VARLAH On Demand Fitness From Aussie Trainer Luke Istomin

April 21, 2017

It’s the season of at-home online workouts – they’re spreading like wild fire. I get XYZ amount of daily pitches to try them all and I can barely sort through them. When VARLAH arrived into my inbox I perked up because it requires no more than a mat (for the most part, I believe there may be a band somewhere). Ok, easy! I am also a big fan of using our own body weight for resistance. 

I tried the FIRE & ICE and I was SO INTO IT!

38 minutes. Intense. HIIT. Quick bursts, deep work, do-able, no crazy, HARD A.F. but totally do-able. And there was two variations given always for lower and higher intensity. I am DEF going to go for the 6 week transformation and try every single video. Ok, I’ll um start Monday! But I’m doing it.

This program is called DICED. (A few new ones to come soon!)

Note: you might want to blast your own music to get yourself pumping – the music in the background was that generic sort of gym music but luckily it was toned down very low – so go blast your jams!!)

I am super psyched to try them all and at 38 minutes I can totally do this before work. I AM IN!

VARLAH is the first global on demand fitness streaming service that offers a variety of fitness programs by top leading fitness industry experts. VARLAH, founded in Australia, is now the world’s “Netflix” of fitness and can be accessible from anywhere in the world.

VARHLAH offers a myriad of programs, designed to cater to all ages, fitness levels and interests while being accessible to each and every user no matter where they are or what time of day it is. As long as the user has internet has access and a small amount of space, Fitness, strength and weight loss will literally at your fingertips.

For $69 you get full access to all videos. No monthly payments.


DICED, VARLAH’s first fitness program is an online body transformation program lead by Celebrity trainer, Luke Istomin (responsible for Hugh Jackman’s transformation for the super ripped Wolverine.) DICED offers:

·       High Intensity Workout Videos that can be streamed anywhere on any device

·       A Nutrition Plan focusing on healthy and nutritious eating

·       A community support forum with advice, recipes and tips from Luke and the VARLAH TEAM

·       The body transformation secrets that Luke has previously only given to his celebrity clients which include: Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ricky Martin and more. 

You don’t need a gym or any equipment for the DICED program All you need is a commitment of 6 weeks of High Intensity, functional training with the very best in the business leading the way. 

Below is just one of the  transformations that have occurred from using the DICED program for just 6 weeks. It’s astonishing! 

Jessica Chasen, 38 year old woman working in Public Relations was always surrounded by delicious snacks. As she got older and busier, the weight slowly started to pack on and she simply just ate whatever was infront of her. However, one October morning she had enough and realized that she was no longer herself. She even said, “This isn’t what I want to look like”.

Fast forward to almost four months later and 28 pounds lighter, Jess has an entirely new outlook on life along with self confidence and happiness. She says that, “Sugar was the hardest thing to give up. The lure of the dose of energy that comes from sugar is quite seductive and hard to resist”.

Jess Chasen – Lost 28 Pounds in THREE months with VARLAH


Founders Lexy Meyerson, Alan Meyerson, Luke Istomin

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