Body Kitchen Collagen

January 16, 2019

So much collagen – and where to start?!!!

Thank you Body Kitchen for making my collagen selection EASY!

Pure, nutrient-rich ingredients and sourced from grass-fed, pasture-
raised bovine collagen from the lush plains of South America and
nutrient-rich marine collagen from the freshwater lakes of East Asia.

Body Kitchen isn’t just any collagen powder. It is fortified with
di-peptides, 39x the concentration of any other collagen on the market.
Di-peptides (Hyp-Proline and Hyp-Glycine) are incredibly rare, less than 0.1% of every 100g of regular collagen, but they are amazingly powerful. 

Not only do they stay in the body longer, they’ve been proven to have a more powerful effect in rejuvenating and re-energizing our cells.

In other words, this is what really makes the difference is the body’s
ability to absorb and synthesize the collagen. It’s also infused with Black
currant extract to increase its absorption and efficacy in the body.


HYP-GLY + PRO_HYP Di-Peptide fortified†
Keto/Paleo friendly
Gluten Free/Grass-Fed

Hop over to GNC to snatch and add to your fave elixirs!
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