Say “HO HO HELL NO!” This Season With Sabre

December 16, 2017


Sorry, but it’s true. Have you ever heard of being jumped by a woman? Or watch it, there’s a creepy woman following you in the parking lot? NO.

Ladies, we need to protect ourselves. When this pitch for lovely and feminine little devices that pack a punch for parking lot safety, holiday shopping safety, home protection, and holiday travel safety – let’s just say I perked the heck up!

Nationally renowned personal/home security company, SABRE, specializes in self-defense product lines to effectively and affordably keep consumers safe. They offer bad-ass Pepper Sprays, Pepper Gels, Personal Alarms, Athletic Security Products, New* Multitasking Stun Guns, and more. HECK YES!!!! 

Talk about stocking stuffers?! THIS IS GENIUS! Low cost, cool and BAD TO THE BONE. Give one to every woman you know. They will thank you with their life.

Kuros!™ Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring – Retail $11.99

Personal Alarm with Clip & LED Light – Retail: $14.99

Pepper Gel (+ Training Kit) – Retail: $11.99-$19.99

SABRE Dual Capacitor Stun Gun with LED Flashlight – Retail: $24.99
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