Philip B. Has Hair Loss And Scalp Health In Mind: Meet The Scalp Booster System

March 31, 2023

Scalp health is a crucial aspect of hair care, and Philip B Botanical hair care has come up with an amazing solution to help boost scalp health and promote hair growth. The Scalp Booster Set is a powerful treatment that nourishes and revitalizes the scalp, resulting in healthy, vibrant hair.

The Science Behind Scalp Health

The scalp is the foundation of healthy hair growth. It is home to thousands of hair follicles that require proper nourishment and care to thrive. Hair follicles receive essential nutrients and oxygen from the blood vessels in the scalp. A healthy scalp provides a supportive environment for hair growth, while an unhealthy scalp can lead to thinning, breakage, and even hair loss.

The Scalp Booster Set by Philip B Botanical hair care is designed to provide a powerful combination of natural ingredients that promote scalp health and encourage hair growth.

In addition to the Scalp Booster Set, Philip B Botanical hair care offers a comprehensive Scalp Boosting System that includes a range of products designed to promote scalp health and hair growth. This system includes the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, the Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Conditioner, and a range of scalp treatments, including the Rejuvenating Oil and the pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist.

Each of these products is formulated with a unique blend of natural ingredients that work together to nourish and revitalize the scalp, while promoting healthy hair growth. The Scalp Boosting System is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their overall scalp health and achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

The Process of Using the Scalp Booster Set

The Scalp Booster Set consists of two products: the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Conditioner.

The Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is a powerful, deep-cleansing shampoo that removes buildup, excess oil, and impurities from the scalp. It is formulated with a unique blend of natural ingredients, including tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil, which help to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, increase circulation, and promote healthy hair growth.

After using the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, the Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Conditioner should be applied. This conditioner contains a nourishing blend of natural ingredients, including avocado oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil. These ingredients work together to hydrate and moisturize the hair, while also providing the scalp with essential nutrients.

Why the Scalp Booster Set is Excellent for Scalp and Hair Health and Growth

The Scalp Booster Set is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their scalp health and promote hair growth. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Deep Cleansing: The Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is designed to remove buildup, excess oil, and impurities from the scalp. This deep cleansing helps to unclog hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.
  2. Nourishing Ingredients: The Scalp Booster Set contains a blend of natural ingredients that are known to nourish and revitalize the scalp. Tea tree oil, eucalyptus, peppermint oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil all work together to provide the scalp with essential nutrients and promote healthy hair growth.
  3. Improved Circulation: The natural ingredients in the Scalp Booster Set help to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which increases circulation and promotes healthy hair growth.
  4. Hydration: The Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Conditioner helps to hydrate and moisturize the hair, which can help prevent breakage and split ends.
    The full system is available here for $225

The Scalp Booster Set from Philip B Botanical hair care is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their scalp health and promote hair growth. With its deep cleansing, nourishing ingredients, and ability to improve circulation and hydration, the Scalp Booster Set is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve healthy, vibrant hair.

Photospherix Is The Revolutionary Power Behind Veriphy Skincare

Meet Veriphy, a revolutionary skincare brand that combines the power of natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology designed to address a wide range of common skin concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne, and are suitable for all skin types.

Veriphy skincare is a brand that has been gaining popularity in the beauty industry, and for good reason. Their products are not only effective, but also innovative. One of the key ingredients that sets Veriphy apart from other skincare brands is Photospherix®.

Photospherix® is a type of phytoglycogen, which is a natural carbohydrate derived from plants. It is specifically extracted from the seeds of certain plants, and has been found to have numerous benefits for the skin. In particular, Photospherix® is a powerful antioxidant, which means it can help to protect the skin from environmental damage caused by pollution and UV radiation.

But that’s not all. Photospherix® is also incredibly hydrating. It has been shown to increase the skin’s moisture levels by up to 35%, which is great news for anyone with dry or dehydrated skin. And because it is a natural ingredient, it is gentle enough to use on all skin types.

Veriphy has incorporated Photospherix® into a number of their products, including their Power Trip Facial Serum and their Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer. These products have been praised by beauty bloggers and skincare enthusiasts alike for their ability to hydrate and protect the skin, leaving it looking and feeling soft, smooth, and radiant.

All products are developed and manufactured in Canada using sustainable packaging and practices. All Veriphy products are up to 98% natural and 100% cruelty-free, with no animal testing.


Menopause Drenched Sheets Just Met Their Match: Meet SOMÉ

March 19, 2023

Did you know that over 41% of adults experience night sweats and that 80% of women suffer from night sweats?

