Sulwhasoo Skincare And Facial at Neiman Marcus

June 26, 2016


I was recently introduced to the number one Korean skincare line, Sulwhasoo at Neiman Marcus. My skincare routine was working out just fine.  Or so I thought. 

Sul-Wah-soo means “Snow Flower Supreme” in Korean.  The name is a celebration of a woman’s beauty and inner strength.  Its a high end luxury holistic skin wellness regimen which is drawn from the healing powers of Korean Herbal Medicine.  Their philosophy is based on the belief that the body undergoes internal changes every 7 years and at each milestone, vital energies begin to taper and fall out of balance whereby the skin becomes prone to dehydration, dryness and vulnerable to the aging process.  Using traditional Korean methods, indigenous medicinal herbs are blended together to balance the inner energies of the skin and thus contribute to a healthy complexion. 

Only in the US for the past 6 years, I figured I’d jump at the chance to try this holistic approach since Asians are considered number one innovators in skincare.  I was invited to receive a Sulwhasoo traditional facial inside the spa at Neiman Marcus. 

My wonderful esthetican Claudia explained that the brand concept was to bring balance back to the skin and fix the root causes of anything wrong with it.  Its governed by the process of fermenting and growing ginseng in various ways, depending on the purpose and potency, and then used to revitalize, brighten, and restore collagen to the skin.  She also explained that there were no extractions necessary in this facial. 

She started out with an ancient royalty traditional pressure point soft cloth massage that was scented with one of 6 essential oils designed to revitalize, rebalance and help the brain focus. I chose sandalwood.

Ok. This was the absolute Best Facial Of My Life. 

My skin has never looked so radiant, luminous, dewy, glowing even. Dare I say perfect? Hell yes.  I LOVE this brand.  I was excited to leave home with the Timetreasure Perfecting Water, designed to deliver hydration and clarification to the deepest layers of the skin, and the best selling, Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, a corrective treatment that penetrates deeply to revive damaged youth-depleted complexions.

Be prepared to dig deep in those pockets and pay top dollar but it’s worth every cent.  Who even knew this gem of a find was hidden in Neiman Marcus.  Ladies get over there today and try this for yourself.  You will NOT be disappointed.