Women And Family Owned Autumn Brands: Cultivating Cannabis Excellence for Every Season

April 13, 2023

Autumn Brands line carries the PURE icon – featured on all brand packaging – guaranteeing a steadfast commitment to the quality and safety of the pesticide-free plant elements within. Offering a simple way for customers to identify products they can trust for a clean, potent cannabis experience filled with all the positive energy of a natural, truly PURE approach.

Pesticide-free, grown and nurtured by hand according to integrative, no-spray techniques that allow beneficial creatures like ladybugs to coexist peacefully

  • User-first, always keeping the safety and experience of customers top-of-mind during every step of the process 
  • Responsibly-grown, using hydroponic methods and natural well water on a closed-loop system
  • Eco-friendly, incorporating into the grow process earth elements like sustainably sourced coco that keep the brand’s carbon footprint small.

Autumn Brands is 100% women and family owned who’s leading the change to a pesticide-free approach allowing beneficial bugs to thrive, and the PURE guarantee marks a product that provides a clean, potent cannabis experience. They have created a modern, artisanal approach to sustainable cannabis cultivation and raise their crops without insecticide sprays. It’s all possible with the native California ladybug doing its part.

The Autumn Brands family farm along the coast of Santa Barbara County uses sustainable farming techniques, natural sunlight and pesticide-free cultivation. This means setting an industry standard with 100% no-spray cannabis farming and a commitment to purity, rigorous testing and hand trimming. This takes more time, effort, and attention, but it’s worth it to keep our flower pure. Autumn Brands is a woman and family-owned business that cares for the consumer, the community and the environment.


The Autumn Brands Coastal Greenhouses

The Santa Barbara climate is perfect for year-round growing for optimal plant health. Tucked in between the ocean and the mountains, our family farm produces some of the purest flower in the United States.  Our genetics are carefully selected to ensure strength, viability, and consistency in our coastal and balanced ecosystem.

Why grow in a greenhouse?  It’s essentially the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor growing.  Growing cannabis in a greenhouse is significantly more cost effective and sustainably focused than indoor grows, but still provides all the same environmental control and reliability benefits.  Like outdoor grows, greenhouses can harness the free power of sunlight, but we are able to harvest every week ensuring we always have fresh flower all year round.

About the partners:

  • Autumn Shelton, Chief Financial Officer and Partner, Autumn BrandsAs CFO, Autumn oversees strategic planning, marketing, compliance, legal, human resources, and finance.  Autumn has been successfully navigating the unchartered waters of California’s Prop 215 and the Regulated California Cannabis industry (Prop 64) since 2015 and is a sought-after panelist and public speaker on the nuts and bolts of operating a licensed California cannabis cultivation business. In 2021, under Autumn Shelton’s leadership as President of CARP Growers, the Cannabis Association for Responsible Producers concluded a year-long negotiation and reached a historic agreement between the CARP Growers and the Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis on a cooperative agreement for odor abatement.

Hanna Brand Chief Sales Officer, Partner, Autumn Brands

As CSO, Hanna oversees strategic planning, marketing, product development, packaging and sales.  She led a team of 20 in the harvesting and packaging departments and has transitioned into a deeper focus of product development and sales.  Hanna grew up on the family farm and learned best agricultural practices and sales from her Dad, Hans.  Only a few years after graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in Environmental Horticultural Science, Hanna has proven herself to be a force in the cannabis industry.  She is a sought after public speaker on cannabis cultivation and sales.  Under her leadership, the company continues to focus on quality control, higher post-production yields, develop new pre-roll blends and increase revenue.  She is a proud Rotarian and a member of the local Sunset Rotary Club.  Hanna lives in Carpinteria, California with her boyfriend, Elias and enjoys skiing, wake surfing and traveling in her free time.