March 17, 2019

  BIOHACKING : The use of science and technology to
make one’s body function better and more efficiently.

It’s that time of the year! Yup, the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference, Upgrade XP featuring Dave Asprey and powered by Upgrade Labs, is a few weeks away and you need to grab your tix now!

This year, it’s April 5 – 7, 2019 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. (YAY SO CLOSE!!)

The three-day conference brings together global rock stars of biohacking alongside 1,200 attendees for a weekend of hands-on ‘hacks’ from leading-edge technologies to breakout sessions with industry pioneers, custom tailored meals and more, all focused on physical fitness, cognitive wellness and a healthy diet, with more exciting announcements including speaker line-ups and programming details.

At Upgrade XP, biohackers will have access to highly curated exhibitors in the Technology Playground, which will feature immersive biohacking technologies exclusive to Upgrade XP.

These interactive activations will explore everything from stem cells and beauty treatments to biomarker testing and high-tech fitness. A series of in-room biohacks will be available to attendees who choose to stay at The Beverly Hilton during the Upgrade XP weekend event. VIP experiences will also be available to all attendees throughout the weekend at the on-site Upgrade Labs facility.

The Upgrade XP conference will include a series of invigorating talks, panels, and Upgrade U Master Courses led by industry leaders including scientists, researchers, medical specialists, and celebrities in the biohackingsphere. Michelle Sorro will act as Emcee of keynotes and panels throughout the weekend. Biohackers from around the world are invited to listen to the world-class speakers like Dave Asprey, Martin Tobias, Arianna Huffington, Amy Purdy, Shawn Stevenson, Jim Kwik, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Frank Shallenburger, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Harry Adelson, Dr. Amy Killen, Dr. Matt Cook, Jessica Encell Coleman, and Robert Richman. VIP guests will also receive an invitation to special VIP Dinners hosted by Martin Tobias, CEO of Upgrade Labs, and Dave Asprey, CEO and Creator of Bulletproof.

“We’ve totally overhauled this experience, making it more intimate and more interactive for attendees.  Not just a speaking series, Upgrade XP will transform attendees’ lives with specialty tailored meals, access to one-of-a-kind ‘hack’ technology and services, interactive speaking forums and more,” said Upgrade Labs CEO Martin Tobias. “We are disruptors in the fitness space with Upgrade Labs and we plan to do the same with this conference where attendees will walk away feeling better, looking better and empowered and informed to live better.”

This year’s Upgrade XP will be an intimate event with only a limited number of tickets available. 

All attendees will be treated to daily seated luncheons, morning workouts, and exclusive biohacking swag to take home, with additional perks offered to Preferred and VIP attendees throughout the three-day conference.

Tickets start at $1497 and can be purchased here:

Ticket Prices:

  • General Admission: $1,497
  • Preferred Admission: $2,497
  • VIP Admission: $3,497

Upgrade XP Conference Location:

The Beverly Hilton |9876 Wilshire Boulevard |Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US

For more information on details for each admission package or to purchase your tickets visit now!

About Upgrade Labs

Upgrade Labs launched its first location in Santa Monica, CA in 2017. The brainchild of Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey and Labs CEO Martin Tobias, Upgrade Labs is the world’s first Biohacking Health and Fitness facility which utilizes technology to help members reach their highest level of physical, cognitive and cellular performance through unique training and wellness programs. Upgrade Labs’ data-driven technology uses measurable and trackable results, all driven by science with the goal of optimizing one’s overall health. These onsite technologies work together to optimize multiple biomarkers, which show lower levels of inflammation, improved cognitive function, quickened muscle growth and optimized hormone levels. Services include personal physical and cognitive training, as well as a collection of wellness treatments aimed at improving overall recovery and mobility. Membership packages are available and include a tailored selection of services. Additionally, guests are able to come in and purchase individual wellness treatments or access singular programs.  Upgrade Labs has two locations with the original location in Santa Monica, CA and its newest location at Beverly Hilton Hotel.


Kathleen Trotter’s 360 Approach To Health.

