The Face Bar. Tricia Dikes Creates the perfect peel for busy people

July 5, 2016


You know when they say “L.A.’s place to get great face! Red Carpet Ready Skin” and you think, yah, prove it…?

Well Face Bar did.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 9.18.34 AM Wow, what a difference a peel makes…In a field filled with contradictions, mystical therapies and empty promises, we have to choose our facial treatments and protocols wisely. The Face Bar features a proprietary treatment from premiere Beverly Hills Aesthetician, Tricia Dikes that is off the hook. Why?

Because Tricia has19 years experience, a client list that reads like a “who’s who” in Hollywood, and an incredible track record for results. Tricia’s chemical peel treatments have become one of the most trusted and sought after facial treatments in the industry. She is truly an innovator in the field of Aesthetics and skin rejuvenation. Until now, Tricia’s customized one-of-a-kind peels have only been offered in her private Beverly Hills practice.

Now, Tricia Dikes has brought her talent and treatments to Los Angelenos with her first spot on Beverly Boulevard. With very highly trained, seasoned Aestheticians, The Face Bar offers ( FOR AMAZING PRICES!!!) a similar signature peel that Tricia has been using for 19 years.


This peel was formulated and compounded by Tricia in conjunction with several leading Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists to create peel perfection. With its proprietary blend of natural fruit and chemical acids and active ingredients as well as brightening complexes, it works on discoloration, pigmentation imbalances, pores, fine lines and wrinkles, acnaic skin, sun damage, Melasma, aging and hormone changes – all with phenomenal instant results.

With one treatment, The Face Bar “Signature Peel”, can provide complexion perfection. Simple, efficient and with minimal down time, the results speak for themselves. I had one on a Tuesday, was lying semi-low until Saturday and went out that night with magical glowing skin.

In between the peel, clients are recommended to do a maintenance treatment.

“Glow On The Go” treatment, which promotes hydration, furthers collagen production, moisture balance and glow, and has no peeling or down time at all. Clients can move form the spa chair to the red carpet on the same day. With ongoing treatments every month, additional rejuvenation, cellular turnover and collagen production are in an active state and skin condition improvements are cumulative and exponential. Safe and effective for virtually all skin types and ethnicities, one “Signature Peel” will visibly transform your skin with an immediate bright, dewy glow. Clients will often see a 50% change in their skin with their first visit and even more dramatic results with regular visits, and for a fraction of the price Tricia charges in her private practice.



• Traditional facials only clean the surface of the skin, unable to reach beneath for very limited results

• Lasers require multiple, painful and expensive treatments which are also unpredictable and not recommended for a variety of ethnicities.

• Lasers can cause scarring, hyper or hypo pigmentation or sometimes have less than desired results.

• The Face Bar Signature Peel is quick, and intense, but a highly effective treatment, removing not only the fine lines, but also sun damage and Melasma.

• In addition to correcting hyper-pigmentation the Face Bar Signature peel will resurfacing the skin’s texture, tone and revive collagen and elasticity leaving the skin youthful and glowing.


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