Tea Drops x Hello Kitty Is the Drop We Can’t Get Enough Of

November 8, 2021

If you don’t know Tea Drops consider this an intro and a warning because it’s a cuteness/yumminess overload.

For example: Their full-bodied organic Matcha Green Tea. All their teas come in a compressed little cube… and some in shapes, yes like hearts and Hello Kitty (thump, thump, that’s my heart).  Just drop it into hot water – and deliciousness is yours in seconds.

Matcha Green Tea

Tea kits, boba kits, and teas of every flavor and kind – it’s almost impossible to choose!

Tea Drops x Hello Kitty: Trio Set (Strawberry Matcha, Apple Pie à La Mode, English Breakfast)


And their new collaboration… Inspired by our nostalgic childhood obsession for all things Hello Kitty …is adorable and yummy. Apple Pie a La Mode, English Breakfast, and Strawberry Matcha. All three varieties for a total of 30 Tea Drops, 10 of each, packed in a collectible tea trio gift set perfect for the tea lover in your life.

The Teas:

Apple Pie a La Mode (Caffeine-Free):

Fun fact – Did you know that Hello Kitty is as tall as 5 apples? And did you also know that Hello Kitty’s favorite dessert is her mamma’s apple pie? Inspired by Hello Kitty, enjoy this apple pie a la mode tea made with organic apples and vanilla bean!

English Breakfast (Caffeinated):

Kick-off those wellies, set your Hello Kitty umbrella aside…on rainy days we can think of nothing more soothing than a hot cuppa. Our soul-warming English Breakfast black tea is the perfect complement to those gloomy days, or when you just need a pick me up!

Strawberry Matcha (Caffeinated):

Carefree days of mall shopping with friends, strawberry-scented Hello Kitty erasers, sipping on iced tea. Refreshing strawberry paired with bold Japanese Matcha – Strawberry Matcha Tea will take you back!


Apple Pie a La Mode:

Ingredients: Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Apple Powder, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Lemon Extract, Organic Allspice, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Cinnamon

Nutrition Facts: Calories 25, Total Carbohydrate 6g, Total Sugars 5g

English Breakfast:

Ingredients: Organic Raw Sugar, Black Tea

Nutrition Facts: Total Calories 20, Total Carbohydrate 6g, Total Sugar 6g

Strawberry Matcha:

Ingredients: Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Strawberry Powder, Organic Matcha Powder.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 35, Total Carbohydrate 9g, Total Sugars 8g

Only Organic Teas and Spices – No Additives – No Artificial Flavorings – Sweetened With a Teaspoon of Sugar

Tea Drops are carefully-crafted with organic, finely ground whole leaf teas and herbs that never fully dissolve. Because of this, you’ll notice some very finely ground tea leaves settled at the bottom of your cup. You can enjoy consuming these healthy antioxidants or they can be filtered out, or the final sip simply set aside.


Boba Bubble Deluxe Tea Kit


The popular boba or bubble tea drink is now available at Tea Drops in a deluxe tea kit, which includes:

16 total single drops, 4 each of any of these varieties:

6 Creamers:

  • 6 Sweetened Condensed Milk by Copper Cow

Boba Pack

  • 1 Boba Pack with 100 tapioca pearls (4 oz. enough for 4 drinks)

All in a nice compostable recycled gift-able box!

Just add ice, milk, and boba for the perfect sweet treat. Makes the perfect gift!

 And be sure to check out their blog for everything boba!

Tea Drops and Thirst Project


Without the essential element of water, one is stripped of opportunity and also a good cup of tea. With our partnership with Thirst Project, we have built 4 water wells and have also donated enough clean water to support over 167,232 individuals and counting. Learn more about us and Thirst Project.