Lara Smith, Founder of the award-winning cooling sleepwear brand, Lusomé, applied its proprietary technology to sheets and created SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performace Sheets, a first-of-its-kind dynamic temperature regulating sheets, so that one can keep cool when they sleep. As a menopausal woman – I am giving a round of hand claps. Times ten.

Its cooling phase-change technology will prevent night sweats by helping you keep a stable body temperature.  It can regulate body temperature up to 5 degrees.

Most “cooling” sheets on the market are made mainly with bamboo fabrics and treated polyester, neither offering true cooling nor thermoregulating properties. SOMÉ’s sheets are soft and breathable because they are made with 400 thread count and 80s cotton.

More than one-third of the population is not getting enough sleep, and it’s no wonder: 41% of adults experience night sweats that keep them up at night.

As women, we have it even worse, with 80% of us enduring night sweats for an average of 7 years in our lifetime. While there are a variety of cooling sheets on the market that have offered a solution, the bamboo and treated polyester fabrics used to design them do not offer true cooling or thermo-regulating benefits, which independent lab tests have proven to keep one at their optimal body temperature.

Finally, there is a new solution that actually delivers—introducing, SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets. Powered by SOMÉ’s exclusive XirotexTM Cool fabric, a first-of-its-kind dynamic temperature regulation technology, SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets promises both instant and continuous evaporating cooling to ensure your body is kept at an optimal temperature all night.

Here’s how it works.

As the body starts to warm up at night, the heat energy is pulled into the fibers and stored before the body releases moisture vapor and sweat. This dynamic response to body heat ensures that an optimal body temperature is maintained. Meanwhile, the vaporizing energy action ensures continuous cooling, activated by heat and sweat. The best part? Bed sharers will fall asleep peacefully knowing their bodies will each be kept at an ideal temperature.

“Sleeping hot and night sweats negatively impact the quality of sleep, resulting in a host of health issues,” says Lara Smith, CEO of SOMÉ the parent brand of Lusomé, the award-winning cooling sleepwear brand. “To think that we have finally solved this issue for so many adults with our exclusive XirotexTM Cool fabric is something our team is extremely humbled by. Those whose sleep is disrupted by overheating will sleep comfortably from now on.

To learn more about SOMÉ please visit

About SOMÉ:

SOMÉ is a global luxury wellness brand devoted to innovating the quality of sleep through technology and science-infused fabrics. SOMÉ was envisioned through the COVID-19 pandemic by Lusomé founder Lara Smith when the demand for Lusomé tech pajamas skyrocketed. Powered by the Xirotex family of proprietary technologies, SOMÉ is devoted to improving sleep quality through the thoughtful integration of science and technology with ultimate luxury.

If you ask Lara Smith what led her to create SOMÉ the new umbrella brand to Lusomé, she would tell you it was partly circumstantial, partly destiny.

She kicked off her 20-year career at two of the biggest fashion houses in the world – Ralph Lauren and Gucci – and quickly worked her way up as a senior executive at some of Canada’s largest retailers. There, she traveled the globe to discover and create innovative apparel solutions that would make a difference in the lives of consumers.

But it wasn’t until Lara watched her sister battle with breast cancer and the uncomfortable, long-term side effects that resulted from her treatments that she set out to find the most important solution of all – a solution to preventing overheating and night sweats in the clothing that is meant to make us feel beautiful. Lara looked throughout North America and Europe for a sleep brand with beautiful style and fabrics, but they were using 100% polyester and chemicals in the finishing process. Not to mention, their cooling technology never truly worked.

That’s when Lara decided to create her own solution, one that fuses beauty, comfort and science. Her vision came to life through Lusomé, now a 10 year old pajama brand that promotes the health and sleep of its wearers through first-of-its-kind technology that stops night sweats before it starts. While the demand for Lusomé pajamas surged during the pandemic, Lara also fought off a hostile takeover by one of the biggest players in this category. She did this while creating SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets using the same groundbreaking technology as a solution to the global sleep crisis.

Supercharge Your Mitochondria: High Dose NAD+ No Needles: ION LAYER Brings It Home

March 18, 2023

All of the benefits of high dose prescription strength NAD+ IVs without the needles, all at home, whenever you want, for a fraction of the cost. And I absolutely love it. I feel energized but not jittery, hyper or caffeinated. I feel focused, centered and embodied. The word is – I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

Here is the full deal on this!

