CBD 101 Review For Those Of You Still Confused

November 9, 2018

If you still think CBD and “pot” are the same – let’s get this straight. It’s not even close. You clearly know by now that CBD is the biggest wellness craze of 2018.  Let’s keep this simple:

Is CBD oil the key to a better night’s sleep?

CBD is a fantastic medicine with some pretty wild benefits. It’s been proven to help manage epilepsy, to help people prevent and manage the symptoms of cancer, and has even helped people manage chronic pain that has bothered them for years.

Sounds like pretty intense stuff, right? But the fact is, CBD is just a natural medicine found in the hemp and cannabis plants. And, while it can be used to help people with serious illnesses, the majority of people use it for daily problems: anxiety, depression, stress relief, and the like.

Many people have wondered if using CBD oil can help them get a better night’s sleep. The short answer is a solid yes!, but we’re going to explain it a bit better than that.

What Is CBD?

CBD is the short form of the name cannabidiol, a compound that occurs naturally in the marijuana plant. CBD has been shown to have a huge number of medicinal benefits.

It’s a lot different than THC, despite the fact that the two compounds have a lot of similar properties and are structurally almost identical. The main difference is that THC is known to cause a number of psychoactive effects and results in a significant change of headspace, whereas CBD can provide its benefits without actually

CBD, and other cannabinoids (including the ones that our bodies produce on their own) work by influencing a system in the body known as the endocannabinoid system, or the ECS. This system is highly involved in regulating and performing a huge number of our bodily functions.

CBD works on this system indirectly. That means that it doesn’t directly bind to the receptors in the system like THC does. This is one reason for the significant difference in the effects of these two compounds. By indirectly affecting these receptors, CBD helps to bring the endocannabinoid system back into balance.

CBD and Insomnia

To understand why CBD is useful for treating insomnia, then you should know a bit about insomnia first. CBD is unique in that it functions a lot differently than traditional sleeping meds, which aim to simply knock you out flat regardless of what’s going on.

By regulating a system that affects our whole body – the ECS – CBD helps us target problems at their roots. This means that we can actually address or identify the cause of our insomnia easier when we use CBD because we will still be cognizant while we’re falling asleep.

CBD has been proven to treat many forms of insomnia caused by many reasons.

  • Many people have insomnia because they are anxious. Their worries and thoughts can keep them awake for hours. CBD helps to fight anxiety and can thus reduce related insomnia.  
  • Some people have imbalances in their neurotransmitter systems. For example, people with GABA imbalances often have insomnia. By restoring balance to these systems, CBD can help fight insomnia.  
  • Some people have insomnia because they struggle with conditions like PTSD, marked by flashbacks, anxiety, and paranoia. CBD has been shown to improve sleep in patients with PTSD. 
  • Some people simply have insomnia for reasons like drinking coffee too late in the day. CBD can promote relaxation in almost all cases and make it easier to fall asleep.

Not only is CBD great for helping people identify and manage insomnia, but it doesn’t cause many side effects.

Sleeping pills – even over-the-counter ones – are notorious for their dangerous side effects. The most common side effects include extreme sedation, grogginess the day after, and a reduced quality of sleep. Ironic – they knock you out, but you feel even less rested the day after.

CBD doesn’t really cause any side effects. If anything, it will leave you feeling better than before you took it.

CBD has emerged as a fantastic alternative to a number of dangerous and addictive drugs. One thing that CBD has shown remarkable potential for is helping people manage their insomnia. Hopefully this article has helped you better understand how this compound works and why it’s so great for sleep.

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