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September 28, 2022

The next evolution of Brooke Burke Body is here.

Welcome, Longevity: a nutrient-dense, plant-based superfood free of wheat, gluten, and dairy.

This new subscription-based option of superfood blends will become the next staple to your daily wellness routine. Think: more energy, better focus, increased endurance, and faster recovery.

The foundational launch includes two carefully crafted, proprietary blends made up of the ideal combination of non-GMO, raw, organic, plant-based superfoods in either Cacao or Cafe Mocha flavor.

Each flavor blend is packed with therapeutic levels of chia seed, flaxseed, green tea, probiotics, goji, and more in a single scoop serving. These carefully selected and concentrated nutrients, along with an active and healthy lifestyle, can improve overall physical and mental health and well-being.

And you can find recipes and more on the Longevity website, their Instagram and TikTok obvi, as well as on and the Brooke Burke Body fitness app.

We were thrilled to chat with Brooke to hear more about this exciting evolution of her power-house brand. 

What made you decide to create your own line of nutritional super powders?

  • I’m always interested in evolving the Brooke Burke Body brand. Longevity by Brooke Burke Body is a collaboration between two like-minded brands that was, quite honestly, a really natural fit. I’ve really enjoyed being in the lab and being part of the development process. We hold each other to a very high standard and refuse to compromise the integrity of the brands, the quality of the ingredients, or the delicious flavor.

What makes your line different from the others? 

  • Everything about Longevity by Brooke Burke Body is different! Once you try it, you will be able to tell immediately. We use better ingredients. We don’t skimp on taste or flavor. And we’ve made fueling your body super simple. We have packed a lot of high-quality ingredients in one blend which means you don’t have to have a counter full of additional supplements or spices to make a great shake. I really do feel like the two scoops of Longevity that I put in my shake every day are fueling my body all day long.

Please share a fun recipe we can make with the powders!

  • There are so many! We’ve been experimenting with power snacks and baked goods, in addition to the shakes. One of my favorites that I keep in my freezer (my kids are always eating them, I can’t make enough!) are pitted dates, with a spoonful of almond butter. I sprinkle the Cacao flavor of Longevity on top of them to create a high-energy, high-protein snack. We also have a recipe for high-energy snowballs for the holidays, which is super fun to make with the kids. It’s oatmeal, honey, almond butter, and Longevity. You just roll them up and put them in the refrigerator and you can sprinkle coconut on top to make them look like snowballs for the holidays! You’ll be able to find these recipes and more very soon at as well as on my website

What’s next for the line?

  • New flavors! There’s talk of a fruity flavor powder for kids that reminds them of their favorite cereal as well as bringing in matcha and vanilla flavors. We’re also experimenting with different recipes to make it super easy and simplified for all our subscribers. The mint flavor is also delicious for the holidays!

My most sacred time of the day is….

  • My most sacred time of the day are mornings alone which can be hard to come by. Because I have a blended family, I really cherish moments alone when I can drink my coffee in bed, catch up on the news, do some mindful meditation and set intentions for my day … even if it’s only for 10 minutes without any devices. I’m trying to do a mandatory tech break every day, which is really hard to do because I run my business on my phone, but I think it’s really essential to give our brains a break from screen time. I’m trying to make that time meaningful and mindful.

My non-negotiable morning ritual is…

  • Coffee! I’m very specific about my coffee – I do drip coffee, I froth my milk, I have a special glass, I do a dash of cinnamon, I like it really hot. I even have a favorite to-go cup I take when I carpool the kids to school.

My go-to chill-out routine looks like…

  • Burying myself in someone else’s story by watching a great TV series. I’ve worked my way through everything, I think. My favorites of the year were Yellowstone and Handmaid’s Tale (obsessed!). Handmaid’s Tale was so hard to watch because it’s so dark but it’s truly one of the greatest series I’ve ever seen.

My guilty pleasure is….

  • Believe it or not, I really enjoy my mindful meditations. I have a gorgeous collection of sound bowls. I get a lot out of that time in my garden. I’ll go outside by myself and play my sound bowls and it’s a total reset whether I’m in a funk or need a mood shift or raise my vibrations or increase my energy or just chill out – that’s my go-to pleasure. It’s the hippy in me!

One thing I wish I had told my teen self is…

  • I wish I would have taught my teen self about stillness and the power of stillness – though I know she wouldn’t have listened or believed me. What I’ve learned in my 50s is the doing of not doing is a real thing. In other words, carving out time to do nothing is invaluable and it’s the only way we can listen to the language of our own heart; it’s the only way we can learn about ourselves and it’s the only way we can really look inside. Even laying down for 5 minutes all alone. If you’re brave enough to do that work, it’s invaluable.

