Tea-rrific! Ice Cream

June 17, 2016


Yummy, summer ice cream alert. I am an ice cream addict. And tea-lover. Alas!

Tea-rrific! Ice Cream is here.  Tea-rrific! Ice Cream came to be when the founder was searching for an ice cream that offered more unique, complex flavors, the finest ingredients, and finished clean off of the palate without all of those unnecessary preservatives, artificial colors, stabilizers, etc.


Scared of full fat? Read on about how full-fat foods (rather than saturated fat) has become a recent weight loss trend:



Tea-rrific! Ice Cream has grown from a handful of independent shops in Connecticut, to distribution in over 400 locations throughout the Northeast and beyond, including major retailers like Whole Foods, Stop & Shop and ShopRite. Of course, Tea-rrific is also sold online at www.tearrificicecream.com

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