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Punching Out the Crazies During Covid

June 1, 2020

After being locked in our homes, feelings of anxiety, depression and stress are at an all-time high. Co-Founder and President of BoxUnion, Felicia Alexander, has a simple solution that you might not have considered – punching stuff. While untraditional, this answer is actually much healthier than you think. There is a natural connection between boxing and mental health.

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There’s never been a better time to learn how to box. In addition to a hyper-efficient total body workout, it also has an amazing list of mental benefits, including:

–        Bringing out your inner fighter – boxing is an incredibly powerful and empowering experience, it’s a skill you can pick up at any age, background or experience level. “It is never too late to glove up”, says Alexander – we have boxers who range in age from seven years old to seventy years old.” The sheer act of putting on gloves will instantaneously make you feel strong.

–        It is a natural stress reliever – Stress negatively impacts the body and your health. It causes sleep deprivation, headaches, depression, high blood pressure, tense muscles and more. In addition to the rush of endorphins that come with cardio-based workouts, physically, hitting a punching bag relaxes your body and releases tension. Boxing also provides a more symbolic way to “fight back” and channel your anxiety into a safe outlet.

–        You can still experience the mental and physical benefits without equipment – you don’t need a heavy bag to stimulate your mind and get a total body workout, shadowboxing is an incredible at-home workout that engages the brain and body.

–       It helps beat the boredom in a constructive way – boxing classes require focus and are extremely fun to do when you are stuck at home. You are not just working out, you are building a lifelong skill. It is impossible to think of anything else when you are trying to nail a six-punch combination.

–        Boxing creates community – engaging in live classes, like BoxUnion Digital, allow you to connect with others across the world. You may be at home, but the energy is still contagious.

BoxUnion’s Digital Platform takes de-stressing to the next level. You can’t have a strong body without a strong mind says BoxUnion Master Coach, Kyle Schneider. The brand combines a powerful mix of mind, body, music and messaging – when the music is flowing and you are moving to the beat, there’s no better feeling!

Now That You’re Home: A Medicine Ball Workout To Stay Strong

March 11, 2020

If you’re stuck at home because Covid-19 is killing off the world, you’ll need to stay strong, especially when you won’t be going to the gym anytime soon.certified fitness expert and boxing extraordinaire, Kollins Ezekh, aka Built By God is here with fun, total-body, medicine ball workout to keep your bod from totally atrophying. Seriously, let’s hope this is the only medicine you’ll be needing during this high-stress time…

Medicine Ball Side Lunge – This full-body functional movement engages everything in your body starting from your shoulders, to your core, and even your inner thighs. It also improves strength and stability. If you can do this, carrying your baby around the house will be a piece of cake. I mean fruit…we are healthy! 

Pro tip: When performing this move, make sure to keep your back straight and core tight. 

4 sets – 12 reps each side

Medicine ball tosses in situp position – This fun workout engages the upper body and core simultaneously.

Pro tip: Make sure to keep your feet off the ground and core strong throughout the toss.

4 sets – 15 reps

Wall Ball Slam – To start, pull the ball away from the wall. When you do this motion, you’re working your obliques. And when you torque the ball and smash it into the wall, you work the your obliques once more. 

Pro tip: Through the entire exercise, make sure you engage your core. Always be aware of your core and keep it strong. When you torque towards the wall, really engage that back glute, as well, with your back foot pointed. 

4 sets – 15 reps

Floor Ball Slam – As you raise the medicine ball above you and slam it down, you are working your upper body and engaging your lower body as you squat to smash the ball towards the ground.

Pro tip: Make sure to fully extend your arms above your head. You can flex your feet and stand on your tippy toes if you want to work more of your body as you lift the ball above your head and squat low when bringing the ball down.

4 sets – 15 reps

Reverse Lunge with a Twist – This variation works the entire body, and by adding the medicine ball and twists ensures that your arms and abs are getting a little attention, too. 

Pro tip: Hold a 5-10 pound medicine ball and when you step forward, stand with feet hip width apart. Keep your core tight as you bend, and make sure both legs are bent in right angles. 

4 sets – 12 reps each side

New Meditation Studio On The Block: CULTIVATE Meditation + Wellness

August 11, 2019

A gorgeous, new meditation space has opened up in the heart of Atwater Village!  CULTIVATE Meditation + Wellness is a family-run center offering a wide range of drop-in classes, healings, private sessions, and workshops. Owner Jen Stavitsky was inspired to create a facility with a strong sense of community, inclusivity, and support that serves LA’s eastside, which was lacking a dedicated meditation center.

