Menopause Drenched Sheets Just Met Their Match: Meet SOMÉ

March 19, 2023

Did you know that over 41% of adults experience night sweats and that 80% of women suffer from night sweats?

Lara Smith, Founder of the award-winning cooling sleepwear brand, Lusomé, applied its proprietary technology to sheets and created SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performace Sheets, a first-of-its-kind dynamic temperature regulating sheets, so that one can keep cool when they sleep. As a menopausal woman – I am giving a round of hand claps. Times ten.

Its cooling phase-change technology will prevent night sweats by helping you keep a stable body temperature.  It can regulate body temperature up to 5 degrees.

Most “cooling” sheets on the market are made mainly with bamboo fabrics and treated polyester, neither offering true cooling nor thermoregulating properties. SOMÉ’s sheets are soft and breathable because they are made with 400 thread count and 80s cotton.

More than one-third of the population is not getting enough sleep, and it’s no wonder: 41% of adults experience night sweats that keep them up at night.

As women, we have it even worse, with 80% of us enduring night sweats for an average of 7 years in our lifetime. While there are a variety of cooling sheets on the market that have offered a solution, the bamboo and treated polyester fabrics used to design them do not offer true cooling or thermo-regulating benefits, which independent lab tests have proven to keep one at their optimal body temperature.

Finally, there is a new solution that actually delivers—introducing, SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets. Powered by SOMÉ’s exclusive XirotexTM Cool fabric, a first-of-its-kind dynamic temperature regulation technology, SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets promises both instant and continuous evaporating cooling to ensure your body is kept at an optimal temperature all night.

Here’s how it works.

As the body starts to warm up at night, the heat energy is pulled into the fibers and stored before the body releases moisture vapor and sweat. This dynamic response to body heat ensures that an optimal body temperature is maintained. Meanwhile, the vaporizing energy action ensures continuous cooling, activated by heat and sweat. The best part? Bed sharers will fall asleep peacefully knowing their bodies will each be kept at an ideal temperature.

“Sleeping hot and night sweats negatively impact the quality of sleep, resulting in a host of health issues,” says Lara Smith, CEO of SOMÉ the parent brand of Lusomé, the award-winning cooling sleepwear brand. “To think that we have finally solved this issue for so many adults with our exclusive XirotexTM Cool fabric is something our team is extremely humbled by. Those whose sleep is disrupted by overheating will sleep comfortably from now on.

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About SOMÉ:

SOMÉ is a global luxury wellness brand devoted to innovating the quality of sleep through technology and science-infused fabrics. SOMÉ was envisioned through the COVID-19 pandemic by Lusomé founder Lara Smith when the demand for Lusomé tech pajamas skyrocketed. Powered by the Xirotex family of proprietary technologies, SOMÉ is devoted to improving sleep quality through the thoughtful integration of science and technology with ultimate luxury.

If you ask Lara Smith what led her to create SOMÉ the new umbrella brand to Lusomé, she would tell you it was partly circumstantial, partly destiny.

She kicked off her 20-year career at two of the biggest fashion houses in the world – Ralph Lauren and Gucci – and quickly worked her way up as a senior executive at some of Canada’s largest retailers. There, she traveled the globe to discover and create innovative apparel solutions that would make a difference in the lives of consumers.

But it wasn’t until Lara watched her sister battle with breast cancer and the uncomfortable, long-term side effects that resulted from her treatments that she set out to find the most important solution of all – a solution to preventing overheating and night sweats in the clothing that is meant to make us feel beautiful. Lara looked throughout North America and Europe for a sleep brand with beautiful style and fabrics, but they were using 100% polyester and chemicals in the finishing process. Not to mention, their cooling technology never truly worked.

That’s when Lara decided to create her own solution, one that fuses beauty, comfort and science. Her vision came to life through Lusomé, now a 10 year old pajama brand that promotes the health and sleep of its wearers through first-of-its-kind technology that stops night sweats before it starts. While the demand for Lusomé pajamas surged during the pandemic, Lara also fought off a hostile takeover by one of the biggest players in this category. She did this while creating SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets using the same groundbreaking technology as a solution to the global sleep crisis.