The Star Science

May 29, 2019

Exciting! I finally found out the time of my birth and – aloha – my long overdue horoscope readings! Rob Perri of The Star Science dove right on in for me, and welp, now I know what a reading feels like. Intense! I’ve known Rob for years but it wasn’t until I listened to my friends’ newish podcast, The Opposite Sex Show, that I finally got a good taste of what his work is all about. I’ve been a fan of Rob’s keen eye for film photography for a long time and had a sense that his intuitive tuning in to both the seen and unseen would serve his chart reading with serious aplomb.

And was I right. I sent over my date/time of birth, and within a few days he texted “are you ready?” (Sorta, no, ok, shit, no, YES!)

What I love about Rob is his firm grasp on the ground. He is rooted in reality, the here and now, and is incredibly articulate communicating this rootedness. What do I mean? I mean his reading is not lofty and ethereal. It’s very much grounded in the present – and he does a great job dot-connecting the intricacies of your houses, orbits and all that other astrology tech to make sense of this here and now. He’s not reading to predict. He’s reading to facilitate understanding of why we are where we are and to elucidate potential predisposed paths and personal land-mines. What I learned is how deeply engrained potential areas of missteps are for me. We made sense of my loops, trips and the ways I seem to fall off course. From there, we forged a clearer direction on how to possibly course-correct when I sense these hiccups erupting.

Rob is so straight forward and I love nothing short of this approach. He also explained very thoroughly the meaning of all the language of astrology. For example – what is means when planets are squaring off, what houses mean and hold, and all the talk of rising signs, etc. It was a lot to absorb and I was furiously writing notes.

An astrology reading can assist you in many ways. It can help to illuminate your personal energetic signature and align you with your life’s purpose. It can also give specific timelines of the changing energetic tides and how those might affect your personal birth chart. In addition, a Synastry reading can offer vital information into how your chart interacts with that of another giving you valuable insight into the nature of relationships. Readings are offered on a sliding scale between $80-$250 depending on length and depth.

– Rob Perri, The Star Science

Readings run around an hour or so and he gets right into it during the call. And the sliding scale is incredible. He really impressed upon me that this work is his way of doing service. It feels like he is just as excited about what he is discovering as you will inevitably be!

Please check out this podcast to hear more from him directly, or just take the leap and book a sesh!

Check him out on IG for daily musings, planetary updates and oh those totally sick photos! buy Accutane buy Fluoxetine online Lisinopril no prescription