CULTIVATE’s team of facilitators all live locally and are excited for the opportunity to serve their neighbors with daily classes that cover everything from mindfulness to Yoga Nidra to sound healings, hypnotherapy and more.

It’s a deeply serene space, with a gentle design palate inspired by the soft tones of the South Western desert. Its prismatic skylights cast soothing patterns which slowly evolve throughout the course of the day. It has a large main studio capable of accommodating up to thirty guests, and a smaller second studio designed for healings, workshops and private sessions. All in all, the space feels inviting and deeply relaxing.

While offering a wide variety of traditional meditation and wellness classes, CULTIVATE  also branches out into more playful and unique offerings, like ASMR meditations and sound healings facilitated by a classical harpist.  Their goal is to make meditation fun, interesting and accessible with a style suitable for all walks of life, including first time meditators, adventurous spirits, and those with a deep practice.

CULTIVATE Meditation + Wellness is located at 3229 Glendale Blvd, LA CA 90039. You can visit their website for scheduling, bookings and additional details.

Welcome to Atwater!!

LES MILLS’ BORN TO MOVE is Inspiring Young People to Fall in Love with Fitness

February 26, 2019

I’ve recently had the chance to experience a trial period of Les Mills On Demand which is created to make exercise effective, motivating and accessible at home. I ended up trying a class with my daughter and she loved it. I began looking for more videos that she might like when I discovered a program made specifically for kids! Les Mills’ has a series of classes created specifically for kids titled BORN TO MOVE™. It is designed to encourage movement and to help shape a positive and healthy attitude towards fitness beginning from a young age. Les Mills is taking steps to put a stop to the cycle of inactivity, bad habits and inspire a lifelong love of fitness sparking energy and positive self-esteem. Kids have a natural need to move and keep active and BORN TO MOVE is a fun way to inspire them to do this. 
Les Mills has a completely free set of programs that are all available online and tailored toward kids ages 2-16. The programs are separated into five age groups, starting with toddlers through to young teens. Each program specifically designed to make that age group inspired to get moving and most of all to have fun. Videos for small children apply imagination and exploration while classes for teens use top 40 music hits and exercises athletic skills including dance and martial arts. 

Les Mills designed the programs using extensive research and world class training to help develop healthier habits at a young age. Les Mills Chief Creative Officer states, “The early years of life are a critical window to form positive habits. That’s why we’ve developed BORN TO MOVE. We want to instil a love of being active in children so they can grow into active, healthy and happy adults.” 

Even better the Born to Move videos are free and available on making it accessible to parents encourage their kids to fall in love with physical activity. To access BORN TO MOVE videos visit

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Packing Punch: Quiet Punch Home Boxing

February 9, 2019

The Quiet Punch tagline is “Fitness and Stress Relief in any Doorway” and nothing could say it better. When I saw this on my IG feed I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT! I mean, WE had to have it – as in me and my KIDS.

TENSION RELIEF, in a tidy little (cute as heck) piece of home gym tech.

In case you haven’t noticed – workouts are moving into the homes. We’ve got Peleton, Tonal, The Mirror and if I told you the amount of fitness apps I get pitched daily, it’s enough to make your head spin. And for good reason – home fitness is the wave of the future. Quiet Punch is the perfect addition to your home fitness fun.

Totally affordable ($99!), moveable, light, beyond easy to assemble (took me less than 5 mins) and FUN. And more great news!

There’s an APP with over 100 exercises and a Spotify playlist to take you through the punches. Love.

You know I’m crushing when I open up a product and I’m writing about it minutes later. This just happened. My hope is that my 8 year will punch the crap out of it when he’s having a tantrum and then, I’ll soon join him. Cuz mommy always needs to punch something.

Made perfectly for 28″ – 36″ doorways, perfect for temporary setup that doesn’t mark the door, and was built for all beginners alike.

This awesome totally easy to install doorway punching bag is the brainchild of Brian Pedone, who’s had a passion for boxing since the age of 13. Quick backstory: Life-long entrepreneur turned computer geek, combines his computer and boxing obsession into one and there you go – Quiet Punch is born. To read the full story behind the product, click here.

This is a big recommendation from me. It’s probably great if you have a spare doorway. Looks like I will just keep it in my kids’ doorway with might be a bit annoying to walk around but I also love that we are just throwing some punches every time we enter or exit the room. super Cialis