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Punching Out the Crazies During Covid

June 1, 2020

After being locked in our homes, feelings of anxiety, depression and stress are at an all-time high. Co-Founder and President of BoxUnion, Felicia Alexander, has a simple solution that you might not have considered – punching stuff. While untraditional, this answer is actually much healthier than you think. There is a natural connection between boxing and mental health.

BoxUnion Website

BoxUnion Digital   

There’s never been a better time to learn how to box. In addition to a hyper-efficient total body workout, it also has an amazing list of mental benefits, including:

–        Bringing out your inner fighter – boxing is an incredibly powerful and empowering experience, it’s a skill you can pick up at any age, background or experience level. “It is never too late to glove up”, says Alexander – we have boxers who range in age from seven years old to seventy years old.” The sheer act of putting on gloves will instantaneously make you feel strong.

–        It is a natural stress reliever – Stress negatively impacts the body and your health. It causes sleep deprivation, headaches, depression, high blood pressure, tense muscles and more. In addition to the rush of endorphins that come with cardio-based workouts, physically, hitting a punching bag relaxes your body and releases tension. Boxing also provides a more symbolic way to “fight back” and channel your anxiety into a safe outlet.

–        You can still experience the mental and physical benefits without equipment – you don’t need a heavy bag to stimulate your mind and get a total body workout, shadowboxing is an incredible at-home workout that engages the brain and body.

–       It helps beat the boredom in a constructive way – boxing classes require focus and are extremely fun to do when you are stuck at home. You are not just working out, you are building a lifelong skill. It is impossible to think of anything else when you are trying to nail a six-punch combination.

–        Boxing creates community – engaging in live classes, like BoxUnion Digital, allow you to connect with others across the world. You may be at home, but the energy is still contagious.

BoxUnion’s Digital Platform takes de-stressing to the next level. You can’t have a strong body without a strong mind says BoxUnion Master Coach, Kyle Schneider. The brand combines a powerful mix of mind, body, music and messaging – when the music is flowing and you are moving to the beat, there’s no better feeling!

6 Tips to Prevent Face Mask Breakouts

May 27, 2020

Face masks are necessary right now, but they can cause problems with your skin, specifically breakouts. While they can be uncomfortable physically (and emotionally), they are important to wear so we can keep ourselves and others around us safe.

After wearing a face mast, here are six things you can do, at home, to make sure your skin remains bacteria-free.

  1. Keep your mask clean. Wash in hot soapy water after EVERY use. This includes the disposable surgical masks.
  2. The moisture from your breath being trapped is a breeding ground for bacteria. Be sure to cleanse your face thoroughly after wear and before going to bed.
  3. Now is a great time to add a weekly clay mask as a pore purifying treatment. I personally like the Acu Mask from DMK (,%20Wayne,%20NJ%2007470,%20USA&radius=100)
  4. Include make-up free days. Your face is pretty much covered already, so try to limit your foundation wear. Not having makeup will help to ward off breakouts since the masks will trap all moisture.
  5. Friction can lead to irritation. Add a calming serum with Beta Glucan to reduce inflammation.
  6. Adding an acid toner or mask with AHAs/BHAs to exfoliate will help to flush out pore while thoroughly exfoliating dead skin cells that cause breakouts.

To stay on top of your skincare regime, reach out to your local esthetician as many are offering delivery and curbside pickup of your favorite products. Many are also offering virtual consultations to help you navigate around your skincare needs.

Molly Lamb is the owner of Skin by Molly, Brooklyn’s #1 facial studio, and the senior account manager at DMK, a global paramedical skincare company. As a licensed esthetician, Molly’s love for skincare developed with her own skin struggles. She believes that beautiful skin comes from the inside out. Diet, genetics, and hormones all play a pivotal role in healthy skin.


Calm During Coronavirus : Free 7-Day Digital Power Yoga Retreat Starts April 6th

April 4, 2020

With the Coronavirus pandemic and extended quarantine timelines adding increasing stress to our mental health, millions of Americans are seeking ways to process their anxiety and restore mental calm.

Beginning this Monday (April 6), renowned yoga and meditation teacher Travis Eliot, co-founder of Inner Dimension TV, will be launching a complimentary “7 Day Digital Power Yoga Retreat” on his Youtube channel for anyone in need of a mental and physical reset.

For seven days, you guys are invited to join Travis for a 90-minute power yoga class followed by a 10-20 minute meditation session beginning at 7am EST.

