Stay Calm, Stay Boosted

March 12, 2020

From frequent hand washing, face masks, sanitizing and avoiding large crowds, the general population is looking at every available option to keep themselves and their families healthy during the increasingly-threatening Coronavirus pandemic.  Tropical Oasis, Amazon’s leading manufacturer of liquid vitamins, is reporting skyrocketing sales – with many buyers looking to boost their immunity (liquid vitamins are over 90% more absorbent than pills). Others who are struggling with sleep and stress issues are looking for solutions as well.  We’ve rounded up some helpful solutions to help your audience learn about other preventative options:

1.) “Boost Your Immunity” – According to Dr. Terry Wahls M.D. “The body’s natural drop in vitamin D levels can increase vulnerability to influenza and other ailments.”  Some great sources of vitamin D include:

  • Liquid Vitamin D3 – Tropical Oasis’s Vitamin D3 includes 5,000 IU per serving
  • Mega Premium Multivitamin with Minerals – Tropical Oasis’s Mega liquid vitamins are packed with essentials like Vitamin B6 (vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system) and Vitamin C (one of the biggest immune boosters).  A daily intake of vitamin C is essential since your body doesn’t produce or store it.

2.) “Get Plenty of Sleep” – According to naturopathic doctor Christian Gonzalez: “sleep deprivation makes a living body susceptible to many infectious agents.” How to get more sleep? Limiting screen usage before bedtime has been shown effective, as well as natural sleep solutions like:

3.) “Stay Active!” – Many experts recommend long daily walks in nature as a natural way to boost your body’s own immunity.  However, if you are self quarantined or not able to get outdoors, an indoor, online workout is your next best bet:

  • Bulldog Yoga Online Classes will not only keep you active but yoga has been proven to also help with stress management
  • Want something more intense?  Try a Home HIIT Circuit designed by NASM-CPT Corey Phelps (circuit plan available upon request)

4.) “Stay Informed” – There is so much we don’t know about this virus from treatment options to how extensively or quickly it will spread. What we can do is stay up to date on information being provided by informed medical professions.  Dr. Steven Quay has worked in disease prevention for decades and is available for expert quotes and advise on his observations and additional prevention guidelines.

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