Is It Possible To Stay Exquisitely Groomed While Traveling?

June 29, 2018

Summer rush:: buses, trains, cabs, shuttles, jitneys, helicopters and airplanes. Whether it’s business meetings overseas of short-haul flights or trains into distant corners of the US in order to see relatives, holiday, spa or see fam, traveling has become an integral part of modern life, and often we wish to stay looking absolutely on-point for the duration of our journey and, of course, at the end of the journey as well. Here’s how you’ll be able to do it, using a little bit of planning and forethought before each and every journey you take.


Gearing up will be a part of your shopping routine anyway, seeing as running out of your cosmetics or toiletries can leave you in the lurch with a morning business meeting on the cards, but it’s especially important to make sure you’re well-supplied before a period of traveling. One idea is to prep a small bag of your essential items packed and with you at all times while you’re on the move. Wherever you are, though, you’ll be able to buy items online such as essence cosmetics, so that you’re never without your favorite brand.

Frequent Checks

In the hubbub or a jet-setting lifestyle, you’ll often find yourself brushing past and against people and objects that throw your look ever so slightly askew. A life on the move will often displace your perfect groomed look, so carrying a mirror on you or visiting the bathroom at intervals during the day will ensure you’re staying immaculate throughout. There’s no need to be too neurotic about this, of course, but a quick flip of a mirror before you enter the arrivals lounge can never be a bad idea – a quick check that everything’s in place and in order.

Change of Clothes

Spilt coffee in transit? Obviously packing a change of clothes is essential. Also, pack heels and  wear the comfy shoes while you travel.

Premium Class

If you can afford it, choosing to pay a little extra for a better class of travel can really make the difference between a cramped, sweaty and uncomfortable journey, and one in which you’re more than able to maintain your exquisite grooming without some of the measures mentioned above. On planes and trains, you’ll find business and first-class seating, while you can pay and book more luxurious bus and coach travel in order to travel with a little more comfort and ease.

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