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Elevate Your Holiday Celebrations With Kiva

November 16, 2023


The holiday season is here, and if you’re looking to add some magic to your festive gatherings, Kiva’s got your back some fresh data around entertaining with cannabis*:

  1. 17% of American winter party hosts plan to serve cannabis products at their parties
  2. While three in ten Americans aged 21+  prefer consuming cannabis to drinking alcohol at parties.
  3. However, 65% of Americans say one of the keys to a great party is inclusivity (e.g., making sure everyone has their preferred food/drink/cannabis product).

Isn’t it time to start offering cannabis as an alternative to alcohol for a more inclusive holiday celebration?!

To also aid in the holiday cheer, Kiva is offering two different discounts! Thanksgiving weekend (Green Wednesday – Cyber Monday) Kiva is offering 1-4 for $40 on all Camino products. Additionally, they are offering a stock and save on Kiva products: buy any 2 Kiva products and save 30%, or buy 2 get 1 of equal or lesser price!

Groomed LA’s recommendation? Grab your favorite Kiva products and try any of these festive activities while you’re experiencing the most lovely balanced effects of Kiva!

  1. LA Zoo Lights: A Wild Wonderland  Step into a wild and whimsical world at LA Zoo Lights. The zoo is transformed into a dazzling holiday wonderland with over a million lights, immersive displays, and seasonal attractions.
  2. Yuletide Cinema Land: Outdoor Holiday Movie Magic – Experience the magic of outdoor holiday movie screenings with Yuletide Cinema Land. Enjoy classic holiday films under the starry Southern California sky while savoring Kiva edibles. It’s a cozy and festive way to celebrate the season with friends and family.
  3. Christmas Nights at 123 Farm: Join in on a whimsical ride around Christmas Nights at 123 Farm. This charming farm offers festive food and drinks, tractor wagon rides, s’mores pits, and even a visit from Santa. The farm is adorned with over a million lights, creating a magical atmosphere.

Embracing Pleasure: A Journey into the Transformative Power of Sexuality with LAVINIA

November 9, 2023

In a world where discussions about sex are often shrouded in stigma and hushed tones, it’s time to break the silence and open up a conversation that celebrates the transformative power of pleasure. Meet Lavinia, a champion for embracing our unique, innate sexual nature and demanding more from our intimate lives, starting with their gorgeous cannabis lubricant.

Sexuality is a fundamental aspect of the human experience, and embracing it can be a powerful way to feel empowered and amazing. In a society that sometimes imposes norms and expectations on our intimate lives, it’s crucial to recognize that each person’s sexual journey is unique. Lavinia advocates for the idea that true empowerment comes from understanding and embracing one’s own desires, free from judgment or societal constraints.

LAVINIA’s oh.hi is a silicone-based cannabis lubricant, made to expand your natural lubrication and provide a long-lasting smooth experience. Everyone deserves a life of multiple orgasms. Product contains THC and CBD.

  • Dimethicone
  • Cannabis Distillate


Lavinia creates products to enhance your sexual pleasure. We also want to empower exploration and to openly discuss topics surrounding sex.

Despite the potential for empowerment, tuning into the feeling of pleasure and getting what we want from our bodies can be a challenge. Lavinia believes that self-discovery is the key to unlocking the transformative power of pleasure.

Lavinia invites everyone to demand more from their intimate lives.

Lavinia stands as a beacon of encouragement, urging us to break free from societal constraints and embrace the transformative power of pleasure. By opening up the conversation around sex and orgasms, we create a space for empowerment, self-discovery, and fulfillment. It’s time to celebrate our unique sexual natures and demand more from our intimate lives, creating a world where everyone can experience the amazing and empowering potential of their own sexuality.

