Harness the Power of Rose with gulsha

April 2, 2018


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With summer just around the corner (yippee!) now is the perfect time to refresh your skincare routine. I just discovered Gülsha Ultimate Rosewater and I couldn’t be more excited!

Produced drop by drop from fresh rose petals in pure copper alembics, Gülsha rosewater contains all the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids of the precious Rosa Damascene flower. Powerful antioxidant properties protect the skin from harmful radicals while the rosewater soothes, refreshes, acts as an astringent and naturally moisturizes the skin. All this while the incredible light scent instantly relax and improve your mood.Translation: enhance wellbeing and beauty plus petal soft, happy, glowing summer skin.


Rosewater provides a welcome relief from the effects of the summer swelter, and it is ideal for spraying the face before and after a day in the sun. Beach bag essential!

Insect Bites: Apply rosewater to help soothing insect bites and itching. Glamping essential!

Swellings: Apply rosewater compress to help reducing swelling on your face or body. Beauty essential!

Headaches: Apply rosewater around the eyes, on the forehead and temples to help soothing headaches. Office essential!

Deodorant: Rosewater will help neutralizing sweat. When you apply a few drops of rosewater to your underarm area, it will prevent bacterial growth and eliminate unpleasant odors. Purse essential!

High Fever: Rub rosewater on your hands and feet to help reducing high fever. Diaper bag essential!

Nausea: Boil rosewater and steam your face for 5 minutes to help overcoming nausea. Travel essential! 

The rose skin care ritual includes: Purifying Rose Dust ($16), Ultimate Rosewater ($20), Perfecting Rose Elixir ($40), Regenerative Night Rose Elixir ($40)


XX Natasha

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