Celebrity Trainer Kollins Ezekh On Why It Wearable Tech

June 7, 2022

Wearable technology, particularly within the fitness industry, is resilient to fads. Despite the rise of demand for wearable technology to improve health, skeptics question the benefits. Celebrity trainer Kollins Ezekh sees wearable tech as an essential component of workouts and health plans. Kollins highlights the two benefits of aligning tech with your physical activity.

Today’s future is all about data. Getting an annual physical is essential to maintaining personal health, but staying unaware of your health status for the remainder of the year is not beneficial. Nowadays, instant gratification is part of everyday life, including tracking our fitness. Wearable health devices, such as those that follow heart rate, calories burned, distance, sleep patterns, and blood pressure, provide vital health data in real-time. Health information alone is useless if it cannot be interpreted correctly, so wearable technology is connected to apps. Individuals can use the apps to stay on track and provide information to health professionals. 

Kollins has over 15 years of experience working in the fitness industry and considers wearable technology the best tool available for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. 

Engaging in one’s health is the most immediate benefit of infusing a digital fitness tracker into a daily routine. Wearing a smart health watch or ring daily encourages you to maintain a balanced lifestyle by keeping active and eating healthy. By allowing people to track their health trends and progress, coupled with the support of professionals, fitness professionals can provide a new dimension to their businesses.