We are already over the moon about this line and can’t wait to see how it progresses!

Lifeforce: A New Health-Optimization Membership Making Peak Living Easier Than Ever

September 27, 2022

LIFEFORCE, is a groundbreaking new health-optimization – An all-in-one program, developed by leading medical experts, uses regular blood-tests to track changes in the body and deliver personalized plans that optimize health, performance, and longevity.

Getting older isn’t what it used to be, and Lifeforce, a new health-optimization company focused on people over the age of 35, thinks that’s a very good thing. Lifeforce recently launched in partnership with Tony Robbins, L.A.-based venture firm M13, Dr. Peter Diamandis, and experts from the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

The company’s mission is to improve quality of life in the middle decades by giving men and women a single solution for tracking their bodies and staying in the zones where they feel, look, and function their best. By integrating at-home diagnostics, experienced functional medicine doctors, bioidentical hormones, peptides, custom-built nutraceuticals, and performance coaches, Lifeforce guides members through personalized plans customized to each member’s biology, lifestyle, and goals.

“The 30s, 40s, 50s and even beyond are now years of growth, achievement, and exploration. Yet, we all still struggle with age-related changes in physical and mental performance such as brain fog, increased body fat, and lower quality sleep,” says Lifeforce co-founder Dugal Bain-Kim. “We are now at a point where millions of people can access science-backed tools to perform better and live longer and do that in a way that fits in with everything else they have going on. Lifeforce brings all of those things together in one program so our members aren’t necessarily hardcore biohackers; they’re motivated adults who just want to keep experiencing life at their best.”

“Most people know whether or not they are sick but actually have no idea whether they are optimized or what that even means.” says Dr. Kerri Masutto, a functional medicine expert and VP of Clinical Operations for Lifeforce. “Traditional healthcare is reactive and focused on moving from sickness to basic health. It does that very well. This is not that. This is about proactively getting people from ‘blah’ to ‘peak’ and keeping them there safely and sustainably by opening access to the best of performance and longevity medicine.”

The journey begins with the Lifeforce Diagnostic, an at-home blood test that measures the 40-plus biomarkers most important to physical, cognitive, sexual, and psychological performance. Results are then interpreted by a team of highly trained medical doctors who create a customized program for each individual. Following the analysis, Lifeforce members are matched with a performance coach who functions as a concierge and accountability partner throughout their journey. Members retest biomarkers every three months and work with their clinical team to track progress, spot new issues, and fine tune the plan. If prescribed by their doctor, Lifeforce members also get access to a “toolkit” of advanced nutraceuticals, hormone therapies for men and women, and peptides shipped to their homes (if permitted in their state). “Any health data is only as good as the way it’s interpreted. Most blood tests are checked against ‘normal’ levels based on the average of the people who go to that lab,” says Dr. Masutto. “Just because you’re not abnormal does not mean you’re in your best zone.”

“So many people would like this sort of solution, but they are either paralyzed by the effort of it all or are trying to DIY this with a computer full of spreadsheets, a cabinet overflowing with supplements, and a well-meaning primary care doctor who’s often overwhelmed or outright skeptical,” says co-founder Joel Jackson. “We’re taking that burden off people’s shoulders and giving them one integrated system that makes it easy to be in control of how they want to live through these rich decades.”

Lifeforce was incubated by M13’s in-house venture studio, Launchpad, which has built multiple businesses in the health and wellness space. M13’s team framed the business around scientifically grounded concepts explored in the book Life Force, authored by Tony Robbins and Dr. Peter Diamandis who are also partners in the company. Prior to launch in 2021, Dugal Bain-Kim and Joel Jackson joined as co–founders given their deep understanding of healthcare and consumer businesses to launch Lifeforce. Lifeforce is forecast to serve over 5,000 customers and do $10M in revenue by the end of the year.

To help guide Lifeforce’s thinking around the latest research and product innovations, the company works closely with its Scientific Advisory Board, composed of leading medical doctors, scientists, and researchers. Lifeforce’s scientific and clinical advisors include Dr. Mark Hyman, an expert in functional medicine & nutrition; Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, noted for her work her work in obesity medicine and healthcare policy; Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, recognized as one of TIME Magazine’s list of TIME100 Most Influential People in the World for his Alzheimer’s research; Dr. Kathryn Rexrode, one of the top specialists focused on women’s health, cardiovascular health, and hormone optimization; and Dr. Hector Lopez, an authority in supplement safety.

For more information, visit and join the social media conversation on Instagram and Facebook at @golifeforce.

