women will have anywhere from 35-250 natural lashes on each eye. These natural lashes can be fine, thick, long, short, curly, straight, and come in a variety of colours. We are somewhat limited with what you come in with naturally to the amount of drama we can give to your natural lashes while keeping them healthy.
      • As a general rule, the longer and stronger your natural lashes are, the less limited you are with the lash look you can receive. Bringing in a photo as a guide isn’t a bad idea but remember that we customize and work with your natural features and lash base to give you best results. Your lash artist will stock a variety of curls, lengths, and thicknesses, and lash materials to give you a truly unique look! You are you – and we try to emphasize and customize your natural beauty.
    • How is Sugarlash PRO different than all the other lash companies out there?
      • Sugarlash PRO is focussed on two things: product quality, and creating a supportive culture of on-going learning for lash artists around the globe. Our brand is different than most, because before I got into the product development side of things – I was a full time lash artist, and the owner of a speciality lash and brow boutique. What I wanted as far as professional product didn’t exist so I decided to source and work directly with manufacturers to develop ultra-fast performing adhesives, and eyelash extensions that had beautiful tapers, realistic finishes (not plastic looking), and a true black finish (not blue-black like what was out at the time). As a lash artist, and a lash lover myself I knew exactly what the industry needed as far as products and training, and brought my unique flare to the industry.
    • What made you want to go into this specific beauty industry?
      • I have the smallest, saddest lashes ever (got them from my mom), and both of my sisters got super long natural eyelashes. My mom texted me one day and said “there is a new thing called eyelash extensions, and we are going!”
      • From my very first appointment I was hooked. I couldn’t believe the difference it made to my overall look and confidence. I felt flirty and glamorous… just rolling out of bed! At that time, I was 18 and didn’t have a ton of money. In fact I was so addicted to my eyelash extensions that I cleaned my lash artists house in exchange for my lash extension fill appointments!
      • At each appointment I would ask my lash artist all about the process, and the product. I was so obsessed that she said one day “Courtney, you just need to do lashes. No other client loves lashes like you do.” The seed was planted. I received my education and got into lashes right away!
      • There are so many misconceptions and myths about the industry, I’m determined to educate consumers on the truth about lash extensions!
    • Is it recommended to wear mascara over the lashes? Why or why not?
      • The point of eyelash extensions is so you shouldn’t need to wear mascara. “wake up and go” is the goal of lash lovers everywhere. However, if you have a special night out and you just need that extra touch, mascara (non waterproof as this has oils) can be worn on the tips of the eyelash extensions only.
      • Wearing mascara regularly will require more wear and tear on the extensions to remove it, and can also gunk up and clump the extensions.
      • If you need more fullness, talk to your lash provider about volume lashing. Classic eyelash extensions use one extension that is thicker, and fuller and are placed individually to each natural eyelash. Volume lashing uses 2-6 ultra thin individual eyelash extensions that are applied to each natural lash (these are not to be confused with clusters or “knotted” lash tabs). We use completely individual eyelash extensions with volume lashing that are picked up together, fanned, and are adhered to wrap around the natural lash. Classic lashing will give you 35-250 lashes per eye (based on how many natural lashes you have), whereas volume lashing can give you 125-600 lashes per eye and provides an ultra full look.


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