6 Tips to Prevent Face Mask Breakouts

May 27, 2020

Face masks are necessary right now, but they can cause problems with your skin, specifically breakouts. While they can be uncomfortable physically (and emotionally), they are important to wear so we can keep ourselves and others around us safe.

After wearing a face mast, here are six things you can do, at home, to make sure your skin remains bacteria-free.

  1. Keep your mask clean. Wash in hot soapy water after EVERY use. This includes the disposable surgical masks.
  2. The moisture from your breath being trapped is a breeding ground for bacteria. Be sure to cleanse your face thoroughly after wear and before going to bed.
  3. Now is a great time to add a weekly clay mask as a pore purifying treatment. I personally like the Acu Mask from DMK (https://www.dannemking.com/product/acu-masque/?location=54%20Bolton%20Rd,%20Wayne,%20NJ%2007470,%20USA&radius=100)
  4. Include make-up free days. Your face is pretty much covered already, so try to limit your foundation wear. Not having makeup will help to ward off breakouts since the masks will trap all moisture.
  5. Friction can lead to irritation. Add a calming serum with Beta Glucan to reduce inflammation.
  6. Adding an acid toner or mask with AHAs/BHAs to exfoliate will help to flush out pore while thoroughly exfoliating dead skin cells that cause breakouts.

To stay on top of your skincare regime, reach out to your local esthetician as many are offering delivery and curbside pickup of your favorite products. Many are also offering virtual consultations to help you navigate around your skincare needs.

Molly Lamb is the owner of Skin by Molly, Brooklyn’s #1 facial studio, and the senior account manager at DMK, a global paramedical skincare company. As a licensed esthetician, Molly’s love for skincare developed with her own skin struggles. She believes that beautiful skin comes from the inside out. Diet, genetics, and hormones all play a pivotal role in healthy skin.


Argaux’s Last Minute Memorial Day Wine Sale That Will Arrive In Time 

May 20, 2020

 Memorial Day is almost here this weekend, so that means breaking out the refreshing rose and we have you covered! Female founded wine Argaux, rose from around the world that will teleport you to the beach you were supposed to be bathing on this Memorial Day weekend. 

Argaux has sourced 12 roses from the founder/sommelier’s go-to summer destinations near and far just in time for the holiday weekend. Argaux’s rose to the rescue, grab your sun-hat, shades, and suit and get the summer started.

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DEAL: 15% off one time payments (2 cases of Rose over 4 months, starting at $150). Each month you will receive 6 wines (2 bottles of each selection for that month). Between May and August you’ll receive a total of 24 bottles (2 cases of Rose) with fast shipping locally and nationally.

Other offerings that are great for all occasions: 

Quarantine Edition Blind Tasting Kit ($50-$100)

Looking to keep the wine flowing? Argaux’s Blind Tasting Kit makes for the perfect activity to keep the fun going on date night activity, virtual happy hours with friends and family or even that perfect Sunday Funday in your backyard.

About Argaux:  Argaux started as a passion project between two friends who enjoyed throwing dinner parties in college. Arden and Margaux met their Freshman year at the University of Arizona. They bonded over their love of food, cooking and entertaining. Plus, they share the exact same birthday: February 20th, 1992.

Their friendship grew over monthly dinner parties they co-hosted for friends and roommates. Soon they were known as the “dinner party enthusiasts” and their appetite for all things food and cooking fostered their newfound interest and passion for wine. By their senior year in college friends called Arden and Margaux, Argaux.

Various wine bars around Tucson became their “library” where they’d ponder the possibilities and dream up a business plan for what once was a passion project, and now a budding business.

Today, Arden & Margaux are both sommeliers. Their business―Argaux―is 3 years old and based in Costa Mesa, California.

Essential Oils That Won’t Break The Bank (Since there is none now)

May 7, 2020

In love with these affordable oils from Greenerways Organic. Dropping them in tub whenever possible (Now)!

The oils are 100% USDA certified organic, are a necessity for silky and glowing skin without any chemicals, artificial ingredients or oily residue!

The 4 oz essential oils come in 5 offerings and nicely priced at $9.99!

Muscle Relax

And the 2 oz kits come in 2 offerings and priced at $14.99

Daily Essentials

Treat yourself to some goodness without going broke!

Don’t Even Think About Self Extractions (But If You Do, Candace Marino Walks You Through It)

May 4, 2020

Spoiler Alert -celebrity esthetician- Candace Marino, aka the LA Facialist is not an advocate of self extractions. According to Candace” It’s the equivalent of giving free condoms to teens – not encouraging it, but if they’re going to do it, let’s make it safe!”

Seeing too many horror stories as clients were sucked into the rabbit hole of the 10X magnifying mirror, Candace believes in saving it for the experts.
That being said, trapped at home with a next facial [potentially] months away, it’s peak pick time so she is breaking down the safest way to self-extract and care for your poor pores!