Is Colostrum The New Super Powder? Meet Armra

August 9, 2022


ARMRA is the first colostrum product on the market optimized for human health. Colostrum is an exciting emerging nutrition category (think collagen, 10 years ago) backed by over 5,000 published studies, with powerful immune-boosting benefits and additional health perks ranging from gut and brain health to workout performance and recovery.

Colostrum is a natural superfood produced by all mammals in the first 48-72 hours after giving birth. For 300 million years, it has served the vital function of protecting and strengthening the mucosal barriers of infants before their own barrier matures. Colostrum has been called “liquid gold,” because it acts as an immune blueprint with unparalleled health benefits. ARMRA colostrum is a nutrient powerhouse with 200+ pure bioactives—natural molecules that promote healthy functions throughout the body—including protective antibodies, prebiotics, peptides, amino acids, trace minerals, immunoglobulins, tissue growth factors, antioxidants, and other natural immune factors that work synergistically to enhance all facets of health, ranging from gut and brain health to workout performance and recovery. To date, there are over 5,000 published studies documenting the various health benefits of colostrum and its ability to optimize health at all stages of life (including this study that was done with ARMRA colostrum). Colostrum intake has also been linked to fewer respiratory tract and GI infections in children and adults, including recent studies showing bovine colostrum is 3x more effective than the flu vaccine at preventing flu.

Not all colostrum products are created equal. ARMRA is physician-developed and the only colostrum product on the market optimized for human health. ARMRA uses gentle, low-temperature extraction technology to distill 200+ functional, bioactive nutrients in their most pure and bioavailable form, ensuring maximal health benefits. Crucially, ARMRA uses only the purest colostrum from grass-fed cows raised on family-owned U.S. dairy farms. Responsible sourcing means ARMRA only collects overflow colostrum after baby calves get fed all that they need. And while other products on the market add binders, like maltodextrin, to enhance the dissolvability of their colostrum, ARMRA is pure—with no artificial fillers or additives ever. ARMRA’s proprietary formulation takes out what isn’t needed and combines more of the immune factors that are needed. This extraction process paves the way for the most potent and nutrient-dense product, and the one best matched for the human body.

BITE – Zero Waste Toothpaste

June 29, 2022

Bite (Because It’s The Earth) products are all-natural, zero-waste, tube-free, 100% vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free and on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable personal care company. The company started as an oral care brand and has now expanded into general care and makes non-toxic personal care products – ranging from toothpaste and deodorant to body balm, mouthwash, toothbrushes and whitening gel – and packages in a plastic-free and sustainable way. 

When LA resident Lindsay McCormick learned that over 1 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown out every year, that most body moisturizers are 60-80% water (meaning chemicals must be included for a stable shelf life) and 15 million pounds of deodorant packaging ends up in landfills and oceans every year, she made it her mission to create the world’s most sustainable personal care company.

Enter Bite (Because It’s The Earth).

Going from a side hustle in her LA apartment with only $6k in the bank to going viral overnight to turning down both Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank to building out what’s now an 8-figure cult beauty brand business with fan favorites like Jason Momoa, Don Cheadle, and Iliza Shlesinger, the real question is – how does she do it?

Bite was started by Lindsay McCormick, named by Fast Company as one of its Most Creative People in Business, in her living room in 2018. She initially produced the first Bite tablets on a hand-press tableting machine after enrolling in a self-taught online chemistry course and speaking with hundreds of dentists and dental hygienists as a way to reduce her personal environmental footprint and to create a more eco-friendly oral hygienic routine. After being featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and going viral overnight, Bite wants to continue disrupting the personal care market, one tablet at a time.

Psilocybin in Mushrooms For Treatment Of Depression

April 28, 2022

Psilocybin Mushrooms have been in the headlines quite often lately. And it’s not stories about the negative effects. Psilocybin is being studied for its ability to help with a wide range of complicated ailments and has even been given FDA breakthrough status as a potential medicine for treatment resistant depression.

Exploring these options seems more and more important as health and wellness are constantly challenged. The safety profile, when done in a safe setting, is extremely high. Statistically, psilocybin is one of the physiologically safest compounds known to man. Academic institutes are doubling down on this research and are being led by Johns Hopkins University.

Umbo’s co-founder, Del Jolly, has been working on one psilocybin study with JHU for the last three years and is looking to start publishing this year. Umbo was founded to help support this cause through corporate social responsibility. A portion of sales from Umbo goes towards this research. Umbo also believes in the importance of functional mushrooms as well. Lion’s mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail and many others are proving to also be incredibly beneficial and an important part of our diets. Umbo offers functional mushroom bars, and energy and rest capsules made up of high quality, organic fruiting body mushrooms and other beneficial adaptogens and compounds.