LOVE: snapperock uva swimwear for kids (and parents!)

May 13, 2016


With year round LA sun, if you think I’m not obsessed with covering my kids from head to toe with sunscreen, you’re wrong. But my sunscreen fantasies often fail very short. They hate being slathered, run away half the time and it all washes off in the pool anyway. The waterproof stuff is often so yucky and toxic. So why not add one extra layer of protection? Literally!

Enter Snapper Rock ( is the leading children’s swimwear brand with UV50+ protection, blocking 98% of all harmful rays. Just in time for summer!! Snapper Rock has the most adorable, picky-kid approved styles including bikinis, shorts, rash guards and one-pieces.With over 80 styles, colors and prints in the best sun protective swimwear on the market.

My daughter is so ga-ga over the line, the both of us spend way too long looking at every style and option, trying to pick. My son looks so fricken cute in the board shorts, I want to eat him. I took super crappy photos of them last week wearing them, so I’ll spare you my bad photography and offer some pretty styles from the online shop.

Go check it out and grab something cute, it’s a win win for all!

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