March 13, 2019

Kathleen Trotter is a fitness expert, media personality, personal trainer, writer, life coach, certified Pilates and ELDOA instructor, and overall health enthusiast. Her passion is motivating others to “find their fit” and works with clients ranging from endurance athletes to individuals living with Parkinson’s disease and osteoporosis. She also writes for the Globe and Mail and Huffington Post, blogs for Flaman Fitness, and makes regular TV appearances. Kathleen holds an M.Sc. from the University of Toronto and a nutrition diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She lives in Toronto where she owns a personal training studio. Find out more about Kathleen at

To paraphrase an old adage, “To elicit different results you need to think and act differently.”

If you feel you are constantly working on and worrying about your health yet never reaching your goals, it might be time for a new approach. Come at the problem with fresh eyes!

“Steal” from the business world — give your lifestyle a “360 review.”

A 360 review is a well-rounded, multi-layered, collaborative assessment where peers, employers, employees, etc. collaborate with the person being reviewed in assessing performance.

Some iteration of a 3D, systems-based analysis is critical — although typically missing — when adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Why? No one intervention (diet, workout program, miracle product, etc.) can be the health panacea; key variables like sleep quality and quantity, types of workouts, recovery, and nutrition interact as within an ecosystem or chemistry experiment. You can’t exercise daily while treating your body like a garbage can and never sleeping. Piecemeal solutions don’t work long-term.

Too many of us overestimate our healthy choices and attitudes and underestimate our unhealthy ones. Having friends and family weigh in (pun slightly intended) can highlight blind spots.

A well-rounded 360 analysis allows you to build a well-rounded plan for long-term ACTION!

Step 1. Complete an analysis

Awareness brings choice. You can’t change a habit you are not aware of!

Include personal, peer, and family reflections.

Keep a journal. Record data on the linchpin health habits below. Pinpoint your biggest blind spots. Prioritize improving those. For example, if you’re fairly active but have terrible nutrition, prioritize food prep.

Ask family, colleagues, and peers to identify strengths and areas for improvement. You might think you only occasionally grab nuts at work; your colleague might know you grab handfuls multiple times daily. Handfuls add up. Note all feedback. If you hear something more than once, or something resonates with you, make that your priority.

Step 2. Work on blind spots


Your body and brain recover and your hormones are rebalanced as you sleep. For example, a lack of sleep increases ghrelin (which makes you hungry) and adequate sleep encourages production of leptin (which makes you feel full); it is nearly impossible to say “no” to sugar if you are chronically tired.


Consider establishing a cut-off time for caffeine and setting a “start sleep routine” alarm. Then turn of screens, stretch, meditate, take a hot bath, etc.


Strength training


Strength training fuels every health and fitness goal, from fat loss to decreased injury to improved mental health. Consider working with a trainer to learn proper form and getting a fitness buddy to increase motivation.


Recovery includes activities that bring you into your parasympathetic nervous system, such as stretching, foam rolling, meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and massage. When you don’t have a chunk of time, pepper a few seconds of deep breathing and stretches throughout the day.

Interval training

Interval training requires alternating between high- and low-intensity bouts of activity. This places a high metabolic demand on the body, burns lots of calories in a short time, produces a high EPOC (post-workout calorie burn), increases mitochondrial growth (mitochondria help burn fat), and improves fitness. Try Tabatas, AMRAPS, Minutes, or intervals on any cardio machine.


Consistency is key. Consistency requires preparation. Consider syphoning off time weekly to prep easy-to-assemble healthy meals; make healthy choices as convenient as unhealthy ones.

Main take-aways

What counts is the sum total of your lifestyle choices — weekly, monthly, yearly trends. Become aware of variables you have under control (so you can reproduce) and areas needing improvement. We all have limited time, resources, and energy. Invest energy where it will serve you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s natural. But don’t get mired in the muck. Don’t change everything at once. Start. Tweak as you go. Aim to trend positive.

When you fall of your health horse, course correct as quickly as possible and learn from the experience!





March 11, 2019

GRIFFIN CLUB: Address3084 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Check out the link here!

Join Local Mercato & the Griffin Club for a weekend of self care. Each day will focus on cutting edge restorative wellness, health & fitness.  Learn from experts (doctors & scientists), listen to community thought leaders, engage in workshops, and experience the latest in beauty and fitness.

