Meghan Wallace James of Modern Feng Shui On Mission Sexy Zen

August 27, 2018

Mission: Sexy Zen

Or: The Allure of a Bare Bedroom

By Meghan Wallace James

Why does a gorgeous, minimalist hotel room induce lust?

How does a dusty, cluttered bedroom incite dread?

What impact do aesthetics have on the energetics of intimacy & romance?

Here’s Your Modern Feng Shui Assignment, shall you choose to accept it:

Make your bedroom Empty yet Sensual… as Empty & Sensual as humanly possible.


At the end of each day, you should enter your bedroom and have one of two thoughts:

I Feel Like Sleeping


I Feel Like F*cking, and then Sleeping


More Sleep + More Sex = Creative Kismet Fuel for Life


This is where everyone likes to tell me, “Sounds great, but…” to which I like to say, “Green Eggs & Ham”; i.e., TRY IT.


Nine Steps – equal parts Edit & Infusion – to Transform your Bedroom into Temple Oasis

Or: How to Craft a Container for Tantric Vibes

  1. Purge; Ruthlessly Purge
  2. ‘Stock’ as opposed to ‘Shop’ your home; return all that is neither Sexy nor Zen to the body of your dwelling; Clue: electronics, trappings of daily life, children’s possessions
  3. Rearrange your furniture; open new neural pathways via new configuration
  4. Layer in regal aspects of Symmetry { Beauty }, Duality & Polarity
  5. Clean; Ruthlessly Clean, from bed to floors { Grounded } to windows { Clarity of Vision}
  6. Replace lightbulbs { Bright Ideas }; your Lighting Goal is ambient sans wires, so consider a dimmer switch
  7. Salt Burn & Sage
  8. Add Life: true art, a plant or two { Duality }, a weekly floral arrangement ritual
  9. Sex Magic: imprint your room with it’s new Mission


Ms. Emily Wagner, the Matriarch of Groomed LA, accepted Mission: Sexy Zen & I invite her to share her Modern Feng Shui Diary below:

I started my overall Modern Feng Shui transformation with Meghan Wallace James not knowing anything more than I was desperate for help. All areas of my life were stuck – and that’s an understatement. There was not one area of it that did not need drastic upheaval and renewal.

I believe it was April when Meghan pranced into my home with a basket full of her Modern Feng Shui tools. No chimes or wooden roosters but things like: an like EMF reader, a floor plan of my home, ingredients for a salt burn, a tarot deck, et al. I was in love from the moment she stepped through the door.

Square foot by square foot she took in my place. From the wall of lazily hammered Ikea dog butt hooks that greeted visitors to the mountain of shoes underneath it. “Hmmm. Is this what you would want the man of your dreams to see the minute he steps into your home?”

“Hell no.”

From that moment I looked at everything in a new way. Not through the eyes of a potential partner, as if to take away my own power, but symbolically. More of: imagine walking into my home – is every single thing I see, a representation of who I imagine I want to be, in an ideal life? Would I fall in love with me, if I didn’t know me, based on what I see.

“Hell no.”

The hooks were pulled out and tossed. And from that moment on, I was on a rampant Mission, purging every single thing that didn’t meet the expectation. Of course this meant I had to do deep self work on WHO I wanted to be. This leads to WHERE I want to be in my life. WHAT I want out of it. Suddenly everything I no longer wanted in my home started leading me back to:

What I didn’t want in my life.

What I did.

Why I didn’t have it.

And how was I going to get it.

Stage One of Meghan’s process becomes a profound life evaluation, insight, and boot camp. It was profound.

Weeks were spent on this Mission. Corner by corner, drawer by drawer. Meghan was there to advise me very step of the way. Even though I dived in, in my mutual manically committed passion fashion, I needed immense hand holding. She held it. Layers were shed. Actually a few physical pounds were lost too. I wasn’t sure if it was all the labor of dumping – oh, my couch, dresser, side tables, etc. (to give you an idea).

As my surroundings upleveled, so did I. I realized I loathed my job. I was playing small. I was those Ikea dog butts dangling out of a wall, too loose to even hold my son’s baseball hat. Metaphors. I started to see my home as a metaphor. No handle on my kids closet door? No handle on how to create home for them. You see?

My life stated to reveal itself: “I hate this job. I have to get out of here.”

Meghan: “You’re not working there anymore. It’s done. Keep going.”

Soon we were onto the next layers. How did I want my home to FEEL. And from there we started painting. I became obsessed with Portola Paints. Room by room, I got rid of the Miracle Mile dominant strain of dirty Swiss Coffee and found rooms drenched in colors like Halfway Tree, Penny Lane, Simmer Down and Foxy.

My kids changed. I changed. There was space. Lots of it. I wanted to quickly fill it up. New couch! Side tables! Furniture. Late nights on Pinterest and every online shop.

No, she said. “Breathe.” Live in the spaciousness for a while. Your perfect furniture will find you. Let it be empty for a while. Alone with your thoughts.

Soon I was in love with the emptiness. Soon I was called on a consulting job that led to my dream job. Soon my kids were finding chill at home. Soon I feeling different.

Soon I was happy.

My bedroom went from clutter (I’m too embarrassed to discuss) to empty. It was painted a sunset peach with white trim. It became a Caribbean sexy alcove with nothing it in but a large piece of my art that I could stare at all day. It became a treatment of monochrome peaches and pinks and glows all day. I changed the bulbs to amber. It’s empty except for a bed, art, plant, and warm lighting. It accomplished Mission: Sexy Zen.

I am five months into my work with Meghan. My life has made a 180 degree turn. I have never been more aligned than I am now, in every area. My home is me. I am me. Finally. I credit Meghan one million percent with this. Her work is so profound, it feels like science and magic and Tony Robbins meets Ghandi meets Kate Moss. I actually can’t even explain it but I hope that I somehow shared something that can give you a sense of the very grounded and practical wonder that is Meghan and her modality.

I would share photos, but I am not home. I am writing from a world wide tour that my job is taking me on. My Attraction gua – Helpful People & Travel – was overstuffed – a closet toppling with so much stuff you didn’t want to open the door. Oh, and the hamster that ran away? Turns out he was living in a corner, eating my artwork to survive. Once it was cleaned, I was asked to go on a global tour making films. Am I dreaming? Is it magic? Is it Meghan. It is.


Exhibit: Une “Sexy Zen” example par Axel Vervoordt

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