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Your Holiday Tree, Only This Time Have It Delivered And Keep It Forever

December 6, 2020

With a new puppy, who is legit eating everything on the floor, there was no way we could handle a real tree this season. The thought of micro-managing pine needles and wrestling them from her mouth made me even more anxious than I already am. And I’m pretty much a mess right now.

I always get my trees at Home Depot, so I mosided over to their (online) selection of artificial trees and it was love at first sight. There are some real beauties that look anything but cheesy or fake.

I was deadset on a white tree, if I was going to go fake – just really amp up the decor vibe. Alas, the kids wanted this stunner and now she’s ours.

Prelit with little warm colored lights, berried and pine cones – she is true perfection. Took all of ten minutes to get her up.

Pro tip: SAVE THE BOX for storage (but you knew this).

Here she is – but we are still pimping her out and going to break out our ornaments.

I also think this little chart is totally brilliant to make your online tree shopping as well-informed as possible.

There’s still time to fill your home with warmth and cheer during this miserable time – and there is nothing like a tree that will last forever to make this happen. Merry holidays!

Better Rhodes, The first premium AF Marketplace (That’s Alcohol Free!)

November 29, 2020

It is a truth universally acknowledged that drinks bring people together, so this holiday season why not give the gift of indulgence without a hangover?

Meet Better Rhodes, the first alcohol-free marketplace that is on a mission to highlight the exciting world of zero booze beverages. Its website features over 125 varieties of “dry” beer, wine and spirits which makes it a one-stop shop to explore, sample and enjoy alcohol-free drinks.

Alcohol Free Cocktails Through its holiday assortment of gift boxes and curated collections, Better Rhodes showcases the best of alcohol-free beverages that will have you ready for your holiday toasts, festive mocktails, not to mention something special for the ‘Nice’ people on your list.

Better Rhodes has created seasonal mocktail kits along with some curated collections that will make the 2020 holiday season your most festive and flavourful yet!  Whether you are looking for something for the mocktail fanatic or the novice, these offerings are sure to delight friends and family:

For the Ultimate Mocktail Enthusiast-Master Class Hosting.  There is a mocktail for every occasion and this kit contains everything you need to create magical mocktails. It includes 2 IPAS, 2 Ales, Ritual Whiskey, 2 Dry Soda Ginger, Nosecco Brut, Vin (zero) Merlot, Bin, Fruit, Fruit-small, 2 Mason jar glasses and some recipes so one can become a master of their own mixes.   $99.99 + shipping.

Set up a Picture-Perfect Mocktail Station with the Holiday Hosting 101 Box. A good host/hostess knows that a guest needs something to sip on – have a variety of options, mixers and AF beverages, which are a must-have on any holiday hosting checklist, that way there is something for everyone. With an Ariel Cab Sauv, an Ariel Chardonay, stemless wine glasses, fruit, 2 IPAs, 2 Ales and 2 Stouts, this gift contains all the essentials you will need to create mocktails at home.  $49.99 + shipping.

The Brunch and Bubbly Collection. Bring on the Bubbles and celebrate with friends and family with this delicious Mimosa Collection, zero alcohol and zero compromises. Make this an alcohol-free treat for a friend or for yourself. It includes a Brut Blanc, Brut Rosé, 2 mixers and recipe cards. $35.00 + shipping.

The Baby Bump Boxtail Kit.  This kit features a variety of bump-friendly beverages, mixers, snacks and accessories that have been carefully curated for maximum flavor and fun. The box is ideal for new moms or moms simply wanting to explore the exciting world of alcohol-free refreshments. It retails for $94.99 + shipping.

The Perfect Hostess Gift. Impress your hostess with a party in a bottle such as AF alternative, Hill Street Vin (Zero) Brut Rosé. Retails at $12.99 + shipping.

Lean in on the zero booze trend this holiday season and give a gift that will let one clink glasses and sip some goodness while embarking on a healthier lifestyle without cutting back on fun.  At Better Rhodes one can learn how simple it is to have a good time without alcohol, make authentic connections while sober and spread some holiday cheer! For more information on how to elevate your gift-giving and enhance one’s wellness long after the holidays, please visit BETTER RHODES!

Ecovacs: The Black Friday Must Have All Year Round

November 27, 2020

 Because Looking At Dirty Floors All Day Is No Longer An Option

Guys, my OCD is BAD. It entails not being able to work with a messy house and dirty counters and floors. Since I am home all day, you can imagine that half my day is spent….cleaning. It reminds me of high school when my best friend simply could not get high until her bedroom was immaculate. Seeing as I have two kids and now a white hair colored dog and dark dark DARK floors, all I can see is STUFF. Dirt. Hair. Stuff the dog brings in from the yard. Gum wrappers. Crap. Stuff. Crap. Dust. Dog hair. HELLPPPP.