How to have an unforgettable experience

  • 1.USE
    1-4 pumps for maximum pleasure
  • 2.APPLY
    15-30 minutes for oh.hi to take effect
  • 3.ENJOY
    enhanced pleasure
  • 4.AFTER
    rinse area thoroughly with soap and water

Use oh.hi to enhance your sexual pleasure anally or vaginally. Simply apply to the areas where you typically orgasm – clitoris, g-spot, anally, etc., wait until the ingredients begin to react with your body, and enjoy. Don’t forget to wash with soap and water after use.

For more answers, check out ask the expert!

7/10: For People Who Love Cannabis Oil – This Day Is For You

July 10, 2023

There are some elegant discreet products for cannabis oil lovers, delivering discreet Vapor and bigger Clouds – by CCELL & AUXO.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to pure satisfaction with Sandwave.

Engineered to fit perfectly in your hand, this device provides a firm and ergonomic hold, elevating every inhale to a state of true bliss.

Sandwave boasts captivating hues that explore a world of colors. From the timeless elegance of midnight black to the refreshing tones of mint green, marine green, tropical yellow, lavender, and coral pink, each shade complements different personalities and evokes a different emotion.

510-Cart Compatible RIZO Vape by CCELL – a new haptic feedback dual-heat cannabis vaporizer battery for maximum flavor and potency. Fits right in your hand and slides right into your pocket.

Palm Pro by CCELL – PALM Pro was designed to elevate users’ experiences and is equipped with all the features a vape connoisseur yearns for – including voltage settings, airflow control, battery status display, as well as a preheating function. The stylish, 510-cartridge-compatible device carries its predecessor’s iconic design, featuring a magnetic connector that allows users to drop their cartridges instantly into the slot.

Pair your concentrate vapes with new EVO heating technology!

CCELL Sandwave | CCELL Palm Pro | CCELL Palm Pro:

Enhanced and Improved: Meet CCELL EVO

Enhanced Taste

Designed with scientifically calculated consistent pore distribution and even heat distribution, EVO effectively atomizes a wider variety of terpenes and delivers up to 34% more flavor and taste.

Larger Clouds

Optimized ceramic formulation and improved coil design with greater thermal efficiency providing up to 50% more vapor.*

*Data source: SDR labs, tested against other counterparts. 50% higher TPM for live resin and 28% for THC distillates.

Maximum Consistency

Advanced oxidation-resistant treatment on heating coil, yielding a more precise resistance and a 20% improvement on product consistency.

Ultimate Safety

Safeguards the wellbeing of users with up to 57% lower production of harmful byproducts, such as aldehydes and ketones.

Sustainable Solution

Cast in aqueous systems requiring a third less processing, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 35%.

HTE Compatible

HTE compatible version available, delivering flavorful hits without burning or clogging.

Cloudious9: Your High Quality Cannabis Tech Right This Way

July 4, 2023

For people who love weed, there is no shortage of gorgeous tech/hardware for your cannabis storage and consumption delivery systems. That being said, you want to make sure your hardware is as high-end as you intend to be.

vape, grinder

We are loving everything from Cloudious9. We are vibing on these products below. Price points are great and so far, everything is above and beyond our bar, which is always set h-i-g-h.


Auto9: the Auto9 is the latest fully automatic grinder added to the Cloudious9 family.  Large in capacity (2.5″ 4grams) yet mini in footprint (13.5oz), Auto9 simulates a true hand grind experience with an easy single button operation which switches between clockwise and counterclockwise.

Tectonic9: This grinder offers the reliability of a traditional grinder married with automatic dispensing. Designed for portability and suitable for harsh outdoor environments


HydrologyNX: This vaporizer is designed to deliver a smooth and flavorful experience, thanks to its advanced heating system and borosilicate glass mouthpiece. It is also highly versatile, allowing you to use both dry herbs and concentrates with ease

Atomic9: This vape boasts a unique dual-layer heating system that evenly distributes heat throughout the chamber, ensuring consistent vapor production. Its ergonomic design allows for easy handling and the magnetic mouthpiece ensures a secure fit.