Ion Laye’rs iontophoresis transdermal patches provide a non-invasive process to replenish and increase the bioavailability of NAD+ in your body. Apply your IonLayer patch like a bandaid and go about normal day-to-day activities while getting a steady drip of NAD+. After 4 hours, toss it and you’re done!

IonLayer Patch > IVs > Supplements


What Is Ionotophoresis?

Iontophoresis, pronounced eye-ohn-toe-for-e-sus, is usually administered with large machines, cables, and enormous localized patches that use a low electric current to deliver medication through the skin, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands (small glands that keep your skin moisturized) and into the underlying tissue.

The molecule you want to deliver is applied to an electrode pad with a similar charge and saline is placed on the opposite pad. Once the patch is applied to the skin, the electric circuit is complete and the compound begins to make its way through the skin.

For anyone that actually paid attention in physics class, this is where the principle of “like repels like” kicks in and repels the drug away from the similarly charged electrode pad and into the skin. Remember trying to push two magnets together at their similarly charged poles? That is exactly what is happening here.

While the technology of iontophoresis has existed for a long period of time, new innovations have led to single use patches that have a small battery that drives the electric charge compared to an enormous, antiquated machine that powers the patch.

Some of the unique benefits of Iontophoresis? Well, by delivering compounds using this very low current over a long time duration, this process allows more of the compound to actually penetrate the skin. Delivery through iontophoresis also generally reduces the symptoms that would arise from an enormous bolus dose injected directly into a blood vessel, which is how a lot of compounds are delivered today.

This leads to effective treatment with a very low incidence of side effects and most importantly—no needles!‍

So What Does The Science Say?

Studies like this one and this one have demonstrated the efficacy of iontophoresis delivery for compounds like vitamin C and dexamethasone, a corticosteroid commonly used to treat inflammation.

This other more specific study looked at the delivery of a compound using a iontophoresis patch and concluded that not only was the treatment well tolerated, but it also allowed for the delivery of “therapeutic drug levels for longer periods than currently possible.” This is important since delivering a compound over a long period of time is a key piece in mitigating uncomfortable side effects.

So if you like schlepping it all the way to your nearest clinic, wasting time in a waiting room, and then getting pricked by a needle to get your treatment, then maybe Iontophoresis isn’t for you.

But if you want to be able to get medication delivered through a painless patch that allows you to go about your day while getting treatment… well, then this might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.


Why Is Everyone Taking High Dose NAD+?

The world’s top physicians, biohackers, celebrities, and athletes are turning to high dose NAD+ infusions, but why?

NAD+ is a critical coenzyme your body uses to produce energy & regulate key bodily functions. The problem is that as we age the level of NAD+ in our bodies decreases which is associated with the acceleration of your body’s aging and most disease processes.

The good news? You can increase it.


Boosted Energy & Metabolism

NAD+ has been shown to increase your mitochondria function and ATP production, the “power plant” and energy currency of your cells that drive your energy and metabolism.[*]

Reduced Inflammation

Raising NAD+ status for only one week has shown reduced expression of inflammation markers such as TNFa and IL-6 and has been shown to reduce symptoms of inflammatory autoimmune conditions.[**]

A Better Working Brain

NAD+ pathways have been shown as critical to prevent neuronal degradation, increase neuroplasticity, and counteract processes that lead to cognitive decline seen in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.[*]

Improved Performance & Recovery

Increasing NAD+ levels in mice has been shown to increase endurance, capacity, stem cells, and regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue.[*]

Improved Longevity

NAD+ levels decline as you age. This decline is linked to age-related diseases like cognitive decline, cancer, metabolic disease, and frailty. Many of these processes have been shown to slow or even reverse by restoring NAD+ levels.[*]

Better DNA Repair

DNA damage has been linked to a variety of diseases and aging. NAD+ status improvement has been shown to increase angiogenesis, DNA repair and synthesis, and liver regeneration.[**]

putting patch on

Join Ion Layer to get 6 needle-free at-home NAD+ treatments up to $150 off.

What you Get:
1 complete kit per order
6 RX-exclusive Iontophoresis patches
3,000 mg NAD+ coverage per month (500mg/ patch)
Easy to apply


Some people claim that taking the supplemental precursors of NAD+ (like NMN and NR) can boost NAD+ and have a beneficial effect — I don’t buy it. There are plenty of people much smarter than I am who have debunked this and anecdotally I have taken a lot of the precursors and have felt nothing. I have tried creams, liposomal gels, pills, etc., and have noticed nothing from them.