Here is a basic breakdown of her at home “Pore Protocol”

  • Gentle Cleanser with light acids for mild exfoliation
  • Product Recco: SkinBetter Oxygen Infusion wash/oxygenating acid complex to help prevent/treat breakouts
Heat / DIY Steam [Note: NOT recommended for anyone with melasma or hyperpigmentation.]
  • Favorite/most cost effective way to steam is by boiling hot water
  • Throw some tea in there to give off spa vibes
  • Hover over the pot with a towel over your head to trap in steam for 5 minutes to allow your skin to soften
  • No longer or it can cause TEWL [transepidermal water loss and dehydration]
Direction for Extract but first – PUT down the knife – use clean fingers only – leave digging devices to the professionals to avoid potential permanent scarring or pigmentation issues and injury.
  • Wrap finger in tissue or cotton, gently pinch the skin together and press upward
  • Press only the direction you want the congestion to go. If you’re pressing down into the skin you’re making things worse, and potentially spreading bacteria under the skin.
  • Be gentle and give pores a break in between & minimize nails
  • Leave aggravated or super stubborn acne alone – hard angry or underground is no go
Cleanserepeat same as above
Ice Roller Product Recco: Stacked ideal for immediate for inflammation reduction and pain
Tone Product Recco: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50W with AHA/BHA to micro-exfoliate and balance skin
Mask Biologique Recherche Vivant or Masque VIP02

“Pores are not doors – they don’t open or close – but we can improve their appearance”Candace Marino

  1. Extract with caution and care
  2. Keep face free from cellular build up and environmental sludge — triple cleanse
  3. Clean pores will always appear smaller so exfoliate daily [Salicylic Acid is your friend – use it!]
  4. Strengthen collagen and elastin with peptides
  5. Support balance using humectants and moisture binders like hyaluronic acid
  6. Don’t overly dry – limit Benzoyl Peroxide it can create a rebound effect of more production of sebum
  7. Incorporate BHA in skincare daily – add it!
  8. Use hydrating, calming and soothing serum after extractions iS Clinical HydraCool Serum
  9. Retinol for turnover without trauma Better Skin AlphaRet overnight combo of AHA and Retinol
  10. Go for the big guns weekly with a peel AlphaRet Peel Pads with the starring role of Retinoic Acid
FINAL NOTE: little dots on your nose most likely aren’t blackheads, they’re sebaceous filaments.
Blackheads will be raised, textured, truly black, thick and waxy. The skin oils solidify, forming plugs that can dilate the pore further leading to enlarged pores. Sebaceous filaments are the normal function of the follicle. Narrow, lighter in color under the skin — they do not fully obstruct the pore and are not meant for extractions.
top LA facialist Candace Moreno

According to Dr. Ava: It’s The Right Time To Ramp Up Retinoids At Home

April 29, 2020

Retinoids are the A-List of all Vitamin-A derivatives. The gold standard for over 2 decades in wrinkle reduction, pore refining, texture softening, dimming discoloration and fighting acne can however, be highly reactionary.
Not all created equally with some less potent and some a harsher as they essentially work to trick the skin into thinking and acting like its younger self.

“Retinol transition can be outright treacherous with dermal downtime but,
worth every flake in the end”
– Dr. Ava Shamban

A bright side Benjamin Buttons skin scenario is the “Qua-Routine” can power through the “rough stuff” red, flaking, raw, irritation and inflammation. Come June, emerge fully “filtered” with visible improvements and glowing reviews.
  • NEVER too early or too late
  • Best to start when there is limited to sun exposure / outdoor activities [and not a chemical peel, laser or other contraindications in sight]
  • Minimum 1-month commitment to breakthrough the transitional side effects and dermal downtime
  • Engages skin cell turnover — replacing old with new, fresh cells
  • Thickens skin from inside out
  • Stimulates production of new blood vessels
  • Removes dead skin cells keeping pores clear
  • Eliminates dry rough patches
  • Dims discoloration and smooths scarring
  • Increases collagen and elastin
  • Retinyl palmitate – lowest strength / converts with enzymes but at 20-25% % less potent than Retinol
  • Retinol Most tolerable middle strength OTC product
  • Retinaldehyde High strength product converts 10 times faster into Retinoic Acid in skin therefore considerably stronger than Retinol
  • Adapalene Strongest OTC option but a little different than the others. It slows process of hyperkeratinization in the pores making it a beneficial acne treatment. Can be used with Benzoyl Peroxide without contraindications.
RX versions include: Retin-A, Tretinoin or Tazarotene, which work faster, no conversion and most effective, but also extra irritating to the skin/sun sensitive. Tretinoin can be less effective if used with Benzoyl Peroxide products.
  • Start at night pea sized amount twice weekly
  • Building up to 3X and then nightly over 4 weeks
  • Another 2-4 weeks of nightly usage will yield real results
  • Add neck/décolleté
  • Use calming moisturizer or serum to hydrate and sooth skin at night
  • Add a hydrating spray by day helps to keep from itching/touching face
  • Wear sunscreen daily SPF 30 – [preferably mineral]
  • After 2 months of consistent nightly usage peeling redness and all irritations will be gone
  • Game-changing reduction in fine lines, dark spots, pores, texture, tone and acne
Here is a list of Dr. A’s fave  Retinols
All formulas are developed by our Swiss R&D laboratory and scientists with over 30 years of experience in the skincare industry; they are famous for their cutting-edge innovation, outstanding quality, and high performance-driven actives.
Evening application. Unretouched clinical photography. Data on file, skinbetter science. Individual results may vary. *Twice-daily application of Even Tone Correcting Serum and evening application of AlphaRet Overnight Cream.
U.SK Underskin: 
Experience radiant skin as enchanting as the purest of precious stones! This is the premise of U.SK UNDER SKIN, a brand that relies on excellence and a partnership with renowned Italian laboratory, Monteresearch.