Access Travis’ Youtube page here: 



After surviving a near-death experience in Kauai and another during the Thailand Tsunami of 2004, Travis Eliot dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of yoga and meditation to as many people as possible. Travis is a world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher and author. He teaches his signature Holistic Yoga Flow classes in Los Angeles and in workshops, festivals and retreats around the world. His style is intensely dynamic and has inspired many of today’s top athletes, celebrities, and entertainers.  Most recently Travis has become passionate about spreading yoga and meditation inside maximum security prisons. This work has proven to bring light to the darkest of places. He is the creator of the groundbreaking programs Level Up 108, The Ultimate Yogi, Yoga 30 for 30, along with many other best-selling yoga DVDs. He is the author of “Journey Into Yin Yoga,” co-author of “Holistic Yoga Flow: The Path of Practice.” His highly-acclaimed chant album “The Meaning of Soul” debuted at No. 3 on the iTunes world music chart. He is also the co-founder of Inner Dimension TV a new yoga, meditation and personal development streaming service. For the latest information on upcoming events please visit:


Working Out (At Home) With Ridge Davis: Celebrity Personal Trainer | Puma Athlete

April 3, 2020

Ridge Davis is one of Hollywood’s top-rising talents in the fitness industry. We are loving these moves you can do at home right now to stay fit (and sane)….Ridge’s tips and techniques can be found in POPSUGAR Fitness, GQ, Men’s Journal, and Muscle & Fitness and currently trains private clients as well as with The Wall Fitness in Los Angeles.

Traveling Planks

Start at the top of a push up position. One hand at a time, transfer your weight down to your forearms.  Then transition back up to the top of the push up position.

Jump Squats

Sitting back with the hips to get low into the squat.  Drive through the heels and press the hips forward as you explode out of the low squat.  Then drive the hips back to land softly into the low squat.

Lateral Lunge

Start standing with left knee raised.   Step the left leg out and sit into the left hip while right leg stays long.  This is a great move for developing the top portion of the glutes and bulletproofing your knees.

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Lie on your back with knees bent and both feet flat on the ground.  Raise your left leg and drive through your heel to lift and lower your hips off the ground.   One of my favorite gluten and hamstring exercises.

Knee Tucks

Start balancing on  hips while pulling your knees into your chest.  Hands reach out wide and legs extend out long.  Then hands pull knees back into chest.   Great exercise for developing lower abs.


Lie face down with hands reaching forward.  Then lift your hands and legs straight off the ground by squeezing your glutes and mid back.    This is a great movement for improving posture and waking up your back muscles.

Side Plank Crunch

Lie on your side with your right elbow under your shoulder.  Lift your hips first, then squeeze your left torso to bring your left knee and left elbow together.  Great exercise for developing a trim waist.

Level Up Your Work From Home Station With Fluidstance

March 28, 2020

Up your standing desk game now and thank me later, with Fluidstance.

We are trying to figure out this new WFH life. For so many of us – movement has slowed to a halt. Here’s a way to stay fluid and why you should…

WHY: The Science Behind the Balance Board

Your body isn’t made to sit in a chair for 8 hours a day, and you know it. 

Standing to work is better than sitting… but it can still leave you with posture problems, an aching lower back, and stiff knees and ankles.

FluidStance is an “omnidirectional” balance board – they let you tilt from side to side, front to back with 360-degree freedom. There’s just enough wobble to keep you burning calories — but not so much that it’s distracting.

If you want to stand more, choose the only balance boards backed by research from the Mayo Clinic. Your knees, back, and boss will thank you.

We are loving the classic Plane Cloud balance board, in 2 understated colors. It features the same carefully engineered, 360-degree-tilt geometry of their pioneering Level® deck, but with a smaller (and softer) footprint.

Stand comfortably for longer on the Plane Cloud’s cushy, textured foam top. Your natural micro-movements on this board will strengthen and stabilize your body, soothe stiff joints, burn calories, and keep you awake and alert — even through the overwhelming urge to curl up under your desk after lunch.

The Plane Cloud is made from 100% recycled materials, helping reduce landfill waste. Treat your feet AND be kind to the Earth? Talk about a win-win.

Also! Extruded plastic sourced from 100% post-industrial recycled materials used for the base of The Plane.

The FluidStance team has created a code for you guys!

It is GROOMED_15 and offers a 15% discount off the Level, Original and Plane Cloud decks!

The code is valid till April 30 for the time being.