Your Perfect Night’s Sleep Is Missing This One Thing

July 28, 2019

Who said crowns are only for royalty?

They’re for sleep, obviously!

When I first met Julie Westervelt, at the Upgrade Bulletproof conference, it was love at first product sight. A former restorative yoga teacher in Austin, Texas, she developed this unique product “somewhere at the intersection of her yoga teachings and her own personal habit.” She has slept with a pillow over her head since she was a little girl. When I saw this glorious pillow in action, my mind was swimming with all the people I know who love to sleep with a pillow, shirt, or towel over their eyes and head. And there’s a good reason for it too. Think about eye masks to darken the light, think about a light towel over eyes during a massage, think about weighted blankets and the comfort and relaxation they bring. There’s real science behind it. (read below!)

With the placement of a super-soft Sleep Crown over your head, feel secure, like you’re having your brain hugged undisturbed by your environment. Perfect weight that contours around your head and smart design leaves plenty of room for your nose and mouth. Breathe easily and unobstructed.

I could not wait to share about it. But first I had to try one myself. I have never been one to sleep with anything on my head, however, I am a huge weighted blanket fan and love a good eye pillow.

This good news is the pillow is fully customizable so if it felt like too much for me, I remove fill from the inside of my Sleep Crown and personalize the fill and weight. Turns out I didn’t need to. Now, for this to be fully effective you need to make sure that you go to bed at the right time and get enough sleep. You can find out the right bedtime for you via sleep calculators. If you are looking for a sleep calculator then you can click on the link. So, I was in bed at the correct time. I had the pillow over my head, and…

It was perfect. Before you envision something heavy and solid weighing down, it’s nothing like that. The pillow is light, moveable and squishy. It doesn’t stay ‘glued’ to your head unless you are a solid back sleeper. It moves with you and you can cuddle and scrunch it.

And yes to me getting a little discount code for you!!

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I am in love with my pillow and to be totally honest, I don’t even use it on my head half the time. I also mush my face into it, curl it under my neck and I often wake up with my son next to me, who’s taken it and used it as a ‘huggy’ pillow. Heaven! And for my best friend who suffers from intense migraines, I cannot think of a better gift.

From the website:

Benefits of Gentle Pressure Over the Head

Gentle pressure eases the body’s protective systems and signals the nervous system that its OK to relax and drift into deep sleep…where blood pressure is lower and the brain releases chemicals that control appetite and metabolism, hormones that repair the tissues of the body, and generates more white blood cells to promote immunity.

Weighted sleep therapy can help increase the naturally-occurring levels of Serotonin and Melatonin overnight, normalizing the nervous system.

Pressure can act as a calming agent to increase activity in the parasympathetic division of the nervous system, and lower activity in the sympathetic division of the Autonomic Nervous System. Gentle compression over the crown of the head may cause the release of both serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These are “happy” neurotransmitters and produce a feeling of calm within our nervous system?. Often described as feeling like a hug, weighted sleep products lead to a sense of security, which tends to calm the mind and allow the body to take the cue to rest. The swaddling effect that happens when you cuddle under a Sleep Crown can help ease the mind allowing for complete relaxation. Include a Sleep Crown as part of your sleep ritual and elevate your sleep.

Natural Sleep-Aid

Ambient Light Interference

Science is revealing how profoundly our bodies are affected by light. A big factor that affects our circadian rhythm is light, be it natural or artificial. The internal body system is stimulated by ambient light which can interfere with the ability to fall asleep. Persistent urban light, overnight travel, conflicting sleep schedules with family or housemates can all contribute to trouble sleeping. Does your partner stay up later than you with the lights or TV on? Sleep Crown will allow you to insulate yourself from whatever is happening around you. Making Sleep Crown part of your sleeping ritual can help insulate you from a disruptive environment.

Environmental Noise

A state of deep rest is vulnerable to disruptive sound and noise around us. Whether acknowledged or not, sounds can interrupt sleep cycles and leave you feeling depleted even after a full night of sleep. Although background sounds may relax some people, the volume level must be low. Otherwise, increased frequency of awakenings may prevent transitions to the deeper stages of sleep.

Quiet Sleep Environment
Sleep Environment

Sleep Environment

Do you have bedmates, pets and/or babies in the bed with you at night? As much as we love their snuggles, the more life in the bed with you, the more disruptions to your sleep cycles. Keep them in the bed with you, but protect your personal sleep space by placing a Sleep Crown over your head to minimize the disruptions. Brilliant!

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