September 21, 2019

Animal Nutritionist Marc Ching & Rescue Pet Foods Deliver Delicious

Fourth generation herbalist and nutritionist Marc Ching and owner of the PetStaurant has teamed up with Rescue Pet Foods to create dog treats with supplemental support. Available in two varieties including Allergy Support and Immune Support, these probiotics are essential for a healthy lifestyle, and the snacks are both a supplement and a treat!

Both formulas feature USDA human grade, restaurant quality beef, venison, organic chicken or organic turkey fortified with heat stable probiotics and organic herbs. No wheat, corn, rice, potato, soy, sugars, salt, fillers, preservatives or other harmful ingredients. The treats are non-GMO and gluten free.

“We’ve added immune boosting properties specifically targeted at improving your dog’s health and resistance to illness with delicious restaurant quality meats to create a savory probiotic infused treat and vigorously healthful snack,” says Marc.

Additionally, the treats have been formulated to improve your furry friend’s skin. Each bag is infused with over 100 million CFU* of friendly beneficial bacteria as well as fully absorbable Omega 3 and 6. Recommended by Veterinarians and Animal Nutritionists across the U.S., probiotics work to boost the immune system and help fight off immune invaders that can cause inflammation and other health issues.

The first of their kind, these proven Probiotic Treats are perfect for picky eaters who have allergies and skin problems or need added immune boosting benefits.

Each bag retails for $11.95. For more information please visit