Virtual Training Is Here To Stay With Vicky Justiz

July 20, 2021

Daily Thrive by Vicky Justiz

As one of YouTube’s top virtual trainers, Vicky Justiz’ goal is to show men and women that living a healthy lifestyle does not have to feel like a punishment and doing so by making her workouts diverse and fun while offering structure and accessibility to do workouts anytime, anywhere. Daily Thrive offers a community of support where your trainer is doing the workout with you from beginning to end without intimidation, to support and motive you the whole way. A place where you are welcomed no matter your size, shape or ability while always focusing on gratitude and feeling joy when moving your body. With Daily Thrive it’s about waking up every day energized and feeling like the best version of yourself.

For $9.99 a month, users will have access to simple, creative, effective and engaging workouts designed to accommodate all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced.  An app built to create consistent habits and feeling the benefits of moving your body. Workouts are organized by difficulty level, body part, and work out length ranging from ten minutes to an hour long, with brand new exclusive workouts every Monday highlighting innovative virtual training techniques proven to keep users motivated through evolving exercises and engaging regimens.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle it’s all about finding a form of exercise that you enjoy and that helps you stay consistent, fulfilled and accomplished. With Daily Thrive, you will find something that makes you feel good and that you look forward to every single time. The fitness app is always evolving, and users can expect updates in the months to come including educating users on how our bodies work, how nutrition works and demystifying fitness and nutrition.

Daily Thrive by Vicky Justiz is now available in the App Store, Google Play, APPLE TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, ROKU and online at

About Vicky Justiz:

Vicky Justiz is a digital entrepreneur, content creator, a NASM certified personal trainer and founder of Daily Thrive app. Vicky has worked with notable wellness, fitness and lifestyle brands such as LuluLemon, Gatorade, Audible, Women’s Best, and Fabletics, to name a few. Her digital journey began six years ago on YouTube where she started uploading at home workouts and saw an impressive community of women who followed along. She saw the impact that it was making on these women and decided to do it full time. With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 200k followers on Instagram, Vicky is passionate about empowering others through her platforms while sharing her knowledge and living a happy life and inspiring others to do the same.

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