March 30, 2017

New protein cookies deliver protein punch and great taste

I’ve been downing protein cookies for ages and always on the hunt for the next great one. – and YES – i give them to my kids.

Introducing… Whey 2 Be!® protein cookies.

Whey 2 Be! cookies are actually baked for a straight-from-the-cookie-jar flavor. The Chocolate Chip tastes the most like cookie dough. 

This one features the nutrient-powerhouse whey protein – which in studies has been associated with a myriad of health benefits including better mood, healthier immune system and even cancer-fighting properties.  And, high protein can mean a cookie with a dry consistency and less than ideal taste.  Whey 2 Be! is different.  Not only does it feature high-quality whey protein, but it is truly a gourmet cookie with a smooth texture and absolutely delicious flavor. They taste pretty much like real cookies! 

Whey 2 Be! cookies are made with aromatic extracts and spices, natural sugars, real chocolate, coconut oil and steel cut oats.

Whey 2 Be! Protein Cookies are available in 3.25 ounce grab and go packages.  They are available online as well as at select retail locations nationwide.

For more information about or to purchase Whey 2 Be! Protein Cookies, please visit whey2be.com. To stay up to date on other news and information from Whey 2 Be! like the company’s Facebook page, and follow Whey 2 Be! on Instagram.