Sundara Holistic: Skincare + Healing + Ayurvedic Principals

November 8, 2015

What does it mean to be beautiful? How does one achieve that aura of well-being, that radiant glow? We all want to possess these intangible qualities. The ancient tradition of Ayurveda teaches that inner and outer beauty are intertwined. In order to have beautiful skin, we must nurture the dhatus, or body tissues.

This is the introduction into the beautiful and thoughtful creation of Sundara Holistic, founded and created by Kiera Nachman. I had the pleasure of meeting Kiera at Wanderlust LA a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with everything she brings to the table. And she brought it all.

Presenting the Sundara Holistic skin care oils based on the Ayurvedic doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, also includes a gorgeous Vedic moisturizer (which smelled heavenly) as well as a eye cream and lip balm. All Natural. All Goodness. All Divine.

Now, I am all for natural. But I, like most women am quite skeptical of slathering OIL on my face. Wouldn’t I break out?  Shouldn’t I be dabbing thick creams with my ring finger like the lady showed me at Nordstrom’s? Isn’t oil just too, well… oily? The answer in short…NO.

This is NEXT LEVEL on All Levels. If you want to take your skincare and lifestyle to a whole new plane of health, Sundara Holistic is a beautiful experience of healthy skin care and self care. Each oil is specially infused with Reiki vibrational healing and mantra, while made with top of the line essential oils and holistic ingredients. I am enamored with the Vata oil that has moisturized my sensitive skin, the scent (like stepping into a delicious spa!), but most importantly, the overall experience of Wellness that makes me feel like an all natural goddess. I absolutely love putting something on my skin (and into my system) that is the highest quality of natural beauty care. for more…behold the amazing shop!

xx, Cristy

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