Our Favorite Perfect Portable Speaker For Workouts, Pool, Home Gym, More!

March 20, 2022

OC Acoustic‘s Newport resembles a baseball sliced in half, a space-age dome or just something cool, modern and cute…but it’s a powerful Bluetooth speaker that plugs directly into an electrical outlet, freeing up counter space and adding a clean appearance to your space. Think: kitchen, workout room, bathroom for a tub serenade.

She might be compact but the Newport pumps out a powerful sound for such a small speaker, thanks to countless hours of research and fine-tuning that results in sonics that contradict its small form factor.

A “Party Mode” makes it easy to spread the music across multiple speakers with a push of a button. Up to 50 speakers can be added to the single stream, as long as they are within range and sight of the source’s Bluetooth transmitter. Also, each Newport Plug-in speaker includes a USB charging port for added convenience.

I am adoring my white with beige speaker face. So chic. I’ve got it in my kitchen right now, which was a major missing link for me. I also take it to the garage where my little home gym is, connect to my phone and I have WHOPPING sound barreling out of this small, pretty device. LOVE!

This little cutie is the perfect gift for someone (or yourself!) – Hard the beat price point too ($79).