Three Stylish Gadgets to Customize Your Sports Equipment

February 6, 2018

Whether you compete in sport as an individual or as a member of team, it’s important to be able to express your sense of individuality whenever you can. The benefits of this go far beyond simply looking a little different – customizing your equipment lets you choose the components that best suit your style of play, allowing you to reach peak performance with ease.

New technology such as 3D printing means such customization is now more widely available and more stylish than ever, allowing you to combine looking good with reaching your personal best for the ultimate in sporting success.

Custom clothing

Olympic champions rarely buy their gear off the shelf – instead, they have it custom made. There was a time when such luxuries were only available to the sporting elite, but the falling cost of 3D scanning and modelling technology mean that it is now possible for ordinary consumers to purchase shoes, clothes and other items that fit them like a second skin.

Major sports brands such as Under Armour, Nike and Adidas are all getting in on the trend and give their customers the chance to alter the design of shoes to create unique editions of their favorites. The company is also proving consumers with the chance to include even more advanced gadgets in their products, such as running shoes with optical sensors that allow information about stride length, speed and other data to be connected to a smart phone. One such smart shoe was worn by golfer Jordan Spieth during the U.S. Open in 2016.

Wicked wheels

Heavy customization has long been a part of the world of skateboarding, inline skating and freestyle scootering, along with BMX freestyling. The emphasis here isn’t just on bright colors and outrageous designs, it is also about being practical.

This means that if you want your freestyle scooter to stand out from the crowd and make you look like the professional rider that you are, look to customize it with some of the best accessories around. Hailing from down under, Longway Scooters develop parts for some of the top pro riders in the world. Not only do their wheels look amazing, but they also perform brilliantly and are extremely lightweight, making it easy to do bigger and more extreme tricks. You can find a wide range of Longway products at the Skates website.

Fits like a glove

Lacrosse is famously one of the most expensive sports around with the families of those who take it up likely to spend more than $17,000 each year, according to a study conducted by Utah State University. With that sort of money being spent, it is important to ensure that any equipment purchased fits as well as possible; one company is allowing that to happen.

Epoch Lacrosse recently launched Bespoke, an online gadget tool that allows players to customize their gloves and arm pads, choosing from different parts and a range of colors and textures. The system also makes it easy to collaborate, so that friends and teammates can share the overall design.

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