Is Your Favorite Brand Ethical? Demee Koch Weighs In

October 21, 2021

We all love animals and nature, traveling and learning about new cultures. There are so many beautiful things to try and to experience in this world. However, fast and mindless consumerism can put all the things we love at risk.

Especially in fashion and in beauty we tend to overconsume.
Do we really know what we are buying into and the consequences of our choices? Whilst organic cosmetics and eco fashion are on the rise, lots of brands are only lip-synching in making us believe they are harmless for nature and for the people manufacturing our products.
Why our favorite brands should be aligned with our personal values

Your shampoo brand now may added a sticker that says “vegan“. But hey, more often than not it means that it does not contain any ingredients derived from animals simply because it is made of cheaply available chemicals only.

Your sweater may say “organic cotton“ but it might still be made in Bangladesh under horrendous conditions for the workers.
It is now important to be aware that lots of brands try to jump on the “eco trend“ and start lip-synching.

This is why we ourselves need to make conscious choices by researching products, ingredients, and manufacturing processes on the internet. No one, of course, does not ever want to harm anyone – so why would we go for a brand that has harmful business practices?

Are you aware that unethical brands cannot survive without you? 

We can make an impact every single day. We hold the power on how to direct that impact – is it for the good or for the bad?

For example, we can influence the ban of dangerous chemicals, unethical business practices and nonsense one-way plastic usage. How? Through our purchasing power. The money we spend is the lifeblood of the company. So wherever we direct this lifeblood will survive.
If we would truly practise our purchasing power through conscious actions, we will be able to strenghten the brands that share our values.

We are living in the age of (almost) unlimited access to information through the internet. It’s time to make use of that wisely. Are the brands really true to their word? Do they care about environmental protection and the local communities in which they produce? Personally, I would only resonate with brands that are true to my values. And I believe we all need brands that are sincere with their social impact.

Ask yourself: How do you make your purchase decisions? What keywords are looking into? And now, evaluate is it a hype or a seasonal trend? From there, you can make a conscious decision. Let’s truly understand our purchasing power and re-think the brands we buy into by practicing conscious actions.

From there, you can indeed look good, feel good and do good.

About Demee Koch Demee Koch is the CEO and founder of a brand that is silently disrupting the beauty industry. With two decades of experience in the industry, she has launched the Conscious Beauty movement with her new brand and has been supported by leading industry experts and royalty. The Swiss Filipina’s approach to beauty, selfcare and products mirrors in the brand called DE MOI®, whose products are developed by a team of game changers under a no-nonsense philosophy. With a 360° impact approach, and according to the principles of honesty and fairness, the brand creates result-oriented products under the high Swiss quality standard. Since 2005, Demee has shared her knowledge of conscious entrepreneurship as a trusted business advisor and director with successful global brands in fitness, fashion and beauty. Philanthropist Demee Koch is an advocate for inclusion and women’s empowerment. She was awarded Most Influential Filipina In The World 2019, and holds the “Ambassador of Peace” role with the Universal Peace Federation UK.