June 18, 2016

How many times have you walked your dog or let him run around the yard, only to find that he comes back to the house dirty and smelly? We would love to introduce you to Just 4 Fur.

Just 4 fur

Just 4 Fur’s mission is directed towards improving the pet-consumer experience and making pet products more exciting. Not only can you use the products on your pet, but you can also use them on yourself. No more separate bottles for you and your pet– now you can even shower together, save water, save the extra trip to the store and save on product! The human grade formula has been tested on both humans and pets. The sulfate-free, hypoallergenic, non-GMO ingredients found in the product allow both you and your pet to lead healthier and happier lives together.

We tried out a few samples with the dogs in our family and they loved it, as did we. Here is the proof:

Warren Pineapple

Warren’s shiny coat smelled like a fresh pina colada after a bath in the sweet smelling Pineapple shampoo.

Lucy sea shampoo

Lucy groomed and ready for a night out after a quick soak in the Sea Cucumber shampoo.

We also gave them a squirt of the deodorizing spray when they were dry, because…why not? It’s safe, effective and smells amazing!

More about Just 4 Fur and Aharon Adouth

Aharon Adouth states he created Just 4 Fur because, “This is a marketplace where I know I can make an impact. Everything in pets and the pet accessory world is so generic that I think I can really revolutionize the way people treat, interact, and see their pets simply by bathing, clothing, and grooming them a little bit more personally. Pets are family, and its time they start getting treated a little bit more like it!” Items range from Shampoos to Deodorizing Sprays and scents include Chamomile Lavender, Sea Cucumber, Cherry Blossom, Pineapple, and Eucalyptus Spearmint. All scents come in shampoo accompanied by the spray to ensure that the delicious smell lasts as long as it can. The product is not only the best smelling shampoo and spray on the market, but will also leave your furry friend with a gorgeous new coat.

Aharon Adouth founded Just 4 Fur in 2015 when he was asked by a family member to adopt a dog, that due to unfortunate circumstances, he could no longer keep himself. Being the animal lover that he is, he could not say no. There began the journey that led to the creation of Just 4 Fur shampoos and scents. When Aharon came to pick up his new pet, the dog had multiple health problems including eye and skin infections, just to name a few. These infections were easily treated with antibiotics, but the skin infection and smell that came with it were hard to live with. After trying many shampoos on the market and failing to find one that was soothing enough, Aharon realized there was a gaping hole in the pet market that needed to be filled. He the set out to fill that hole, so others would not have the same problem. Today Just 4 Fur’s 5 shampoo scents and spray colognes fill that gap. All Just 4 Fur products are sulfate free, hypoallergenic, non-GMO and are proudly made locally in Miami, Florida.

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