Looking for Wines That Won’t Slow You Down This Summer

May 2, 2019

As tempting as a second or third glass of a refreshing white wine or sparkling rose sounds on a hot summer night, it’s easier to resist when thinking about the aftermath: the dreaded hangover or maybe you’ve been working on that summer body and are counting the calories.

Enter: Dry Farm Wines. What we like to think of as the best of both worlds.

Dry Farm Wines is the only health-focused, low-alcohol, natural wine club in the world providing wine imbibers with no-sugar, low carb wines. So you can enjoy a few glasses and still WANT to go to the gym the next morning and not feel guilty. Too many times, due to commercialized and processed wine, we’re forced to compromise our priorities for those little pleasures, but Dry Farm Wines meets us halfway with their quantifiably clean wine that’s healthier for your body. That means no additives, no added sugars, and friendly to every diet including Paleo, low-carb, and Keto – making these wines worry-free.

But you might be thinking, how can they promise all of this? All Dry Farm Wines are lab-tested to ensure they meet all their standards of purity. In lab testing, wines are inspected to be statistically sugar/carb free, mycotoxin/mold free, and low alcohol. Dry Farm Wines believes sugar to be public health enemy #1. All wines are tested for fructose and glucose, leaving the total sugars to <1g/L. And since carbs in wine come from sugar content, that makes the Dry Farm collection statistically sugar free and carb free. While there are no standards or testing for mold in the United States, all Dry Farm wines meet the E.U standard for mycotoxin Ochratoxin A, or OCA—a known carcinogenic. Similarly, alcohol labels in the United States are not required to be accurate and aren’t even tested for accuracy. As long as it’s stated, they’re good to go! With a Dry Farm wine, the alcohol volume is tested to verify it is at or below what is stated on the label.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with a Dry Farm wine this summer, or ever.

To learn more or order you some wine go to: www.dryfarmwines.com