LEK FIT in Larchmont/Hancock Park

June 9, 2017

I finally made it to the private-in-home (ok, behind home) fitness class of Laren Kleban – LEKfit .

I have been trying my hardest to get my ass there and because I don’t Bounce ( her signature class) – I had to coordinate the best time to take her lower impact class.

Lauren Kleban is known for her trampoline and dance-inspired workouts that she hosts out of her tricked-out garage. She has a major cult following amongst LA’s most influential bloggers and celeb moms (just go to her Instagram).

Lauren recently launched her streaming service  for those of us who can’t make it to sweet studio. There you can find loads of effective videos that can be mix and matched, to customize your own workouts from anywhere. 

First of all, I’m sore AF. In a way I can only dream of. I love being sore because it means I’m working overlooked muscle groups. In this case, all of them. Lauren is delightful. Sweet, cool, weighs around 50 pounds of solid muscle. Let’s say – she’s inspiring (for a mom of two – WTF?!)

The studio is cozy and chic. The class was a perfect mix of med-high impact dance aerobics (think classic old school – the kind your mom did – which is me, cause I’m old). It’s all very easy to follow. Thank god. No cray cray choreo or long-ass routines which make my head spin.  I have enough on my mind – I don’t need to go to a fitness class to learn a routine, thank you. This was easy peasy to follow and even me with my bilateral metallic hips fared well. The sculpting was mostly arms and floor work lower body for butt and legs. Abs were addressed mostly with a little plank routine thrown in. I was dripping. I got a great hit of cardio and this is a perfect class to add to your weekly routine if you are addicted to spinning, like myself. The music is poppy and fun and the vibe is concentrated, focused and fun.