Daily Programming from 9-4pm

Check out LA Times Press

What you get:

  • Workouts
  • Speakers
  • Self Care (Mini Restorative Treatments & Workshops)
  • Shop a curated wellness marketplace of brands: HPE Athleasure, Roam Shoes, Cannabis Pop-Up + ULIV Skincare
  • All day access to one of LA’s most distinguished sports and lifestyle members only clubs . Enjoy the pool, locker room (sauna, steam, shower), and more
  • Delicious & Healthy Snacks throughout the day + Lunch
  • Restorative swag bag
  • Full day programming (see below)
  • Tickets: $60 (1 day pass) or $90 (2 day pass)
Phone(310) 836-4400

PDO Threads or Threadlift With Dr. Nancy Samolitis, Facile Dermatology

March 8, 2019

Facile Dermatology and Boutique has always been special to me. This elegant and fun gem, in the heart of WeHo, helmed by the fantastic Dr. Nancy Samolitis is more than just a run of the mill boutique med spa. They are on a mission:

“Welcome to the world of Facile–where achieving good skin is easy. We’re what you get when you cross a dermatology office, a spa, and a beauty boutique. We’re obsessed with skin. We personalize every service to meet your needs on any given day (because skin is moody, y’know?).
Your best skin is our priority.”

So you see what I mean.

There’s been a ton of buzz about PDO absorbable threads or “thread lift” from clients and readers wanting to know more about this minimally invasive, zero downtime or bruising (let’s call it easy peasy) treatment and its promise to add instant lift to the skin – hence, instant rejuvenation. But that’s not all. The threads act like a scaffolding of support for the tissues and delicately reposition the skin to while building collagen over time. Sounds like a win win for a lunchtime procedure. 

The lovely, wise and truly authentic Dr. Sam numbed my face and fully went over the procedure before hand. Some numbing. A tiny entry point near the temples. Some pressure as the thread goes in, lidocaine as needed, and then once the longer barbed threads are inserted and ends snipped, smaller threads around the lower third of the face. A tag team of collagen boosting scaffolding.

The whole event was less than an hour. Painless. Not uncomfortable. After I was hilariously numb (think getting one’s teeth pulled) and late on (now) I’m quite sore in my jaw, which is perfect since I can’t eat as I’m on a Prolon fasting mimicking diet this week. (More on that soon!). I used some ice packs on my cheeks throughout the day but there is zero bruising and a little swelling that is probably not even noticeable.

In terms of seeing an instant lift – I do look ‘fresh’ faced. I need to take “after” photos in a week or to really gage. I am mostly interested in the building of collagen over time – when most people are losing it at this age. I will also follow up in one month to see if we need to add some more.

I am writing this the following morning. Cheeks quite sore, but face looks really great – a little swelling will certainly plump things up and my skin feels taught in a great way. Cannot wait to see what happens over time. So far, I am sold on threads! I am still thinking about how totally cool Dr. Sam is. What a treat to meet such a down to earth and real doctor who isn’t out to sell you a ton of stuff you don’t need.

Please call Facile for pricing and details.

West Hollywood
638 1/2 North Robertson Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone 310.929.2220

Pasadena 140 South Lake Avenue, Suite 104 Pasadena, CA 91101

3 Essential Ingredients for Glowing Spring Skin Dirty Lemon Has You Covered

March 6, 2019

It’s the age of beauty beverages!

Why? They incorporate key nutrients to promote a fresh complexion and are a perfect addition to a low maintenance beauty routine.  I devour collagen daily – anyway I can – bone broth, supplements, powders. And now, Dirty Lemon.

Veteran naturopath Dr. Laurie Brodsky, N.D., identifies the three essentials to include in your beauty routine to maintain glowing, hydrated skin during the transition from winter to spring.  

  • Collagen — Promotes cellular renewal for enhanced elasticity, plumper skin and fewer wrinkles  

  • Resveratrol — Serves as a protective layer from harsh outside pollutants and neutralizes free radical damage to provide powerful anti-aging and antioxidant support for all skin types

  • Turmeric — Reduces inflammation to accelerate wound healing (aka prevents breakouts and decreases acne scarring)

And lookie what we got here!