This year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday season, that is…. I wanted to invest in something that would be life-changing (you know what I mean). Something that would enhance my efficancy. A purchase of worth and value to my TIME.

Enter ECOVACS. This thing is a beast. And you don’t need to be a clean freak or have OCD about dirty floors to lose your mind over it.

This little sassy robot is saving my life – seriously. I am no longer chasing dirt and dust and dog hair and crap….this little cutie, my son named him Bob (everything is Bob for some reason), is doing it all for me. It took a little bit of time to set up and get Bob all ready to roll, but once he got rolling, boy, was he happy to get the job done.

I also grabbed the Auto Empty Station because it ups my not cleaning at ALL for  30-plus days of by automatically emptying the T8 and T8 AIVI, holding up to one month’s worth of dirt, debris and pet hair.

So here is the deal below.  You’ll want to get your own Bob NOW….you’ve got a week of cleaning floors before he takes over ( unless you want to pay full price after that BUT WHY?)…and you can get back to what you do best. YOU. (Not being Bob).

  • Black Friday Deal: Best Buy exclusive: $449 (36% off MSRP of $699) 11/22 – 12/5

  • All-in-One Vacuuming and Mopping with Advanced Obstacle Avoidance: Removes 99.26% of bacteria from floors, detects and avoids small objects like shoes, cords and small toys to prevent the robot from getting stuck

  • Smart Laser Mapping: Creates a precise map of your floor for complete and efficient cleaning, enabling custom cleaning features like virtual boundaries, custom room/area cleaning, and multi-floor mapping

  • Auto-Empty Station: 30-plus days of hands-free cleaning by automatically emptying the T8+

  • 3 Hours Runtime:  Provides up to 3,200 sq. ft. of continuous cleaning

  • Home Automation: smart home compatible, and can be controlled via the app

The revolutionary DEEBOT T8 provides users with the ultimate cleaning experience as the first DEEBOT product to include TrueDetect technology for advanced obstacle avoidance. The DEEBOT T8 can map homes with 4X the accuracy and not miss a spot. Working alongside its OZMO™Mopping System, the DEEBOT T8 offers precise water control so users don’t over-wet floors and is smart enough to automatically avoid carpets when the mopping pad is on. The DEEBOT T8 is designed to appeal to users who don’t need the camera monitoring function of the DEEBOT T8 AIVI but demand the best cleaning experience. The DEEBOT T8 is available for $649 on, Amazon, and online at Wal-Mart and Target.

TrueDetect advanced obstacle avoidance for uninterrupted cleaning:

TrueDetect uses 3D structured light technology to detect, avoid and clean around furniture and objects like shoes, cords and small toys. It precisely scans for depth and distance to create a fast and accurate 3D image of space and objects, down to the millimeter level. Its object detection is 10X more accurate than traditional infrared technology.


TrueMapping precision navigation for thorough and efficient cleaning:

TrueMapping scans, maps and plans an efficient cleaning path faster and more precisely, to prevent missed or repeated areas. The laser mapping and navigation technology uses a direct time-of-flight (dToF) laser sensor for 2X greater range (up to 10m) and 4X greater accuracy, detecting objects as small as 2mm. The precise maps enable advanced custom cleaning like unlimited boundaries (keep-out areas), support for multiple floors, and cleaning by room or area.


OZMO™ Mopping System for the convenience of vacuuming and mopping in-one-go:

Effective all-in-one cleaning removes up to 99.26% of bacteria on floors. An electronically controlled water pump provides precise water flow control, and automatic carpet detection avoids carpets when mopping to keep them from getting wet. A full-size 240mL water tank covers over 2,000 square feet.

Up to 3 hours of runtime:

The 5200mAh lithium ion battery covers up to 3200 square feet of continuous cleaning on a single charge.

Compatible with the T8 as well as best-selling DEEBOT model, the T8 AIVI, the two new accessories round-out a truly hands-off and next-level cleaning experience. Sold separately and complete with an easy, stress-free set-up, the accessories continue ECOVACS’ commitment to make cleaning seamless.

The new OZMO Pro builds upon the OZMO Mopping System by tackling the most stubborn of stains –including dried liquids and pet prints –with results comparable to an electronic mop. The OZMO Pro takes floor cleaning further than any system to-date, with high-frequency vibration that oscillates 480 times-per-minute minute and includes a unique, super-charged mopping mode.

Two mopping patterns (quick scrubbing and deep scrubbing) and four different water release levels can also be customized to a users’ needs for a superior clean. With a large 240-millileter water tank and mop detection sensors, the OZMO Pro automatically turns mopping mode on and off to avoid over-dampening or under-wetting floors.

