Bur Bur, The Botanical Hair Treatment That’s Turning Heads

November 21, 2022

BUR BUR is a woman-owned beauty company that was founded because they wanted to create not only a good look but also a feel-good product. I started drenching my over-dyed, bleached hair in this gorgeous oil a couple of weeks ago and it’s already showing some major restoration. Now, mind you, you do NOT need to drench your hair as I do. I just love an oily ponytail, knowing that while I’m on a hike or working out, my hair is soaking up incredible botanical nutrients.

What is the Burdock plant you ask? It is a powerful botanical that was used for generations for hair wellness and was an inspiration and a foundation for BUR BUR’s formula which consists of Burdock Oil from the plant. It is very dear to them because it comes from their heritage. They are excited to introduce their unique formula to you.  Self-care is a fun and amazing way to get to know oneself and BUR BUR would love to join you on this journey, especially during the holiday season.

Their promise is that all BUR BUR products are and always will be natural, non-toxic, and very effective for your hair and scalp. Every single ingredient in their hair oil is there for a reason. They do not add any chemicals or perfumes. And this will never change. BUR BUR will easily fit into your beauty and wellness routine to help you achieve the best hair results!

BUR BUR can be found on their website as well as Urban Outfitters online.

Follow along with BUR BUR on social media, @burburcare.