Humidity Pack: These packs are designed to maintain a consistent level of humidity in your storage container, which is essential for preserving the quality of your herbs. They use a two-way system that both adds and removes moisture as needed, ensuring that your herbs stay at the perfect level of humidity.

Check out their IG here.

Shop here!

Women And Family Owned Autumn Brands: Cultivating Cannabis Excellence for Every Season

April 13, 2023

Autumn Brands line carries the PURE icon – featured on all brand packaging – guaranteeing a steadfast commitment to the quality and safety of the pesticide-free plant elements within. Offering a simple way for customers to identify products they can trust for a clean, potent cannabis experience filled with all the positive energy of a natural, truly PURE approach.

Pesticide-free, grown and nurtured by hand according to integrative, no-spray techniques that allow beneficial creatures like ladybugs to coexist peacefully

  • User-first, always keeping the safety and experience of customers top-of-mind during every step of the process 
  • Responsibly-grown, using hydroponic methods and natural well water on a closed-loop system
  • Eco-friendly, incorporating into the grow process earth elements like sustainably sourced coco that keep the brand’s carbon footprint small.

Autumn Brands is 100% women and family owned who’s leading the change to a pesticide-free approach allowing beneficial bugs to thrive, and the PURE guarantee marks a product that provides a clean, potent cannabis experience. They have created a modern, artisanal approach to sustainable cannabis cultivation and raise their crops without insecticide sprays. It’s all possible with the native California ladybug doing its part.

The Autumn Brands family farm along the coast of Santa Barbara County uses sustainable farming techniques, natural sunlight and pesticide-free cultivation. This means setting an industry standard with 100% no-spray cannabis farming and a commitment to purity, rigorous testing and hand trimming. This takes more time, effort, and attention, but it’s worth it to keep our flower pure. Autumn Brands is a woman and family-owned business that cares for the consumer, the community and the environment.


The Autumn Brands Coastal Greenhouses

The Santa Barbara climate is perfect for year-round growing for optimal plant health. Tucked in between the ocean and the mountains, our family farm produces some of the purest flower in the United States.  Our genetics are carefully selected to ensure strength, viability, and consistency in our coastal and balanced ecosystem.

Why grow in a greenhouse?  It’s essentially the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor growing.  Growing cannabis in a greenhouse is significantly more cost effective and sustainably focused than indoor grows, but still provides all the same environmental control and reliability benefits.  Like outdoor grows, greenhouses can harness the free power of sunlight, but we are able to harvest every week ensuring we always have fresh flower all year round.

About the partners:

  • Autumn Shelton, Chief Financial Officer and Partner, Autumn BrandsAs CFO, Autumn oversees strategic planning, marketing, compliance, legal, human resources, and finance.  Autumn has been successfully navigating the unchartered waters of California’s Prop 215 and the Regulated California Cannabis industry (Prop 64) since 2015 and is a sought-after panelist and public speaker on the nuts and bolts of operating a licensed California cannabis cultivation business. In 2021, under Autumn Shelton’s leadership as President of CARP Growers, the Cannabis Association for Responsible Producers concluded a year-long negotiation and reached a historic agreement between the CARP Growers and the Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis on a cooperative agreement for odor abatement.

Hanna Brand Chief Sales Officer, Partner, Autumn Brands

As CSO, Hanna oversees strategic planning, marketing, product development, packaging and sales.  She led a team of 20 in the harvesting and packaging departments and has transitioned into a deeper focus of product development and sales.  Hanna grew up on the family farm and learned best agricultural practices and sales from her Dad, Hans.  Only a few years after graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in Environmental Horticultural Science, Hanna has proven herself to be a force in the cannabis industry.  She is a sought after public speaker on cannabis cultivation and sales.  Under her leadership, the company continues to focus on quality control, higher post-production yields, develop new pre-roll blends and increase revenue.  She is a proud Rotarian and a member of the local Sunset Rotary Club.  Hanna lives in Carpinteria, California with her boyfriend, Elias and enjoys skiing, wake surfing and traveling in her free time.