XOthree For Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August 14, 2017

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and the perfect time to introduce you to this amazing new brand that is revolutionizing the maternity-wear industry.

XOthree www.xothree.com, is an Australian active wear brand that has just hit the States. This new fitness line for moms is definitely one we are super jazzed about. XOthree has finally found a way to make breastfeeding easier for the active mom – without compromising on style. Nursing bras a huge issue, active or not. And as far as I’m concerned, breastfeeding is active enough, on its own. It’s WORK!

What makes XOthree’s collection stand out is how the designs transcend the traditional idea of maternity wear (dowdy, asexual, blah). With a focus on style and comfort first, XOthree’s clever approach makes the maternity features of each garment virtually invisible.

The designs have reinvented the traditional function of maternity bras and provide easy access for breastfeeding while still giving you the perfect amount of support needed for low to high impact activities.

 A couple of the best sellers below are…



The Foxy Double Bra – If a woman is “top heavy” the movement can be a little overwhelming while working out or breastfeeding. The Foxy is constructed with a sewn cup and magnetic clasps and an extra layer with zip for support. The wide straps over the shoulder will spread the weight of the breast and it won’t be uncomfortable. https://www.xothree.com/product/foxy-high-impact/

The Foxy bra is essentially a double bra, offering extra support with a two layered design. Developed for high impact activity, this bra is well suited to high intensity workouts.

How it works: The Foxy bra has been designed with a front zipper opening and heavy duty interlocking magnetic clasp closures – all of which can be operated one handed.

The overlaying mesh fabric allows a slight peek to the underlying black and white marble print.



The Tilly Jane – features a front zipper and shoulder adjusters so that you can choose how much support you require. Easy for breastfeeding your baby! No matter if you increase of decrease in size, Tilly Jane bra ensures to grow with your ever changing body. https://www.xothree.com/product/tilly-jane-medium-impact/


The structure and function of this bra is designed to make the maternity features discrete, working these aspects into the design rather than them being the feature.

How it works: Tilly Jane features a front zipper and shoulder adjusters so that you can choose how much support you require. This can often change throughout the day depending on how full you may be. This feature also ensures to grow with your ever changing body.

Also included in the design is the ring and hook combo at the back to provide extra support

Why do Australians do it so much better, all the time? I would wear these to workout – period, nursing or not!

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