Meet Kemtai, The Fitness App That Corrects Your Form

October 1, 2021

After spending over a year avoiding crowds and likely also the workout studio and weight room, you might have already leapt at the recent opportunity to return to your gym. But also, maybe not? Working out from home really wasn’t so bad once we started to find our flow, and you don’t need us to tell you about the abundance of at-home workout products, apps, and service out there. (Instagram’s got that covered.) Also, reluctant as we are to say it, Covid isn’t over over yet.

That said, there is one thing that home workouts definitely lack: Feedback. Whether you typically work out with a trainer or even just a friend, it’s always nice to know there’s somebody there to (hopefully) call out your less-than-textbook form when you start slacking.

Well, it looks like there might be a way to finally get that experience from home, too—and it doesn’t require you to add yet another fitness app to your phone’s home screen, or heap any more bulky fitness equipment onto the unruly pile of miscellaneous workout gear in the corner of your living room.

Kemtai is a new web-based fitness platform that turns your laptop or desktop computer into an advanced, motion-tracking digital personal trainer, complete with real-time personalized feedback and guidance. 

Technically speaking, it leverages computer vision technology and artificial intelligence to analyze motion and provide real-time training feedback. Humanly speaking, it tells you when you’re dragging ass—or potentially setting yourself up for injury. 

Unlike, say, Tempo, which offers some motion tracking functionality but requires you to spend thousands of dollars on 100-plus pounds of bulky equipment, Kemtai provides you with personalized, real-time training feedback and guidance during workouts right from your web browser. And it works on virtually any computer with a camera.

Behind the lens, Kemtai captures and tracks 44 different data points on your body—more than any other motion-tracking fitness product available, apparently. In addition to real-time training feedback and guidance during workouts, one of the best perks is being able to see quantitative results from one workout to the next, and even from rep to rep.

The service costs $19 per month, which will give you access to diverse workouts and series from a range of different trainers and workout styles ranging from HIIT and strength training to yoga and Pilates, but you can actually access Kemtai’s coolest feature for free here. Kemtai Now is the platform’s AI-based custom workout builder, and it is definitely one of the quickest and simplest ways we’ve found to get a sweat on when there isn’t a ton of time and we don’t feel like searching around for the perfect workout. The feature is capable of assembling endless unique workout combinations based on your preferences,