It also comes with easy-to-change disposable mopping cloths, so users don’t have to spend time washing cloths repeatedly. The OZMO Pro is available for $99.99 on and rolling out to other retailers soon.

In addition, the new Auto-Empty Station provides 30-plus days of hands-free cleaning by automatically emptying the T8 and T8 AIVI, holding up to one month’s worth of dirt, debris and pet hair.

With DEEBOT T8 and T8 AIVI voice alert on the ECOVACS app, users will be alerted when it’s time for a new bag. This easy upgradable feature provides DEEBOT owners with a no-stop home cleaning experience–without lifting a finger. The Auto-Empty Station is available for $249.99 on and is also rolling out to other retailers soon.


About ECOVACS is singularly focused on making daily lives easier and more efficient with intelligent and connected home service robotics. With a deep, 22-year history in smart home development and 100% ownership of its R&D and manufacturing, thecompany leads the market in patents and innovative product development in home service robotics. ECOVACS first premiered in the U.S. with its DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaners, today a top 3 market leader, along with its WINBOT robotic window cleaner. For more information, please visit:

The Perfect Puffer Is Now Cruelty Free, Peta-Approved And Machine Washable

November 26, 2020

Harper Coats has made the puffer jacket of my dreams. I am legit obsessed.

First off, it’s the little yet big things: machine-washable, makeup-proof winter coats! No more stained coat collars OR smudged makeup. Things you don’t think about until it’s to late – your coat is dirty (could that be lipstick?) and you can’t simply throw it in the wash. Hello Harper with the perfect solution. Toss. In. Wash.

So these oversized cocoon hoods and extra-wide collars don’t brush against your face – it’s super easy to wear accessories, earrings and headphones/Air Pods, face masks!

It comes in three styles:

Uptown Puffer

Brunch Puffer

January Parka

And three different weights and colorways.

THE BEST PART!! Every style is $350 or less, cruelty-free and PETA-approved.


Don’t miss Black Friday promotion, which offers 30% off every style
through Cyber Monday (11/30). 


Harper Coats , coming straight outta NYC, was born from tireless coat transitions: from work, to workouts, to drinks, and dog walks the next morning. When it came to outerwear, why was there an empty space between function and formality? Vegan and stylish? Quality and cost? Durability and convenience?

Imagine – a premier collection of vegan puffers and parkas, presented in partnership with PETA?  I am smitten.

We are incredibly proud to launch our first official collection in partnership with PETA,” said Rachel Thaw, CEO of Harper Coats. “At Harper, we believe everyone deserves to feel warm, cozy, and stylish at an affordable price, but without sacrificing sustainability or impact. Harper Coats are made using the same timeless designs as your favorite labels, but we’ve swapped sustainable direct-to-consumer operations for luxury retail markups, and opted for PETA-approved, eco-friendly, machine-washable materials over animal-based textiles or fill,” Thaw continued.

“Kudos to Harper Coats for not only helping to stop the barbaric killing of animals but also going one step further by putting its fur stock to good use,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “Kind shoppers can do their part by opting for cozy PETA-approved vegan clothing that no animal suffered and died for from animal-friendly brands like Harper Coats.”

Every style of Harper features a weather-resistant shell, cruelty-free down-alternative fill, ribbed storm cuffs, and cozy, fleece-lined pockets (internal and external).

Harper Coats are available for purchase in the United States through


This Local Company’s Donating Its Furniture & Home Accessories This Holiday Season

November 25, 2020

I feel in deep love with Fernish when I needed to dress a set for a new series I was producing over at my beloved The Chalkboard Mag. It’s the most incredible company where you can rent, for ridiculously affordable fees, furniture for you home, office, etc. The people are lovely to work with. The furniture is all chic, modern and gorgeous and it’s a brilliant biz model.

Now, Fernish isstepping up to give back and make the holidays a little more comfortable for those in need.

As 2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, many people’s families, finances, and living situations have been severely impacted. So, earlier this year, Fernish had to make a pivotal decision to prepare for the ramifications of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders across Southern California.

Anticipating an influx of orders and wanting to be able to help as many people as possible, the brand’s leaders made the decision to drastically increase their inventory and product offerings, as well as launch a donation program where $5 from every order was donated to help those in need. Fernish soon saw a significant increase in demand for office furniture and home accessories (office furniture saw a 315% increase and home accessories and decor saw a 90% increase), and they were able to help their new customers and many others in need of assistance. 

Now, Fernish is continuing to give back by implementing a rent-one-give-one program, in which Fernish will donate one piece of furniture or home accessory for every new order they see this holiday season through the end of the year.

To make this possible, Fernish has partnered with several nonprofit organizations including PATH, Los Angeles LGBT Center, and JEM Community Center. Together, they will work toward creating better and more comfortable housing options for those who need it most.

That’s what I call a real Thanksgiving.