Getting NAD+ straight into your bloodstream seems to be the most effective way to boost levels, and that’s where we’ve noticed the most amount of benefits as well. The only way to really do that right now is via IV drips. But IV NAD+ isn’t ideal. It is super expensive ($700-1400+ per IV depending on the place and amount of NAD+!), you have to go to the clinic and sit there for hours, and because of the concentrations you get, it feels like your insides are going through a meat grinder and like you are internally vomiting. You also ideally have to go multiple days in a row, which alone is nearly impossible for most people.

IonLayer Patch > IVs > Supplements

We use iontophoresis transdermal patches that provide a non-invasive process to replenish and increase the bioavailability of NAD+ in your body. Apply your IonLayer patch like a bandaid and go about normal day-to-day activities while getting a steady drip of NAD+. After 4 hours, toss it and you’re done!

The NAD+ is delivered straight into the bloodstream, right at home, at a fraction of the cost, and with no needles. Win-win-win.

How Ion Layer Works
Mix NAD+ Solution
NAD+ is most effective when it is used immediately after it is reconstituted. This is why we offer you individually portioned vials of NAD+ and sterile water solution (blue bottles) to mix right before use.
Apply Solution to Patch
To power your Ion Layer patch, apply the provided salt solution (pink bottles) on the negative side and your NAD+ solution on the positive side. This will help push the NAD+ into your bloodstream without needles.
Apply Patch to Skin
Place your Ion Layer patch anywhere on your body that is free of hair. The included battery will begin powering the patch automatically and delivering the NAD+ to your bloodstream without any sensation.
That’s it!
Go about your day without restrictions and wear the patch for at least four hours to get a steady drip of high-dose NAD+. After fourteen hours, remove the patch just like you would a bandaid and toss.


What is NAD+ and how does it really work?

NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme that is required for over 500 biological processes (that we know of now) in the body including metabolism and energy production, cellular and DNA repair, organ function, and more.

NAD+ is the form of NAD that essentially acts like a shuttle which is able to carry electrons around the body and drop them off at certain places we need them to carry out enzymatic reactions. The more electrons available to do work, the more capacity your body has to do a whole host of things.

We naturally produce it and it’s a derivative of a B vitamin, but we produce much less of it as we age, and even less as it gets “used up” by inflammatory processes.

If you increase the amount of NAD+ it has been shown to improve energy production, reduce inflammation, extend lifespan, and impact nearly every single organ system in a positive way. You’ve probably noticed fringe health people taking NAD+ from everything from detox like us to longevity and peak health optimization and everything in between.


Therapeutic potential of NAD-boosting molecules: the in vivo evidence, Wajman and Sinclair, 2019
So how do you increase NAD+? The obvious ways of having a clean diet, heat/cold exposure, exercise, etc. But you can also get NAD+ exogenously (sort of similar to ketones).

That’s where IonLayer comes in. Our goal is to make high-dose NAD+ available without the needles, all at home, and for a fraction of the cost. 

If you have any questions about IonLayer or NAD+, don’t hesitate to hit reply and reach out.


Sleep Week-Must Have: Flora + Bast’s Deep Sleep System

March 13, 2023

Sleep Week is here! With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to overlook your sleep routine and with daylight savings in full swing, your sleep routine is going through another upheaval.

Reprioritize your sleep this week (and beyond) with Flora + Bast, an LA- based wellness brand offering an array of sleep-inducing products to help maximize the quality and duration of your sleep.


Flora + Bast’s Deep Sleep System consists of three products that take mindful rest to the next level.

  1. The Deep Sleep + Meditation Mask is a lightweight, soft satin fabric mask designed to help you reclaim lost REM sleep- a critical part of the sleep cycle that is often disturbed by light.

  2. The Deep Sleep Nutraceutical Gummy is a melatonin-free supplement that will have you feeling refreshed in the morning thanks to its unique formula that contains cannabinoids CBN, CBD, and L-Theanine for relaxation.

  3. Finally, the Age Adapting Sleep Tincture is taken sublingually and works to gently regulate the circadian rhythm.

In addition to the Deep Sleep System, Flora + Bast products are available in four categories: Sex, Sleep, Skincare, and Mood. Using full spectrum cannabinoids to achieve effective, lasting results, Flora + Bast is a pioneer in the wellness space as they continue to innovate age-old solutions for modern problems.

The Deep Sleep System retails for $123 on the company website as well as